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**CABIN (THE) by B L Miller
After a horrific encounter with an old enemy of the Warrior Princess, Xena and Gab find themselves stuck in a cabin for months - forced at last to confront the feelings between them and the fears those feelings evoke. It is with the strength of their love that they will find the strength to help the Amazon nation against a terrible threat - a threat that will challenge the light in one of them and the will to survive in the other. NOTE: Make sure to read the warning that appears at the beginning of chapter one - this story is explicit and has scenes of extreme violence. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 69 pgs., 4/17/97

A wild crossover story that has Xena and Gabby joining forces with Iolus, Autolycus (King of Thieves) and a warrior who was once among Xena's greatest opponents to try to free Hercules from the clutches of a dangerous woman vent on turning the son of Zeus into a mindless slave. This tale is long and also features appearances by Salmoneous and Joxer (well, no story is perfect! ;-) This is an alt. story but there is nothing explicit in it. It reads almost like a two-hour TV episode. [The story continues in A BARD'S FAITH] - 72 pgs., 3/97.

**CAGE OF THE MUSES (THE) by Baermer
One of XWP fanfic's most popular bards returns with the type of epic that originally made her a favorite with fanfic aficionados. Acting as a follow-up to her earlier tales, MANTIC and THE LOST TRIBE OF THE KAPRU KALE, this new novel begins with the Warrior and Bard in Athens where they receive a summons from the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra inviting them to Syria to meet with her. Unnerved by a recent vision Gabrielle had concerning Caesar, Xena is a bit hesitant but seeing the bard's excitement over the invitation she decides to accept. So begins a grand adventure for the two as they soon find themselves escorting the scheming Queen of Egypt back home to the splendor that is the city of Alexandria where intrigue and danger awaits them as Cleopatra and her brother vie for power, Gabrielle is introduced to the wonders - and bureaucracy of the city's legendary library and Xena grasps at the chance to make her beloved bard happy. Unbeknownst to all these players they're on a course with destiny, fated to witness one of the great tragedies of their times and the beginnings of one of the most infamous pairings. Baermer does a FANTASTIC job incorporating actual historical events and characters into the story lending it a wonderful sense of authenticity. Her portrayal of the Xena/Gab relationship remains one of the most appealing in fanfic - firmly grounded in mutual respect, admiration, protectiveness and a love that is without question. Beautifully written and edited, this is one to be savored when you can reserve a few carefree hours. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 197 pgs., 11/18/99

Amusing story that has the gods once again playing a dirty trick on the Warrior Princess and her bard when they decide to change Xena's... "outlook" on things just a tad ;-) Cute. - 29 pgs., 10/26/97

Friction's second XWP fan fiction story is every bit as riveting as her first - a nail-biter that will grip you and wont let go! In the best tradition of hurt/comfort stories, it has Xena and Gabrielle facing the most desperate of situations as a deadly enemy returns to execute a heinous plan - a plan that while bringing warrior and bard together at last promises to separate them forever. Although in parts heart-wrenching, this is also a very tender first-time story that will enchant the romantic in us all. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 40 pgs., 11/12/97
FANFIC ART: Barron Story Cover

CAMPFIRE CHAT SERIES by A.L. Dunham - [Read in the order listed below]


CAPTURED by Virginia Leonard
Having finished MUSINGS and NUPTIALS, Virginia brings us a very promising new story that has Xena and Gabrielle meeting up with an old friend of the Warrior Princess - a roguish thief with an eye for the ladies and a penchant for trouble. - 6/9/97

**CARDS ANYONE? by B L Miller
In the grand tradition of B.L.'s THE SHOW and L.N. James' BREAKING BREAD, comes this new sizzling little offering by a bard with an uncanny talent for combining romance and passion into a well-written and delightfully naughty package ;-) A word of warning - call the Amazon Ice Co. before reading this one. The warrior and bard play strip poker. Need I say more? >:) VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 6 pgs., 8/24/97
[French version: COMBIEN DE CARTES? translated by Valerie at http://blmiller.simplenet.com/cards/Page1French.html]

**CAT AND MOUSE by T. Novan
Stories like this one make it so easy for fanfic reviewers to stay awake reading at 3:00 am >:) This is a study in seduction as the warrior and bard tease one another mercilessly during a formal celebration and then retire to...er...celebrate privately. Ahem... only problem with reading something like this at 3:00 am is that the Amazon Ice Company is CLOSED!!! A definite MUST READ at whatever time is convenient though - although it's probably not advisable to do so during work hours. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 6 pgs., 3/9/99

Back in April 1997, Shay released the PERFECT story for all us feline lovers, the delightful CAT'S MEOW featuring a precocious little feline named Flax. Having helped the warrior and bard FINALLY admit their feelings for one another in that story, Flax is now determined to help protect their love at any cost so when Gabrielle's life is threatened he joins forces with the Warrior Princess to fight the evil intent on destroying them. Shay has a wonderful way of portraying both the mystery associated with felines and their propensity for mischief. This one should appeal to all and is a definite MUST READ for feline sympathizers ;-) - 16 pgs., 11/24/97

The perfect fan fiction story for all those Xenite feline lovers out there! This is a delightful little tale featuring a precocious feline that insinuates himself into the lives of Xena and Gabrielle determined to make these two see what seems very obvious to him! ;-) The cuteness factor is WAY UP in this story. [See also the sequel CAT SCRATCH FEVER] - 8 pgs., 4/23/97

CAVE (THE) by T. Novan
The RAISING MELOSA SERIES pushes us toward the edge of that seat once again in this 64th installment as Xena, Mel and Autolycus experience some very bad luck and miles away a terrified bard senses a tragedy in the making. Excellent blend of lighthearted banter with deadly suspense in this one. DO NOT MISS! - 4 pgs., 8/16/99

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