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A well-written tale which combines fan fiction and actual mythology as Xena and Gabrielle meet a prideful young woman so certain of her skills as a weaver she dares to compare herself to the gods. Poignant story with good characterizations. - 6 pgs., 6/15/98

Ever wonder what happened to Mel when Xena took over her body in the XENA SCROLLS? Verda answers that one for us in this entertaining little story that finds Mel in a rather compromising position in more ways than one as she gets up close and personal with a certain ancient bard and has to deal with the infamous reputation of her deadly ancestor. This is well-written and clever, beautifully complementing the TV episode. DO NOT MISS! - 11 pgs., 3/23/00

A sequel to Trish's first story A JOURNEY OF LOVE which has the warrior and bard journeying to Amazonia where they plan to devote more time to exploring the new aspects of their relationship - only to find themselves smack in the middle of other people's relationships. A light-hearted tale with some fun moments. - 16 pgs., 6/28/98

"AREN'T YOU TWO..." by JD Jenkins
Amusing little tale that has the Bard of Poteidaia reflecting on how her relationship with Xena has been perceived by others through the years and how friends and acquaintances seemed to recognize the feelings just under the surface even before they themselves did. [Part of the series TALES OF THE WARRIOR PRINCESS: THE PRIVATE SCROLLS OF GABRIELLE THE BARD WHO LOVED HER] - 4pgs., 2/2/99, reposted 8/2002

ARES' CHALLENGE by Marion D Tuttle
The God of War presents Xena with a seemingly impossible challenge, only the solution is closer at hand than Xena could ever suspect. A sweet first time story. [See the sequel THE WEDDING] - 10 pgs., 4/5/98

**ARES' GAME by M. Pappas
Great story that is going to remind you a bit of the episode THE RECKONING in terms of Xena's attempts to outsmart the God of War. Having just celebrated Gabrielle's birthday and realizing how much the bard means to her, Xena is horrified when in her dreams she begins to see the danger Ares now poses for the girl. Determined to keep Gabrielle safe at any cost, Xena decides to give Ares what he wants but in exchange she sets conditions for the God of War - conditions which set in motion a plan that are the last hope for the warrior princess. This story is NOT explicit. Make sure to read the sequels ESCAPADE and SECRETS PAST. - 24 pgs., 3/97

**ARES' REVENGE by T. Novan
Part 43 in the RAISING MELOSA SERIES begins an intense new challenge for the Warrior Princess and her family as an old enemy resurfaces with a new target in mind and old mistakes come back to haunt the one-time Destroyer of Nations. T. Novan does an outstanding job here with the family dynamics showing the range of emotions between these characters from rage to regret to fear and determination while always highlighting the love and respect between them. The series just keeps getting better and better folks. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 7 pgs., 6/12/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

ARGO'S PROTEST by Moonwarrior
HILARIOUS little entry written from Argo's perspective that has our equine heroine being a little mischievous with the warrior and her bard. And you all thought Argo didn't know... >:) - 2 pgs., 4/4/97

The Conqueror would undoubtedly KILL Joanna in an excruciatingly painful way if she suspected just how much fun our parodist-extraordinaire had with her person in this story so lets none of us inform the Conqueror about this heresy and keep Joanna alive and well so she can continue to make us laugh. Meanwhile, sit back, keep those drinks away from any important computer parts, and enjoy this somewhat...different treatment of the Conqueror as her Supreme Heinousness attends to her noon crucifixion, never suspecting that she's about to go up against the mighty Abs of Redemption and some REALLY bad Beach Boys' jokes. An absolutely WICKED treat for our funny bones, this one comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 10 pgs., 6/27/00

FUNNY, well-written little story that has the Warrior and her Bard enjoying a nice rest at a village when they run into an old friend - Salmoneous, right in the midst of a new money-making scheme. This time he's producing plays, specifically one which looks suspiciously familiar to Xena and the Gabster and which they soon decide to sabotage. ;-) - 12 pgs., 8/4/97

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