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Welcome to Lunacy's Fan Fiction Reviews. Here you'll find reviews of many of the best stories available in Xena and Star Trek Voyager fanfic as well as a growing number of reviews of original Internet and commercial fiction. There are also links to fanfic art and to fanfic and writing resources. I invite you to sit back, explore and read 'til your heart's content. The only request I will make is that you please remember to thank the bards and artists after you've enjoyed their work. These talented people share their time, their effort and their imagination with us for free so lets make sure they feel appreciated! If you have any questions or suggestions please send those to me at .

By the way - I'm a fierce supporter of animal rights so you'll see links on the sight pointing to animal rights sites. I urge you to click on those, learn about the issues and help our fellow species on this planet in whatever way you can. Also, I do a lot of animal rescue work in Miami, spaying and neutering cats, finding homes for adoptable ones and feeding and caring for strays - all of which is quite expensive. If you have found this website useful over the years, please consider a donation which will go toward the animals I help. You can donate by clicking on the button below. To see some of the felines I have been helping, go to this Pinterest board.

The music video to the right was produced by the Alliance for Humane Action to promote spaying and neutering. It's set to the music of the Beatles' song HELP and it's a lot of fun to watch. It's available on both the AHA web site and YouTube. Please share it with friends to get the word out on the importance of spaying and neutering our cats and dogs.

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