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**LIFE FROM DEATH by Patricia L. Ennis
A "first time" story which takes place after the events in the episode IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE. Very emotional, poignant, beautiful tale that has Xena and Gabrielle both desperately searching for a way to break the curse preventing them from being completely happy in their new relationship. This is a classic of Xena alt. fiction. One of the first stories to inspire many of the top bards working today. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 44 pgs., 1996

LIGARA by Midgit
In the grand tradition of early XWP fanfic, Midgit brings us an engrossing tale set during the second season that has Xena dealing with the dark horrors of her past once again after Gabrielle is injured and the warrior has no choice but to seek help in a town she once visited as a warlord. Controlled now by the thugs which took over after Xena's visit, the town decides to pay the ex-warlord back for her crimes against them...and to use the little blonde Xena loves as part of that punishment. This is a well-written angst-fest perfect for those hurt/comfort fanfic fans out there. Midgit's characterizations are on the money. Her treatment of the relationship is strong and touching while her villains and other secondary characters are well-suited for the story. A fine read - DO NOT MISS! - 38 pgs.

With this follow-up to her earlier works CAVES and THE SEA AND THE SPRING LEAVES, Jill continues to bring us some of the most imaginative and original fan fiction being written in the Xenaverse today. This new tale begins with Xena and the bard receiving a summons from an old friend of the Warrior Princess. It is while on their way to see him that they start to notice the deplorable condition villagers in the area seem to be in - conditions which make them desperate and VERY, very dangerous... Jill delivers an eerie storyline here that has all the right ingredients - suspense, mystery, cliffhanger action and a Xena/Gab relationship that is reminiscent of the playful, loving partnership we saw in the first two seasons. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 51 pgs., 3/15/98

The 41st. entry in the RAISING MELOSA SERIES finds Melosa getting instruction in how to be a warrior from the ultimate warrior herself and continuing the life-long lessons in love and commitment and respect she's been getting from both her parents since her birth. This one has a great family feel to it. DO NOT MISS! - 6 pgs., 6/5/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

With this little tale Charmer has created an instant *CLASSIC* of XWP fan fiction that readers will NEVER, ever forget! In her three previous stories, COMPARING NOTES, TURNING TABLES and WINNING SMILES, Charmer firmly established a reputation for quality fiction, demonstrating a unique talent for combining romance, passion and humor into some of the most clever plots I've ever seen in fiction. It didn't seem possible but with this new story Charmer has outdone herself yet again. LILLA'S LITTLE ADVENTURE is possibly the most *serious* threat your funny bone will have ever faced. In fact, I have to give a warning NOT to read this story at work - not for the usual reasons I give that particular warning but because your co-workers are going to look at you very strangely when you're turning red, holding your aching sides and howling over this story. Told from Lilla's perspective, it starts off innocently enough with Gabrielle's little sister getting ready for a visit from the bard and the Warrior Princess. It is a visit that none of them will ever forget and that will ultimately have Lilla seeing her sister in a very different light. THE MUST READ OF THE YEAR!! DO NOT MISS!! It receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! - 8 pgs., 5/30/97
AWARDS: "Fooling Around" Swollen Bud Award (July 15, 2000)
[Spanish version: LA PEQUEÑA ADVENTURA DE LILA at http://www.la-concha.com/ xena/encarna2.htm]
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**LION'S WALL (THE) by Jim Kuntz
The culmination of the story begun in THE FORTRESS and continued in THE CITY, THE JOURNEY and MEG'S, THE LION'S WALL is an emotional roller coaster that will have you experiencing the gamut of emotions right along with the characters. Starting shortly after where MEG'S left of, the story has Xena and Gabrielle feeling decidedly romantic as they prepare for the wedding of two good friends. It's an occasion that inspires warrior and bard to dream of their future together and to the ex-warlord's amazement even make plans for a family she never thought she would have. Too soon, however, that future is in peril as the past Xena has struggled so hard to escape comes back to haunt her, this time endangering not only her bard but all they hold dear and threatening at last to fulfill the promise of an evil shamanes. With no choice but to face those mistakes of the past, the Lion of Amphipolis rises again with the Amazon Queen now at her side as they place themselves between Greece and the greatest threat their land has ever known. At times one heck of a difficult read, this is a well-written powerful tale that holds no punches as it faces head on the reality of these brutal times and the sacrifices exacted from those history would call heroes. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 40 pgs., 3/17/99

Fated to go into many a readers' "guilty pleasures" file, this little comedy is to say the least - WICKED! - and yes the capital letters are there for a reason ;-) It's just another day for warrior and bard as they help a group of villagers fight a vicious warlord - only it's been a while since they've had some quality time together and things are getting just a tad...frustrating. Then on a successful raid of the warlord's castle while the inspired villagers seek justice, the two are rewarded with just the perfect mother load to relieve all that stress ;-) MAKE SURE to read the disclaimers as this offering will not be for everyone! "Kinky" *is* the operative word but a big old grin will likely be the result. - 14 pgs., 12/1/98

LITTLE QUIET TIME (A) by Sarah Miller
A rainy day prompts the warrior and bard to reminisce about their past and finally reveal what's in their hearts. Nice little read for what else? - a rainy day :) - 6 pgs., 1/12/00

Dave's first ever fanfic offering is based not as much on the Xena TV series as on the vision of Xena and Gabrielle established by fellow bard Missy Good - the terms "fanfic squared" or "fanfic - the second generation" come to mind ;-) A domestic episode set around the period of time established in Missy's REFLECTIONS FROM THE PAST, the story has Xena setting a challenge for herself mostly to keep busy and discovering some unnerving truths as a result. Dave does a nice job here of exploring both the darker and more gentle sides of the warrior. - 14 pgs., 3/13/99

**LIVE TO TELL by Danae
Danae is one of those bards who observes an economy of expression in her writing - never giving away more than she should and making every single sentence count. This story is simply put - going to blow you AWAY!!!!!!! It is essentially a short vignette - a conversation between Xena and Gabrielle sparked by a little revelation the bard never intended to make but which could potentially have incredible ramifications for her relationship with the warrior. INCREDIBLY original plot in a story I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! - 6 pgs., 7/13/97

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