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This EXCELLENT new story is a very well-written mystery that could easily be an actual episode from the TV series. It has the warrior and bard on their way back to the town of Thellus where the villagers have requested their help in trying to solve a series of gruesome murders. In their search for answers, Xena will find herself once again having to face the sins of her past and turning to the bard who knows her so well in trying to deal with those. Keefer's characterizations in this are outstanding. His Xena and Gabrielle are two partners devoted to one another, playful with one another, starting to become aware of one another as more than just friends. The supporting cast is also well drawn with solid characters that complement the principals beautifully. Keefer combines a touch of humor with suspense and drama in a story that draws you in and will keep you anxiously hitting that page-down key 'til the very end. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! [Note: story is not explicit] - 40 pgs., 5/30/98

Xena and Gabrielle try to help a village fight a deadly predator. Frightened by the possibility of loosing one another, they begin to admit the feelings they've been hiding. - 29 pgs., 7/5/97

In a tavern full of villagers the bard from Poteidaia weaves her magic - spreading the legend of Xena Warrior Princess, while the warrior watches thinking of just how much that magic has captured her soul as well. Solid little tale with a surprising ending. - 2 pgs., 9/17/98

BLESSING (THE) by T. Novan
T. Novan takes a break from her various ongoing series to bring us a sweet first-time tale that has a couple of Olympian voyeurs watching a certain warrior and bard to determine if the two should at last receive the blessing they've been waiting for before acting on their love. Some rather "convenient" situations help the story along here but this should be a treat for my fellow mush aficionados :) - 7 pgs., 8/30/99
[French version: LA BÉNÉDICTION translated by Fanfan at http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Land/8379/tnovanbene.html]

Set immediately after the episode BLIND FAITH, this story has Xena and Gabrielle enjoying some carefree time after their recent ordeal. Surprised to see the warrior in such a good mood, Gabrielle treasures the sight of her beloved partner relaxing and playing - but the day is fated to also bring a disconcerting realization for the two friends as they finally acknowledge to themselves the deeper feelings they've developed for one another and take the first steps in being honest about those feelings. This is a sweet story with that second season feel both in terms of the characterizations and the changing relationship. - 11 pgs., 7/25/00

A *WONDERFUL* story by a very talented new addition to the ranks of XWP bards. This story takes a few liberties with the episode BLIND FAITH offering a somewhat different ending guaranteed to leave you with a HUGE grin on your face! Starting at the point in the episode just after Xena saves the bard from a fiery death, the story then follows the two as they try to deal with Xena's blindness and are spurred into some emotional confessions as a result. They soon find themselves giving in to feelings too long denied only circumstances create some unexpected... challenges ;-) This tale is a delightful mixture of romance and humor that is going to warm the old ticker even as it leaves your funny bone hurting! An absolute MUST READ! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 19 pgs., 8/22/97
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

BLIND HOPE by Stormwolff
This VERY sensual offering by a promising new bard features the missing scenes we never saw in the episode BLIND FAITH ;-) Starting just as Xena is saving the bard from a fiery death, the story follows them during the next several hours as emotions long held hidden are revealed and two souls finally come together. VERY nice! - 12 pgs., 9/5/97

**BLOOD AND ROSES SERIES - This series was begun by Katrina who then invited other authors to participate. Below are the stories I've reviewed in the series. For other stories and an explanation of the premise behind the series go directly to Katrina's BLOOD AND ROSES page.

**BITE ME by Katrina
**FONDER HEART (THE) by Katrina
**ALL SOUL'S NIGHT by Joseph Connell
**TWILIGHT'S CHILDREN by Sharon Bowers
**BLOOD TIES by Ella Quince
**BARD OF AVON (THE) by Jennifer Bracanovich

**BLOOD FOR BLOOD by Pink Rabbit Productions
This is one of the best warlord/slave stories I have ever read - extremely well-written and absolutely RIVETING! It has Xena reverting to her warlord persona after she is sprayed with Ares' blood. In a rage the warlord then sets out on a blood-thirsty path of destruction with one particular conquest in mind - a bard who Xena is determined to make her own at any cost. This tale is action-packed, suspenseful, poignant and deeply passionate. Not to be missed folks! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 28 pgs., 11/4/97

BLOOD GAME by Darkraider & de Bonheur
In the tradition of the BLOOD AND ROSES SERIES comes a new tale about the immortal warrior and bard. Living in the modern world now, the two have been separate for a few days while attending to separate business. Gabrielle is missing her partner terribly. Unbeknownst to her - she doesn't have long to wait for that DEEPLY desired reunion. A side trip to the Amazon Ice Company miiiiight be prudent before experiencing this one. A sizzling read! - 8 pgs., 11/30/99

