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**NO PLACE FOR FEAR by A.L. Dunham
This fifth entry in the CAMPIRE CHAT SERIES is a stand-out hurt/comfort story set at a time when Xena and the bard are getting ready to formalize their union and the warrior is beginning to fear everything may be too good to be true. VERY nice, loving depiction of the relationship in this. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 6 pgs., 5/23/98

NO PLACE FOR FEAR by Ella Quince
VERY passionate tale set right after the events in the episode IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE which has a frustrated Gabrielle desperate to resume her normal relationship with Xena and the Warrior Princess treating her like fragile glass. Nicely written and very emotional. - 2 pgs., 1/97

NOT A PRETTY TALE by Azurenon and Savanna Mac
Set after the episode PAST IMPERFECT, this tale follows Xena and Gabrielle as they make the decision to journey east toward India. The long, difficult trip offers the two soulmates lots of opportunities to reacquaint themselves with one another, share painful truths about the past and reestablish a bond that seems to grow stronger every day. Ligth, sexy moments are sprinkled throughtout the drama here to create an entertaining story. [Part of the BETWEEN THE EPISODES SERIES] - 21 pgs., 7/27/00

Set in the alternate world of the episode REMEMBER NOTHING. Tonya's latest is based on the premise that Xena never did spill blood in the battle with Mezentius, and has continued instead with her life as an innkeeper, dedicated now to the young woman she so recently saved from slavery. For Gabrielle every day is a struggle full of fears and insecurities - a struggle Xena is determined to help her through, convinced that her destiny lies with the gentle soul so wounded in this other life. Blinding herself to the uncertainty of fate and the selfishness of her own actions, the former warrior sets out to remake a life she misses, molding another into what she once was and risking her very soul in the process. Tonya's latest is a poignant look at a woman desperate to reclaim her own humanity, learning in the end how empty that quest would be without her greatest inspiration. It is also the story of two souls fated to never be apart. This is a skillfully written, well-crafted story with solid characterizations that marvelously echo the ones we're used to while imbuing them with the differences expected after such an abrupt change in perspectives. A fascinating MUST READ in particular for those like myself who count REMEMBER NOTHING as one of the best episodes the TV series has ever offered. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 39 pgs., 1/13/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**NOW by Zea
If you want to try an exercise in self-control read this at work ;-) I *DARE* you! A little tale about passion, too long denied and NOW...finally unleashed. DO NOT MISS! - 4 pgs., 9/29/97

Set just after the events in the episode SACRIFICE II, this bittersweet sequel to MAY I HAVE THIS DANCE? has a despondent Xena remembering the most beautiful night of her life with the bard she now has lost. Romantic, passionate and poignant. DO NOT MISS! [See the sequel HOW DO I LIVE?] - 5 pgs., 12/3/98

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