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Written by pup-talent Merwulf, this lost chapter from Missy Good's DARK COMES THE MORNING, has Ephiny, Eponin and Cyrene caring for a tiny dynamo named Dori while her parents are off fighting for the greater good once again. An adorable combination of the best AND some of the worst her parents have to offer, Dori soon shows a remarkable knack for exhausting patience and stealing hearts. The perfect supplement to Missy's story, complete with its own review :) DO NOT MISS! - 4 pgs., 4/17/99

With this BEAUTIFULLY written tale, Mayt delivers her finest story yet in two years of consistently wonderful contributions to Xena fanfic. Ignoring the series enders, the story finds Xena and Gabrielle back on Amazon land where the Bard Queen has been asked to mediate a joining of sorts between the Southern and Northern tribes. Without their goddess Artemis now, the Southern tribe is at a crossroads - needing a spiritual tradition to carry them into the future. Their young philosopher queen, Tovi, senses she can find that for her tribe in the traditions of the Northern Amazons, a group that have embraced a worship of nature in the form of a Mother Goddess. Together, she and the Northern Queen seek Gabrielle's guidance to help the South regain a sense of purpose and forge a deeper alliance between the two tribes but it will not be an easy mandate for the young bard who will soon find herself the target of assassins even as she tries to mediate the religious and personal conflicts between her Amazon sisters. Meanwhile, a fiercely protective Warrior Princess struggles with those instincts knowing Gabrielle needs the freedom to be queen but wanting nothing more than to keep her soulmate safe. Mayt presents us here with one of the most intimate treatments of the Xena/Gab relationship I've ever read in fanfic, giving a depth to their feelings for one another that is extremely moving and compelling. It is a relationship that makes them strong...and yet poignantly vulnerable as well. Although Xena and Gab are at the heart of the story, MEDIATIONS is not just about them. It is a grander tale about the Amazons - their continuing struggle to survive in a changing world, their dedication to one another, and the lessons a new generation of these proud young warriors will learn from two women whose lives have for so long been tied to their own. Mayt has a narrative style that at time reads almost like poetry. This is first-class writing combined with the type of intelligent, thoughtful, MEANINGFUL storytelling that elevates a story far above the rest. A rare treat, it gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 70 pgs., 10/6/01

MEG'S by Jim Kuntz
A sequel to Jim's THE JOURNEY, this story finds the warrior and bard continuing to grow closer as they visit an old friend and become determined to help her find the happiness they themselves have discovered. Jim gives the Xena/Gab relationship a charming easiness and tenderness, made more so by the steeliness which he nevertheless maintains in the warrior's characterization. Entertaining with some nicely dramatic moments. [See the sequel THE LION'S WALL] - 18 pgs., 3/17/99
[German version: BEI MEG translated by Greyfax at http://www.KronachOnline.de/~biblio/xena/usadeutsch/meg4.htm]

MEMO SERIES (THE) by Wordee and Batsky
Can you guys BELIEVE this pairing!!!! None other than the Bat and Ms. TRUTH OR DARE herself! This may possibly go down in history as one of the funniest parody series ever. Follow Wordee - that stoic, courageous Warrior of words as she joins with her bardly sidekick Batsky to make the world a better place. Poor Batsky has to deal with a costume that shows off her pasty white midriff, a MommaBat that absolutely loves helping out, and a Clan McBat that idolizes her, while Wordee, in trying to reform after her darker days as Destroyer of Phrases, now spends time singing National Anthems and recuperating from fractured...well - you just have to read this...no way to describe it. Written as a series of memos between our fearless two-some this warrants a very serious funny-bone alert! - 26 pgs., 7/11/97, re-released 4/01

PatsBard offers us a very sweet take on the relationship and a surprisingly vulnerable characterization of the Warrior Princess in a hurt/comfort story that has Gabrielle caring for her partner after a squirmish leaves Xena without any memories of her past. Without the usual barriers in place, the warrior soon acts on the affection and attraction she feels for the young bard setting the stage for the two to finally give in to the feelings they've been supressing much too long. Nicely written feel-good story. DO NOT MISS! - 14 pgs., 6/12/99

MEMORIES by B.S. Barber
Gut-wrenching account of the days following the events in SACRIFICE II as a heart-broken Xena makes her way back to the Amazons. Dramatic piece. -- 5 pgs., 8/26/98

MEMORIES by Watcher  Save Alert
This latest tale by Watcher is a follow-up to COMPROMISES and MIDDLE GROUND and every bit the love fest those two stories are. Back with the Amazons while Gabrielle recuperates from an injury which left her with amnesia, the warrior and young queen rediscover one another. Tender and utterly romantic. Prepare to gush. - 47 pgs., 9/97

**MERCY by Tymedancer
The third entry in a series which began with VENGEANCE and then continued with JUSTICE Xena and Gabrielle return to the Amazons to help them look for several missing Amazons from a nearby village. It is a journey that will open up Xena's past for Gabrielle as the bard learns of the magnitude of Xena's guilt and of a love that was stripped from the warrior in the cruelest of ways - a loss Xena must come to terms with if she is ever to love again... Concluding a vital chapter in the life of the Warrior Princess while beginning a beautiful and hopeful new one, this story is NOT TO BE MISSED! - 29 pgs., 9/8/97

**METAMORPHOSIS by Angharad Governal
This bard's debut on the web comes with a very well-written story full of potential set in the world of Xena the Conqueror where the deadly empress is getting ready to extend her empire while a determined resistance looks for ways to stop her. Part of that resistance, Gabrielle is well aware of the woman's cruelty but convinced despite it that Xena's death is not the answer - not for their world...and not for herself. To prove it she's willing to risk it all - even the possibility of an agonizing death on a merciless cross. This is a riveting story with terrific characterizations and a very intriguing, carefully crafted storyline certain to entice even more readers into the genre. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [unfinished] - 19 pgs., 12/31/98

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