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**NEAT LITTLE CAVE (A) by T. Novan
Very sweet, sexy little interlude that has Gabrielle reuniting with her warrior after a short visit to Poteidaia and reluctantly agreeing to go see a new cave the warrior wants to show her - it's a decision she wont regret ;-) A wonderfully romantic treatment of the relationship. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 7 pgs., 6/20/99

This new bard's first fanfic piece is set in the world of Xena the Conqueror we saw in the Hercules episode ARMAGEDDON NOW. Gin takes some liberties with the story as presented in that episode, creating a world in which Xena has not yet conquered all though she's well on her way. Still to be vanquished is the proud Amazon Nation. Standing between the Conqueror and that particular prize is a Poteidaian turned Queen who having been rescued from slavers by the Amazon a few years back, now rules the Nation with a fierce protectiveness. To the amazement of her Amazon sisters, the young queen chooses not to fight the Destroyer of Nations but to reach out to her. It is a desperate gamble but one which Gabrielle must take, knowing as ruler just how deadly the Conqueror can be but remembering a five-year old who once saw a very different side of the Warrior Princess. Based on the premise that love can indeed conquer all, this story includes some clever tie-ins with regular Xena history and even with other fan fiction. [See the sequel COMPLICATIONS] - 33 pgs., 9/17/98
FANFIC ART: Ciegra Story Cover

NEVER SPEAKING by WrshpXena (Tiggster)
A moment of discovery for warrior and bard as Xena admits her feelings to a supposedly sleeping Gabrielle. Romantic. - 2 pgs., 3/18/99

T's RAISING MELOSA SERIES continues as Xena finally has to deal with the stress of recent weeks and then, with the help of her daughter, puts a plan in motion to get back the woman she loves. With each entry in this series it just gets better folks. This one is poignant and hopeful. DO NOT MISS! - 8 pgs., 3/13/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

NEW DAY (A) by FlyBigD
Set immediately after the events in the episode ONE AGAINST AN ARMY, this is a tale about new beginnings as Xena and Gabrielle spend time physically healing and exploring the emotions the recent turmoil in their lives have at last brought to the surface. The story concentrates exclusively on the relationship and offers a compelling look at a friendship in transition. A nice read with some moving moments. [See the sequel HOT BATH AND A BED] - 19 pgs., 3/19/00

Another of Miss's early efforts, this one a wonderfully romantic one that has the bard anxiously awaiting Xena's return from some secretive mission...only to discover there was a lot more to that mission than she suspected. DO NOT MISS!! - 15 pgs., 6/97

A HIGHLY original new first time story that sets out to avoid common cliches in alt. fiction and succeeds quite well. The story has Xena and Gabrielle trying to deal with feelings for one another they can no longer ignore. Sensing the warrior's fears, Gabrielle realizes that it is up to her to take the initiative but those fears and the constant misunderstandings will make any progress for the young bard a SLOW process. This story is nicely written and very sweet. The characterizations of Xena and Gabrielle are different but well-drawn and believable. [See the sequel WHEN WE DANCE, WHO LEADS?] - 22 pgs., 9/27/98, re-released 1/5/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

NEWS (THE) by T. Novan
Entry number six in the LEGENDS LEGACY SERIES finds Xena and Gabrielle contemplating the forthcoming change they will be making in their lives come Winter while Mel and Bri consider a slight life change of their own. Very cute ending to this one! - 6 pgs., 2/27/00

In a delightfully domestic sequel to BLOOD OF AN AMAZON, the warrior and bard welcome a couple of new additions to the family and reacquaint themselves with each other. Their happiness seems finally complete but as they're about to learn, it's also something that can disappear in an instant. This is the best entry in the series to date centering solidly on the love, understanding, and support between these two soulmates while featuring one very unexpected twist at the end. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the sequel THE PARENT TRAP] - 16 pgs., 2/9/00

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