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A VERY clever resolution to the chain of events set forth in the episode SACRIFICE II which links a seemingly inconsequential incident from Gabrielle's past with the destiny she would one day fulfill. It begins in the treasury of King Gregor's castle that moment we saw in the episode CRADLE OF HOPE when a very young Gabrielle accidentally bumps into Pandora's box sending it to the floor and breaking it open. To the warrior and bard the box appeared empty but unbeknownst to them the Hope of mankind was indeed inside. Once released it takes residence inside the bard whose gentle heart and optimism mark her as a kindred spirit. It is that hope within Gabrielle that will eventually draw the attention of an evil god plummeting the young bard and her partner into a nightmare seemingly without end...until Hope once again makes its presence known. Wonderfully written story with a fascinating plot and a very viable solution to the dilemma our two heroines found themselves in at the end of season three. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! -- 7 pgs., 8/31/98

Reality meets Xena: Warrior Princess in what has to be one of the most charming stories I've yet to read in fanfic. Ella once again stays true to her reputation for skillful, original writing, delivering a very different type of warlord story which has the warlord Xena at last meeting the pesky bard that has been making her life just a tad more difficult as of late with her "slight" embellishments of Xena's life. As it turns out - Xena isn't quite the feared figure from Gabrielle's darker stories nor the heroic one from her more recent ones. Neither is Gabrielle the mirror image of the bard from her own tales. Far from perfect, these two women are nevertheless drawn to one another in a sweet recognition of simple attributes and noble hearts. A celebration of humanity in its many shapes and forms, this delightful addition to Xena fanfic comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the sequel REALITY CHECK] - 6 pgs., 5/13/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**CROSSING OVER by Della Street
The incomparable Della is back - this time with some pieces she wrote during the Golden Age of XWP (seasons 1-2 ;-). This first one is classic Della Street - a heartwarming, subtle, thoroughly satisfying piece that has Xena and Gabrielle joining Hercules and Iolus on a mission to try to destroy a deadly monster. It is a mission Hercules thinks should have no "civilians" along but which the bard insists on participating in regardless. In the ensuing days, as the demi-god grows increasingly wary of Gabrielle's presence he tries to reason with Xena but unbeknownst to him those efforts are backfiring juuuuuust a bit ;-) Della's characterization of Xena as a tough warrior of few words with a decidedly sharp mind and a profound weakness in the heart for her little bard is one of my favorites in fanfic. I also love the gentle heroism with which she has always portrayed Gabrielle. DO NOT MISS this early effort by one of our finest talents. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 17 pgs., 5/31/98

**CROSSINGS by Beowolf
This was posted long ago in the NetForum as a separate story but in fact it is part of the series Beowolf began with SOLSTICE EVE and later continued with SOLSTICE MORNING. CROSSINGS is one of my favorite vignettes ever - a simple yet incredibly powerful little tale that with only a few lines will make you feel more than novels hundreds of pages long. It is plainly put - a story about a love that cannot die and will endure forever. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! This story contains no explicit scenes. - 2 pgs., 7/11/97

Blind Faith brings us a nicely written, thoughtful epilogue to the episode CRUSADER which has the warrior and bard talking about their most recent challenge and thinking back on all the other difficult tests they've faced in the past year. Moving exchanges and a strong depiction of the relationship in this. DO NOT MISS! - 14 pgs., 12/1/98

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