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BRAVE by Claire Withercross
This thoughtful entry in the RANDOM THOUGHTS SERIES revolves around a painful choice for Xena, and Gabrielle's struggle to understand that choice as they visit with an old friend of the warrior's who's made an unusual request. - 6 pgs., 7/23/00

**BREAKING (THE) by Redhawk
A key entry in the popular INFINITY SERIES, this new story marks a turning point in the lives of the immortal Xena and her beloved Rickie as the younger woman graduates from college and the two prepare to go on a celebratory cruise but a cruel twist of fate will destroy those plans as violence once again rips their lives apart plunging the one-time Destroyer of Nations into a darkness she hasn't known in over two thousand years and blinding her to other...possibilities. Redhawk once again gives us a great combination of nerve-wracking suspense, action, and romance in a tale that very effectively merges the feel of both the XWP and HIGHLANDER series. Her Rickie is a delightful, spunky, sexy modern version of the bard that complements Xena just as effectively as her ancient equivalent once did. This one will have you on the edge of that seat. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 83 pgs., 2/27/00
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

Gripping new Conqueror story that has the feared empress suspecting that all is not as it should be in her realm. Determine to personally investigate any threats to the empire, the Conqueror decides to go among the people in search of dissenters and traitors. Meanwhile, in a small village a young healer named Gabrielle works hard to try to survive under the Conqueror's harsh regime, even risking death by maintaining a secret herb garden so she can have something to treat the sick with after Xena's soldiers come around for their usual tribute. It is while tending to that garden one night that her life is forever altered when she's discovered by none other than the Conqueror herself. Intrigued by the young healer, Xena decides to delay the usual punishment of death so she can look into the girl's claims of corruption among the soldiers. Thus begins an unusual friendship as the Conqueror finds herself loosing her heart at a time when she might just be loosing her empire and Gabrielle discovers the love of a lifetime in an enemy she once feared above all others. Featuring a nice depiction of the relationship and a suspenseful plot, this is an engrossing read. DO NOT MISS! - 95 pgs., 2/21/99
FANFIC ART: C Paradee Story Cover
[French version: LA BRÈCHE translated by Nathalie at http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Land/8379/tradsbis.html]

SIZZLING little alt. piece that has the Gabster being a little naughty and then getting more than she bargained for. DO NOT READ AT WORK! >:) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 9 pgs., 2/13/97
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

BREATHING by Angela (Nniol)
Poignant vignette set the evening before Gabrielle's marriage in RETURN OF CALLISTO when a certain Warrior Princess realizes at last just what she's giving up. - 1 pg., 2/11/99

**BRIDGES by S. Derkins
Unable to hide her growing feelings for Gabrielle, Xena is forced to acknowledge them, only to discover that the little bard has been experiencing similar feelings herself and is very interested in pursuing these. As the two travel into dangerous territory, both on land and in matters of the heart, they agree to take things slow - growing more certain every day of the love they feel but wary of damaging the friendship they've always cherished. I LOVE THIS STORY!! It is a VERY sweet, romantic journey of discovery for the Warrior Princess and her bard - a funny and thoughtful treatment of the relationship that is going to remind readers of that exciting, awkward time just before friends turn into lovers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Oh and an Amazon alert on this one! ;-) [See also the sequel BRIDGES II] - 16 pgs., 6/97.

BRIDGES II by S. Derkins
Starting where BRIDGES left off - this sequel maintains the sweet quality of the original following Xena and Gabrielle on the first day of a new life for them - a life in which they are suddenly much more comfortable expressing their feelings. - 23 pgs., 7/19/97

Based on the Russian folk tale BABA YAGA AND THE WISE DOLL, this newest contribution to Nene's XENAVERSE FAERY TALES series has Gabrielle embarking on a desperate search for her missing Warrior Princess - a search that ultimately will lead her to a tribe of Northern Amazons where Xena lies helpless in the grips of an ancient evil. To save her the bard must successfully meet three challenges, knowing that if she fails the cost will be her life, the life of her beloved warrior, and the future of an entire tribe. Gabrielle is in her element here, using her mind and taking strength from her devotion to the warrior to face a very uncommon enemy. This is an engaging, well-written story very reminiscent of those classic fairy tales we grew up with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 40 pgs., 11/10/01

**BROKEN ARROW by Bat Morda
A "first time" story featuring a wonderful new character who helps Xena and Gabrielle admit the truth of their feelings to themselves and each other. Emotional, funny and EXCELLENTLY written. A classic of XWP alternative fan fiction and one of my early favorites. This gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! - 110 pgs., 12/96
FANFIC ART: Barron Story Cover
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

Llachlan contributes a very promising new entry in the INFINITY SERIES as the immortal Xena tells her beloved Rickie about a time of knights and kings and chivalry and intrigue. With the teenager listening spellbound, the ancient warrior remembers the day centuries before when she found the bastard son of a medieval warlord and set out to turn that babe into the king legends had long ago foretold. Llachlan immediately captures here the sense of mystery usually associated with the origins of King Arthur. Moreover, careful attention is also paid to developing the Xena/Rickie relationship, imbuing it with a deep sense of love and tender passion. With a nice flashback to Xena and Rickie's first Solstice together - this is particularly timely story that will immediately grab your attention. One to look forward to in the weeks ahead. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [unfinished] - 7 pgs., 11/2/98, re-released 2/9/99

An interesting interpretation of the battle that must have led to the events revealed in the episode XENA SCROLLS, this story has a self- assured God of War fighting against an enemy determined to make him pay for his cruelty and determined to avenge a brave heart which fell victim to that cruelty. Well-written with a surprising twist. - 5 pgs., 6/25/98

**BROKEN THREAD (THE) by Ella Quince
Beautifully poignant tale set on the eve of a bloody battle that has Xena preparing herself for the encounter when a mysterious stranger walks into camp - a stranger that looks like an older version of Gabrielle. To Xena's amazement, the stranger proceeds to tell her an unbelievable story about a warrior who left her love behind to go die in battle and the bard who then became a warrior herself in a desperate quest to alter the timeline. The stranger is certain that if that bard can stand beside her lover during the battle - two lives will be forever changed and two souls reunited. FANTASTIC tale sure to pull the old heartstrings! DO NOT MISS! - 7 pgs., 6/97
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

BROODING WARRIOR (THE) by Trish Kerr (Phopas)
Set after the events in the episode THE QUEST, this story has Xena finally taking time to ponder all that has happened since her death and resurrection. More than anything else, the warrior finds herself thinking about Gabrielle and the incredible love she sensed within the bard - a love she desperately wants to return but is too afraid to. Thoughtful and well-written. - 5 pgs., 2/97

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