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**ENCHANTED AGAIN? by Friction
Back in October 1997, this talented bard made her first appearance on the Web with a fantastic little story called THE ENCHANTMENT. Her second story CALLISTO'S ANTIDOTE is one of the most gripping and satisfying hurt/comfort stories I've ever read. Now with this third story, a sequel to THE ENCHANTMENT, Friction brings us yet another winner and solidifies her place among the best of the best in XWP fan fiction. ENCHANTED AGAIN? begins where the first story ended. Having acted on their feelings at last, Xena and Gabrielle are deliriously happy - giddy in love. It is a happiness that fires the bard's creative juices, motivating her to write a new story but before long some distressing news puts a damper on things, alerting them to a possible threat and distracting the usually suspicious Xena from other unforeseen developments. This story will keep you mesmerized from the first sentence to the last. The romance depicted between warrior and bard is one of the most tenderly romantic and passionate in recent fan fiction making this tale a sure favorite but one DEFINITELY to be avoided at those places of employment ;-) Intense, funny and poignant all at once, Friction's latest receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! (Note: You might want to have plenty of flour and butter on hand before starting this story >:) - 44 pgs., 1/28/98
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**ENCHANTMENT (THE) by Friction
A fantastic debut for a new bard, this story begins with Xena and Gabrielle visiting the Amazons where Ephiny soon finds herself in the role of matchmaker - trying to get the warrior and the young Amazon queen to admit what seems very obvious to everyone else. Her efforts, however, are soon thwarted by a vengeful god obsessed with the Warrior Princess and more determined than ever to keep her from discovering the love a gentle bard holds for her. This is well-written, with some very tender moments, lots of emotion, a little angst and a ton of passion! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Do not miss the sequel ENCHANTED AGAIN?] - 36 pgs., 10/8/97
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**END (THE) by CN Winters
As if going through about 5 kleenex boxes over the weekend due to a terrible cold wasn't enough, CN has just made me go through one more with this story. Alas, I'm such a sucker for punishment when it comes to beautifully written, heart-WRENCHING Xena fanfic <:) Inspired by a scene from ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE - part 2, this little story chronicles the final moments in the lives of the Warrior Princess and her bard. BEYOND moving folks. Just exceptional. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENEDED - 3 pgs., 10/5/98

This is the WONDERFUL sequel to Themis' first story A TWIST OF FATE. Together at last, Xena and Gabby are delighted in their new-found happiness but find themselves realizing also that big adjustments will have to be made for their new relationship to work - adjustments which neither may be to comfortable with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See also THE SHADOW MOTHERS] - 43 pgs., 5/7/97

**ENEMY MINE by G.L. Dartt
In this unusual first-time story, Xena returns to the village she left Gabrielle in to go on a mission only to find the bard gone and the townspeople reluctant to tell her what happened. Desperate, she initiates an interrogation which comes to an abrupt end soon after when a VERY unlikely ally makes an appearance. G.L.'s characterizations are outstanding as is her depiction of the Xena/Gab relationship. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! [Do not miss the sequel ENEMY OURS] - 83 pgs., 7/17/97

**ENEMY OURS by G.L. Dartt
This is a VERY worthy sequel to G.L.'s *excellent* ENEMY MINE which once again reunites Xena and Gabrielle with their worst enemy, Callisto, still immortal and still in the role Artemis forced her to accept - as the bard's protector. This time the blonde warlord returns with news of another threat to her charge - a deadly danger which could destroy both Gabrielle and all the young Amazon queen holds dear unless it can be stopped in time. As the unlikely trio begin their quest, a surprised Xena and Gabrielle soon realize that the woman now traveling with them is not the bloodthirsty killer they've known before. A child has touched the ice-cold heart of the blonde immortal, opening that heart to possibilities even Callisto would never have suspected. Very well-written and quite original, this story has it ALL - great action, suspense, TERRIFIC characterizations of all the main players, some interesting surprises, a magnificently passionate, sweetly romantic depiction of the Xena/Gab relationship and AMAZONS! Most XWP fan fiction tends to either concentrate on Xena and Gabrielle OR Callisto. This story offers a rare treatment in which all three are equally well-portrayed and well-integrated into the plot offering a tale which should delight Xenites and Callisto fans alike. This story shot with a bullet right into my favorites list! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 41 pgs., 8/19/97

ENNUI by Safia
A VERY cute story in the tradition of the episode A DAY IN THE LIFE which has Gabrielle and a reluctant Warrior Princess taking a vacation - or trying to anyway. Some hysterical lines of dialogue in this! DO NOT MISS! - 5 pgs., 4/10/98

Amusing new offering that has the warrior and bard visiting an art exhibit when Gabrielle decides to break that age-old "DO NOT TOUCH" rule ;-) - 3 pgs., 2/20/99

Cute story that has a pesky old acquaintance of Xena spreading false tales, angering a very protective bard, and unknowingly bringing his old commander some very welcomed happiness. Nice, feel-good story. - 8 pgs., 1/9/99

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