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MIA by Kristian S. Fischer
This latest entry in the INFINITY SERIES begun by Redhawk finds the immortal Xena once again being targeted by the mobsters whose organization she's been slowly dismantling - only this time the assassin they hire is a dark soul that recalls another enemy from Xena's ancient past - a killer without conscience who enjoys the kill and knows that her prey's vulnerable points are her friends...and family. Another intense, well-written chapter in one of the fandom's most popular on-going series. - 12 pgs., 5/31/99

MIDDLE GROUND by Watcher  Save Alert
Coming on the heels of COMPROMISES this sequel is just as much of a love fest and really a delightful read. Set a few weeks after COMPROMISES, Xena and the bard have been kept very busy by the demands on the Warrior Princess. It seems they have had little private time to spend with one another and Gabrielle is letting her insecurities run wild. Torn by the bard's obvious pain, Xena becomes determined to get at the root of the problem certain that if they are honest with one another their love will help them find some middle ground. This bard is one heck of a romantic and this story is one heck of a romance. Prepare to gush :) 14 pgs., - 7/8/97

A true Solstice gift for us all, Blue's latest is a very unique, magical uber tale with one of the most original incarnations of the warrior and bard we have yet to see. Set the day before Christmas eve, the story begins with New Yorker Vanessa Reynolds observing the latest antics of her very strong-minded feline, Raven, and remembering the day she saved the dark-furred beauty from certain death at an animal shelter. Having had no intention to become a cat owner when Raven nevertheless adopted her, Vanessa is determined to ignore the other strays fighting in the alley outside her window - a resolution that's quickly abandoned when the dark feline becomes obsessed with the noise outside, eventually drawing her owner's attention to a golden little bundle about to be ripped to shreds there. Amazed at how Raven and the newcomer just hit it off, Vanessa soon finds herself with two cats as she searches for her guest's owner, never suspecting the conspiracy playing out all around her... ;-) Generating a sense of hope and revolving around the timeless quality of love, this MUST READ also offers a number of hysterical lines. A MIDNIGHT CLEAR is a true fanfic delight that comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 21 pgs., 12/24/98

Heart-breaking short story set after the episode FORGET ME NOT which has Gabrielle confessing to the warrior some other memories she can now remember from their trip to Britannia. Emotional and intense. [See the sequel MAY I HAVE THIS DANCE] - 3 pgs., 5/14/98

MIDNIGHT DANCE (THE) by Shadowland
Bittersweet tale set just after the end of the rift which has Xena and Gabrielle taking the first tentative steps toward one another. Underlying sense of pathos beneath the passion in this. -- 3 pgs., 8/26/98

A beautiful, melancholic little piece about facing the sometimes harsh realities of life while longing for those simpler times that will never be again. This is a return by LN to that emotionally charged writing that marked much of her early fiction. A thoughtful, bittersweet vignette that effectively reflects the passage of life from the innocence of youth to the awareness of adulthood. A wonderful read. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the related story MIDNIGHT MUSINGS by Rooks] - 2 pgs., 11/13/98
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

MILKY WAY (THE) by Cyclops
Fun tale offering the perfect solution for season four as a couple of helpful goddesses decide to help Xena and Gab fulfill this little craving of theirs... Well-written and cute. - 10 pgs., 6/12/99

MIND'S EYE by Lynka
This intriguing alt. story has Xena trying to protect Gabrielle from a very frightening enemy...the Warrior Princess herself. - 22 pgs., 5/21/97, 6/5/97

**MINISTRATIONS by Candace Chellew
VERY cute little tale that has a certain bard giving her Warrior Princess a...religious lesson ;-) Grab that Amazon Ice and DO NOT MISS this one! - 3 pgs., 10/2/98

MIRAGE by Silk
The last entry in Silk's APPARITIONS OF LOVE SERIES, this is probably her most sensual one to date capturing a breathtaking moment in time between two lovers denied for far too long. Written with an almost poetic flare, this story features some very vivid imagery. DO NOT MISS!! - 4 pgs., 11/16/98

This is a WILD story which has Gabrielle suddenly waking up one morning a "different" person and feeling immediately terrified that a wish from her heart is responsible for the sudden "change". Determined to help the bard, Xena decides to visit an oracle suspecting that the gods are at work but unaware of the unlikely alliance that has formed between immortals as two of the Olympians struggle to keep them safe from an enemy vent on destroying the warrior and her afflicted companion. - 34 pgs., 7/25/97

An English translation of a German original, this nutty little tale follows the antics of one grumpy ex-warlord and a not so virginal bard while on vacation in Amazonia. Keeping the nuttiness factor very much in mind, this one will encourage some grins. - 5 pgs., 12/18/98

MISSING XENA by Watcher  Save Alert
Sweet story that has Gabby missing her warrior princess terribly when Xena has to go on a mission by herself.- 8 pgs., 3/97

MISSION (THE) by T. Novan
A new adventure begins in the RAISING MELOSA SERIES as Xena accepts a mission from Zeus in hopes of saving her sick daughter, Kessa. Poignant entry with some funny moments. - 6 pgs., 7/26/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

MIST OF PIERIA (THE) by Annmaray
Set after the events in the episode IDES OF MARCH, this new offering has a mystical feel to it as it chronicles Xena and Gabrielle's journey to a spiritual plane and their return trip to the world of the living where they find themselves with the opportunity to renew themselves physically and reassert their commitment to one another as unsuspecting friends and family try to come to terms with their deaths. Very devoted, loving depiction of the relationship. [See the sequel A JOURNEY OF LOVE AND HOME] - 20 pgs., 6/5/99

Written back in 1997, this tale features yet another bitter reminder for Xena of what she once has - forcing her to deal with the repercussions from that violence as a former victim seeks revenge. Thoughtful story with a surprising twist. - 5 pgs., 6/15/98

Another early piece from Della - this one a vignette about a bar, a bard, old acquaintances and a slight misunderstanding ;-) Cute. - 2 pgs., 5/31/98

This veteran bard returns with a splendid new adventure for the warrior and bard as they embark on a long trek to the land of Egypt and a fateful meeting with its legendary ruler - the indomitable queen history would come to know as the pharaoh Hatshepsut. Excited at the prospect of seeing the exotic land, Gabrielle is thrilled when the King of Cyprus entrusts Xena with a diplomatic mission to the court in Thebes but it's a mission that will get infinitely more complicated when the powerful Egyptian ruler decides to include the Warrior Princess in some plans of her own - plans which if successful will solidify Hatshepsut's hold on the throne and possibly decimate age-old misconceptions the pharaoh is determined to do away with. L. Fox does a terrific job here of merging history with fiction taking known facts about Hatshepsut' unprecedented reign, adding one brilliant Warrior Princess, a gutsy little bard, some court intrigue, the splendor of Ancient Egypt and even the surprise appearance of a certain archeologist to create a fabulous read. Particularly appealing is the story's treatment of the Xena/Gab relationship which is reminiscent of the early dynamics between our two heroines showing one very deadly ex-warlord totally smitten with the gentle soul who loves her unconditionally. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: the historical Hatshepsut was a fascinating figure - there's a TV series called THE GREAT EGYPTIANS, showing on the DISCOVERY CIVILIZATION channel which has an episode dedicated to her. It's called "The Queen Who Would Be King". If the series is shown in your area make sure to catch that episode.] - 95 pgs., 10/20/99

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