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This newest story by one of my favorite bards joins THE ELEUSINIAN MYSTERIES on my list of best ever! As tends to be the case with Baermer's tales, this story has it ALL - suspense, mystery, action! It is a hurt/comfort story. It is a romance. It is a tale of revenge. It is unforgettable! While helping the survivors of a village that was viciously destroyed, Xena and Gabrielle are stunned to hear that the raiders were Amazons. Shortly afterwards the young bard is attacked when the villagers learn she has some connection to the Amazons. With an injured Gabrielle in tow, Xena heads off for the Amazon village where they learn that that someone has been raiding the neighboring villages and making sure the Amazons are blamed. Determined to get to the bottom of things and ignoring Gabrielle's plea to let her accompany them, Xena sets out with Epinon and Solari, leaving a frustrated bard behind. It is a mistake the Warrior Princess will live to regret for in her zest to protect the young woman she secretly loves, Xena has overlooked one crucial fact about the enemy which may cost Gabrielle her very life. This story is beautifully written and edited, using a style that at times is almost poetic. Baermer brings lots of GREAT characters from the series into this including of course the Amazons, the Centaurs and a certain young man with very good genes ;-) She also creates a fantastic new villain and an unexpected little Amazon heroine who really proves her mettle. Baermer's ability to create strong plots is perhaps outdone only by her skill in capturing the Xena/Gab relationship. For them this is a tale of discovery as amidst the chaos, a horrific experience finally brings them together. Long and OUTSTANDING, this gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! - 70 pgs., 7/6/97

Emotionally drained by her recent struggle against Ares and the Furies, Xena agrees when her bard suggests they relax for a bit while visiting a very old, abandoned temple. The strange, mystical quality surrounding the place will soon have them admitting emotions long kept secret. - 18 pgs., 7/13/98

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