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**KEEPING FAITH by Brit Bard
A very satisfying read that is light-hearted and emotional, funny and poignant all at once. Set after the events in the episode ONE AGAINST AN ARMY it follows Xena and Gabrielle as they proceed on their journey away from the battle at Tripolis on their way to buy the convalescent bard her boots. Glad to have survived all they've endured recently and to still be together, the two revel in each others company - making no secret of their love and passion even as they trust one another again with their fears, their regrets and even their anger. Brit Bard gives us here two really excellent characterizations that feel very real, very human in a story that is exclusively about the relationship and the determined faith these two women have in one another. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 16 pgs., 5/14/98

KEOLA'S STORY by Jim Kuntz
Having made a reputation for fanfic with a very distinct flavor, Jim brings us a sequel to his BATTLE OF THE ZAMA RIDGE TRILOGY which once again stands out both in terms of quality and originality. Xena and Gabrielle are seemingly not at the heart of this story - this is the tale of Keola - a young Amazon warrior we were first introduced in ASHES ON THE WIND but the beauty of this story is that in helping us to get to know a very courageous young woman it also reaffirms how special the Golden Lion and her Amazon Queen are and how much nobility of spirit graces the family they love. Crippled after the Battle at Zama Ridge, Keola does not hesitate when Xena and Gabrielle offer her the opportunity to help the Nation with a new project. They want her to work with Gabrielle's father in designing an artificial leg so other warriors with similar injuries can be better rehabilitated. With this mandate, Keola travels to Poteidaia to spend time with her queen's father - never suspecting just how deeply the experience will change her forever as she finds herself surrounded by people who care, people who love and people who are willing to help her deal with the hidden demons of a past Keola has not yet fully come to terms with. This is a beautifully written tale with a very endearing original character and a story guaranteed to pull at those heart strings. DO NOT MISS! [See the sequel BIRTHRIGHT] - 54 pgs., 2/7/00

KEY (THE) by Erato Bard
Short little tale that has a very confused Warrior Princess trying to deal with memory loss and her bard filling in some of the pieces. - 4 pgs., 12/3/98

KEYSTONES IN A TAPESTRY by Ambyrhawke Shadowsinger
In a retelling of the events during and after the episode IDES OF MARCH, this talented new bard mixes a bit of what we saw on TV with a bit of her own vision of things to give us a story that chronicles what happened during those all-too-important commercial breaks and keeps the religious dogma to a minimum. The result is a well-written, emotional and very satisfying interpretation that honors the sacrifice of the characters and celebrates their deep love in a spiritual setting kept effectively ambiguous and mysterious. This gets my vote for a better resolution. DO NOT MISS - 19 pgs., 1/21/00


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