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FAITH by Idryth
Set shortly after season two, this Halloween offering is set in a dark forest where Gabrielle is supposed to have rendezvous with the Warrior Princess in the morning but has still seen no sign of Xena by nightfall. Drawn to a mysterious light she initially thinks might be the warrior, the bard serves as a catalyst for a series of events that will eventually bring closure to another soul looking for its mate. Spooky little tale with a nice reaffirming quality to it. - 8 pgs., 10/31/01

**FALL (THE) by C Paradee
Intent on capturing the rebel leader who managed to escape her dungeons, the Conqueror leads the search only to soon find herself badly injured, betrayed by one of her own, with her empire at stake and dependent on the one person she never thought would offer her aid...the very rebel she was hunting. In the weeks to come, the distrustful empress will slowly recover from one fall only to experience an even more intense one - falling for a young woman she once hoped to destroy and learning along the way that the greatest victory of all is a conquest of the heart. C Paradee does a very nice job here developing the relationship at a gradual pace, imbuing it with an increasing sense of trust and respect. Solid writing and a compelling plot keeps you glued to the screen. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 58 pgs., 10/23/00

Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher", this exceedingly CREEPY entry in Nene's CHAMBER OF HORRORS SERIES finds the warrior and bard on their way back to Amphipolis to help an old friend and former lover of Xena's whose current partner has taken ill. For the warrior the experience soon becomes a trip back in time as it slowly becomes clear that the problems she had with her old friend have simply intensified over time. For Gabrielle the whole thing becomes a nightmare as she learns first-hand just how...problematic...Xena's ex'es can be. Nene manages a great blending of that Poe atmosphere with the Xena/Gab dynamics in a timely story, supplemented by a gorgeous graphical presentation. One for the Halloween reading list! - 15 pgs., 10/26/99

**FALLIN' IN LOVE AGAIN by Azurenon and Savanna Mac
Set immediately after the episode A FAMILY AFFAIR this is a WONDERFUL reunion story focusing on the warrior and bard's efforts to spend a little quality time together. The authors do a solid job both with the characterizations and the depiction of the relationship showing us a Xena whose recent anguish over the loss of her soulmate still have her feelings very much on the surface and a Gabrielle whose commitment to her partner is rock-solid. Sweet, romantic, SIZZLER of a tale best read with a bit of Amazon Ice handy ;-) DO NOT MISS! [Part of the BETWEEN THE EPISODES SERIES] - 11 pgs., 7/23/00

FALLING by Grit Jahning
Set in an alternate reality, this new story has the Warrior and Bard meeting under different, but strangely familiar circumstances, when a fifteen-year old Xena travels to Poteidaia to purchase supplies for her mother. After nearly running over a young waif, Xena finds herself completely taken by the blonde five-year old. Similarly drawn to her new tall friend, Gabrielle treasures the sense of safety and affection she feels around the older girl. Unbeknownst to Xena, her kindness toward Gabrielle is a rarity in the small Poteidaian's short life - one that will motivate her to run away from her family seeking the new friend whose presence seems to drive all of Gabrielle's fears away. Allowed to remain in Amphipolis with Xena's family for a few moons, Gabrielle will experience happiness for perhaps the first time forging a friendship with her teenage benefactor neither girl will ever forget. In the years to come fate will drive them apart as Gabrielle has to return to her family and Xena pursues a career as a warrior fighting in the Athenian army - but their paths will cross once again in Gabrielle's greatest hour of need, this time cementing their connection into an unbreakable bond that will only grow with time, maturing from friendship into something much more and merging two souls meant to be together no matter what reality they're in. Grit has crafted here a captivating story which is both original and familiar. She has taken elements of the regular Xena canon and presented these in ways that are different but no less engaging. The characterizations are beautiful - capturing the essence of these characters despite the different circumstances of this alternate reality. Eventually proving an emotional wringer, the first two parts of this are particularly worthwhile. - 108 pgs., 2/3/01

