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A clever on-going exercise in Xena fanfic, this series consists of stories told in 55 words. Ranging from traditional Xena yarns to ubers, general and alternative forays, funny and serious tales, the entries in the series make use of every word resulting in stories that run the gamut from cute to surprisingly thought-provoking. A fun new development in Xena fanfic DO NOT MISS! - 9/17/99

**FINDING MY WAY HOME by Kerry Hurley
Xena and Gabrielle seek shelter from the snow in Athens and later travel to Amphipolis where the two have a number of heart to hearts about their partnership, their lives, and the growing feelings between them. In her fanfic debut, Kerry brings us a THOROUGHLY charming portrayal of the Xena/Gab relationship with a fresh approach toward the characters that rings true despite being different. Kerry's Xena and Gab come across as very human, often using humor to deal with their insecurities and doubts in a story that is just about regular human beings and SOMEHOW manages to delight even without the use of gods or demons or winged angels ;-) Wonderfully realistic dialogue in this too. A decidedly satisfying MUST READ that comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 229 pgs., 8/3/99

FINDING THE WAY by Marion D Tuttle
Sweet first time story that has Xena and the bard finally admitting their feelings for one another and giving in to these. - 5 pgs., 3/29/98

**FINE LINE (A) by Jenbob
Back in November 1997 Jenbob released her first XWP story THE THIRD WHEEL. Those of us who were fortunate enough to preview that story before its release recognized immediately that the Xenaverse had gained an incredible new talent in Jenbob. With the release of this sequel, A FINE LINE, Jenbob solidifies her position as one of the top talents writing fan fiction today. Anyone who knows me (and Jenbob in particular ;-) will tell you that I have been absolutely DESPERATE for this story to be made available so my fellow fan fic fanatics could share in the experience that is A FINE LINE. The story picks up where THE THIRD WHEEL left off, chronicling Xena and Gabrielle's deepening relationship after their emotional admission of love in the first story. Still physically recovering from the awful beating she received just weeks before, Xena resumes her life on the road with the bard only to suggest soon after that they go visit the Amazons. It will be an opportunity for the two to explore amidst the relative safety of friends, the feelings and passions they have finally allowed into their relationship and for the warrior in particular to try to deal with the reality of a love the likes of which she's never known before. Always in the back of Xena's mind, however, a terrible fear lurks - a fear ironically made worse by accepting the love of the gentle bard, knowing all the while what it would do to her to loose that love and what a fine line indeed there is between the hero Gabrielle loves and the savage warlord who once shed the blood of thousands. With some of the most passionate and MEMORABLE scenes you will ever read, this novel is storytelling at it's absolute BEST. I'm often asked which Xena fan fiction story is my favorite - a question I have difficulty answering because there are SO many incredible works out there with more being written every day. However, I can tell you without a moment's hesitation, that if I were to pick a favorite, A FINE LINE would be among the strongest contenders. One VERY important ,**NOTE** here - this story features EXTREME (and I'm serious here folks) - EXTREME VIOLENCE - including SEXUAL VIOLENCE. Everyone who I know who has read it has been deeply moved by the story AND quite shaken by the violence. The violence is integral to the plot - HOWEVER, it is very much concentrated in one particular section. Although the experience will be different, you CAN skip this specific section and still follow the story without too much difficulty. IF you wish to read the story but are disturbed by violence and would like to know how to avoid the section or would like more details before making your decision feel free to contact me at OR consider e-mailing Jenbob herself - her e-mail addy is included at the beginning of the novel. A FINE LINE is an extraordinary experience folks. It carries my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!!!!! - 230 pgs., 1/13/98
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

Another 1997 piece from Aisa, this one centering around a bad nightmare which motivates Xena and her bard to at last reveal the feelings they've been hiding. Heartwarming. - 4 pgs., 6/15/98

This is a beautiful, sensual vignette about that first time two souls share their vulnerabilities, giving in to the love between them completely. Very nice. - 3 pgs., 11/1/97

**FIRST DATE by Kamouraskan
Kamouraskan penned this one as a homework assignment from her beta reader and I must say - I hope she got an A+. Set in Amphipolis, this charming new tale has Xena taking her beloved bard on a "first date" with a little help from one playful thief, a beautiful night sky, and one very romantic setting. Wonderful! Beta readers - keep giving them more homework assignments. >:) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 5 pgs., 11/9/99

Bittersweet tale in which a Xena, now happy with Gabrielle, remembers the first young woman who touched her heart many moons ago - the mysterious stowaway who showed her many of the skills she now possesses and then surrendered her life to save her from a Roman arrow. - 14 pgs., 5/28/97

FIRST TIME by Pink Rabbit Productions
A sweet first time story that has the warrior and bard tentatively admitting to their feelings and then giving in to these. - 4 pgs., 11/4/97

Things get a bit sticky for Mel when the recent object of her affections catches a certain Warrior Princess in a very BAD mood. Part 77 of the RAISING MELOSA SERIES features some nervous moments for all, a little mending of the fences and some new experiences for the Amazon Royal Princess. - 5 pgs., 10/4/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

A TERRIFIC sequel to THE AFRICAN QUEEN, Bibbit's newest offering finds the warrior and bard back from Israel, helping a village recuperate from a deadly struggle with the plague and trying to track down the warlord who's been raiding the countryside taking advantage of the spread of the illness. In the meantime, the two friends are continuing those baby steps toward a new stage in their partnership - a change they now both desperately want and feel ready for. Bibbit once again presents us here with an incredibly charming and loving portrayal of the Xena/Gab relationship revealing a nervousness and a passionate tenderness that makes it wonderfully endearing. One for the MUST READ list. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 50 pgs., 6/20/99

A story about how Xena and Gabrielle deal with "challenges" to their happy union five winters after they make it official. Cute :) - 7 pgs., 8/2/98, re-released 3/11/01

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