Callisto is back in this beautifully written story told from the perspective of an innocent river nymph, who must watch helplessly as the insane goddess exacts a terrible vengeance on Xena and Gabrielle. Callisto's plan will leave the Warrior Princess a shell of her former self but the goddess is too blind with hatred to see what becomes very plain to the river nymph - that the love between warrior and bard is strong enough to transcend even the greatest of evils. Get the old heart ready for this one because it's gut-wrenching. - 11 pgs., 6/1/97

BLOOD LUST by WrshpXena (Tiggster)
An acquired taste of sorts, this hurt/comfort tale has the bard discovering the extent of her warrior's love and appetite for her. Tender and passionate. - 3 pgs., 3/18/99

Set a few months after THE DRUMS BEAT FOR YOU, this fourth entry in Bard Blue's series finds Xena and Gabrielle happy awaiting the birth of their child and enjoying their new lives with the Amazons when the outside world once again intrudes on that happiness. Slavers have been spotted in the territory, no longer threatening the Amazons directly but heading in a familiar direction...toward the village of Poteidaia. It's a crisis that will force Gabrielle to assume the mantle of leadership as she's never had before and will have the Warrior Princess at her fiercest as she readies to protect her soulmate, their unborn child, their families and friends. Featuring a particularly impressive characterization of the bard turned Amazon Queen and a very sweet, playful and sensual interpretation of her relationship with the warrior, this is a terrific read. DO NOT MISS! [See the sequel THE NEXT AMAZON QUEEN] - 69 pgs., 2/9/00


BLOOD TIES by Ella Quince
Ella's first contribution to the BLOOD AND ROSES SERIES is a poignant look at the reality of immortality as Gabrielle finds herself severing the last surviving connections to the family she was born into. Emotional, thought-provoking and as usual with this gifted bard - very nicely written. DO NOT MISS! - 3 pgs., 4/9/99

**BLOOD TIES by L. Fox
This talented writer returns with a wonderfully original story set some ten years after Xena and Gabrielle have abandoned their life on the road. Older but none the worse for wear, the warrior and bard are together and happy, leading a quieter life with Xena now making a living as a different type of "problem solver". Before long though some of the warrior's old skills will be called for when she learns that her niece is missing and a war may erupt at any minute as a result. The characterizations in this tale are very richly drawn presenting older versions of Xena and Gabrielle that are realistic and quite endearing. L. Fox easily recaptures the love and tenderness he imbued into the Xena/Gab relationship in stories like A BARD'S FAITH and LAST REFLECTIONS OF A HEART MOST PURE. With some poignant moments, this is a nicely conceived story that will also have you occasionally grinning and comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 60 pgs., 11/30/97

A follow-up to Protek's THE LONGING, this newest entry in the INFINITY SERIES has Xena and Rickie investigating a gruesome series of murders showing the telltale signs of a vampire on the loose. Having never met a real vampire in her two thousand years on Earth, the ancient warrior rather doubts that's the answer but the bloodlust evident by the murders do remind her of an all-too-human monster she once met centuries ago called...Prince Vlad. Well-written, Protek's latest does a good job of capturing the feel of this always intriguing series but be warned - if the opening of this story doesn't make you squirm you're a much tougher customer than I am! DO NOT MISS! - 57 pgs., 4/25/99

BLUE SCROLLS (THE) by Mark Alger
Set 25 yrs. after Xena and Gabrielle's first meeting, this emotionally intense story finds the warrior and bard older, wiser, still very much in love but struggling with the psychological repercusions of the life they've led and the uphevals of the heart they both experienced. Although phsycially unscathed from those dark years, the bard emerged with her art forever altered - unable since that time to tell the types of stories that once fulfilled her the most - tales of herself and her beloved soulmate. When an invitation comes for the bard to perform at the 119th Olympiad, it's an opportunity for her to revisit some of her older tales, see old friends and perhaps finally find a way for the story of those darker years to be told. Mark mixes a unique interpretation of the series canon in terms of the timeline with more mature characterizations that nevertheless incorporate many of the qualities of Xena and Gab and their relationship we love. Poignant at times and playful at others, this is an entertaining read with a fresh perspective. DO NOT MISS! [Book I in the AND IN THE END SERIES] - 67 pgs., 4/9/99
FANFIC ART: Contained within the story

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