A very sweet little epilogue to the episode A FAMILY AFFAIR which finds the warrior finally confessing her feelings for the bard and experiencing the wonder of two hearts embracing one another. Some wonderfully touching moments in this translation of a story originally written in German. - 6 pgs., 12/14/98
[Original German version: FAMILIAR AFFAIR (A)? at http://www.KronachOnline.de/~biblio/xena/autoren/obard/affair.htm]

**FAMILY by Planet-solin
For those of you who've been waiting for this one as eagerly as I have - let me say the wait was WELL worth it! Planet-solin's latest addition to her Conqueror saga is another 3am'er. Start it early or you're going to be up well past that bedtime revisiting the Empress and her bard. This fifth installment in the series finds the two on their way to Poteidaia where Xena is going to leave the bard to celebrate her sister's wedding while she goes searching for her lost son. The journey starts off through the streets of Corinth where the innocent bard accepts a gift seemingly offered in gratitude. Unbeknownst to her or her fierce protector, there are forces at work all around them threatening the fragile happiness warrior and bard have found. In the days to come the Conqueror will fight a frantic battle to save the woman that has come to mean more to her than her very empire but the biggest battle of all will be with her own fears and doubts as she's forced to make a choice between accepting the impossible...or loosing the other half of her soul. Planet-solin has taken her two protagonists on a journey from being strangers in that first novel to what has become one of the most tender, moving and passionate interpretations of the Conqueror/bard pairing in XWP fanfic. It makes it even more poignant when this fifth adventure has them experiencing what is essentially an alternate version of the rift. Dahak, Ares, Callisto, Krafstar and other familiar faces are all cleverly incorporated in a plot designed to challenge the love between warrior and bard. The result is a tale with many of the same riveting elements the TV arc gave us but which honors the integrity of the characters and ultimately delivers a much more satisfying resolution. Make place for this one right at the top of your MUST READ list. It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [Fifth entry in the CONQUEROR SERIES] - 94 pgs., 8/1/02

Set just after the events in the episode A FAMILY AFFAIR, this cryptic new offering has Xena and Gabrielle explaining things to the bard's family and then desperately trying to rediscover one another again...only things may not be quite what they seem. Well-written tale offering some intriguing possibilities. DO NOT MISS! - 6 pgs., 11/2/98

A beautiful story about love and family and friends set before the events of the third season which finds Xena and the bard unexpectedly running into Solon who's been visiting a neighboring centaur village. Xena's decision to accompany him back there is one they'll soon regret when the head of that village, a very bitter former enemy of the Warrior Princess jumps at the opportunity to finally bring the Destroyer of Nations to justice. Running against time, Gabrielle and Solon desperately look for a way to help the warrior as the possibility of war looms between two nations and long-held secrets are finally revealed. In her first fanfic offering ever, Xero brings us a tale with all the right ingredients - a hero willing to sacrifice everything for those she loves, a bard whose love and determination know no limits, loyal friends ready for any challenge and a young boy with the courage of his mother and a heart very much like that of the bard he so loves. This story feels like "classic" Xena. It's a thoroughly satisfying tale that will keep you glued to that keyboard 'til the end. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 56 pgs., 11/10/98

FAMILY AND LIES by WrshpXena (Tiggster)
Sizzling story that has the warrior and bard confessing the truth about their relationship to Gabrielle's family and then opting for an Amazon ceremony to make things official. The word "insatiable" comes to mind when reading this fun entry ;-) - 62 pgs., 1/30/99

**FAMILY CURSE (THE) by T. Novan
An adorable entry in the RAISING MELOSA SERIES which finds the Amazon Royal family planning new digs while Mel struggles with a liiiittle problem Xena is ALL too familiar with... and just thoroughly amused by. A welcomed reprieve from the intensity of recent entries in the series, this is beyond CUTE! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 5 pgs., 7/18/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**FAMILY TIES by CN Winters
While on a visit to Poteidaia, Xena and Gabrielle are faced with the challenge of trying to deal with the bard's family - and with an even bigger challenge when the two realize that they can no longer ignore the feelings that have grown between them. A delightful new tale from the keyboard of a very talented writer, this is a clever mixture of comedy, romance and drama that will leave you thoroughly contented. CN does a wonderful job showing the underlying love, the conflicts and the resulting humor in the relationships between her characters. Particularly effective are her depictions of a Xena and Gabrielle just beginning to explore a new facet to their partnership. DO NOT MISS this one! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 30 pgs., 7/27/98

A surprisingly sweet revelation from the Warrior Princess reminds Gabrielle of how much she loves her partner. Nicely written, tender vignette. [See the sequel FANTASIES REALIZED] - 2 pgs., 3/24/99, reposted 5/2002

Following immediately after the exchange in FANTASIES, this little tale has Gabrielle putting in motion a plan to make all her partner's fantasies come true. GabTBard's characterizations here have a heartwarming, loving quality to them depicting two lovers who feel very deeply for one another. - 5 pgs., 3/24/99, reposted 5/2002

Previous stories by L.N. James have proven her to be one of the most accomplished and most romantic alt. writers producing XWP fan fiction today. This latest piece by her leaves NO doubt she well deserves that reputation. Using BEAUTIFUL prose and imagery, L.N. James tells of a peaceful time for the Warrior Princess and her bard - a trip to a secluded beach where they learn that with their souls finally made one not even physical distance can keep them apart. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 21 pgs., 4/15/97
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

Part of the INFINITY SERIES originated by Redhawk, this new offering is one of the most poignant accounts yet of the continuing saga of Xena the Immortal as fate finds her this time attending a funeral on an April day in 1979 and struggling with regrets as she thinks back on the life of the archeologist with the oh-so-familiar features she never had the courage to meet face to face. It's a mistake she decides to make up for when she meets instead the children of Janice Covington and Melinda Pappas - the eternal connection between them reminding her of a promise made so very long ago and sparking a renewed determination to watch over the descendants of two ancient soulmates just as a new life is brought into that lineage. Joseph does a terrific job imbuing the immortal warrior with the sense of melancholy that has been her hallmark throughout this series. Well-written and executed this new installment perfectly merges the essence of both the HIGHLANDER and XENA series on which it's based. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 9 pgs., 3/15/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

A thought-provoking what-if story set around the events in the episode REMEMBER NOTHING which assumes that Xena did manage to stop Gabrielle from killing Mezentius at the end of that episode. In this tale, the Warrior Princess remains only a memory in Xena's mind from another life. She is living with her brother in Amphipolis and with them, trying to recover from the years of slavery, is Gabrielle. Tormented by what the young woman has been through and desperately wanting to recapture the bond they once shared in another life, Xena opens her heart to the former slave girl but this Gabrielle is not the same carefree, gentle bard who once chose to share her life with an ex-warlord. The years of abuse have taken a toll possibly hardening a heart beyond even love's ability to reach it. Poignant story with some very emotional scenes. - 19 pgs., 12/29/97

This third installment in Silk's TAPESTRY OF LIFE SERIES very nicely incorporates elements from the recent rift episodes into a story which effectively explains some of the unanswered questions from those episodes. Having tried unsuccessfully to change the bleak future they foresee but recognizing that Xena and Gabrielle are the key, the Fates accept the help of the Goddess of Love in one final attempt to fight Dahak's evil. It is a desperate plan Aphrodite will put into play with the help of another and which can only succeed through the power of love. A riveting story which ties in well with the others in the series. DO NOT MISS! - 29 pgs., 2/23/98

FATE'S GIFT by Morgaine
This is a sequel to Morgaine's first novel JOURNEY'S GIFT, which very much maintains the fine quality and the epic flavor of that previous effort. The story has Xena and Gabrielle joining the Amazons to help them fight off a series of Athenian incursions into their territory. Going along with them is Xena's young daughter, Zoe, the magical child given to her by Chloe who possesses the gift of sight and soon begins seeing something terrible in their future - a darkness which will test the love between warrior and bard like nothing ever has before. Very well-written, this novel is dark and deeply emotional. An engrossing read! - 139 pgs., 9/10/97

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