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**RADIANT NIGHT by de Bonheur
De Bonheur's latest is set in Poteidaia where Xena and Gabrielle have gone to spend some time with the storyteller's family. This is a short, simple and beautifully romantic piece which celebrates the love between warrior and bard. This is the seventh installment in the LONG IS THE WAY SERIES. - 8 pgs., 10/15/97

**RAGING HEART by Rosemary
Save some of that Amazon ice ordered during the reading of A SIMPLE TWIST OF FATE to help you better handle this second Rosemary classic - a first-time story written back in the Summer of 1996 which has the warrior and bard surrendering to the feelings between them as they deal with past lovers and determined ruffians. Very romantic, loving treatment of the relationship with strong characterizations of both heroines. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 22 pgs., 1/9/99

RAIN by TrueGrits  Save Alert
A very sweet, romantic piece from a new writer that has Xena and Gabrielle stranded at an inn by bad weather. Noticing her warrior's darkening mood, Gabrielle then sets out to try to lighten it a bit. Showing great promise, TrueGrits delivers a nicely written story with good characterizations. DO NOT MISS! - 12 pgs., 3/9/98

RAINY DAY (A) by Aisa
Sweet tale that has the Warrior Princess a bit under the weather and the bard working hard to take care of her. - 10/22/97, republished - 9 pgs., 6/14/98

**RAISING MELOSA SERIES by T. Novan - This series consists of a considerable number of stories and is therefore listed on it's own page - to access that page click on the series title here. The individual stories as a combined effort make for a phenomenal series that gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

"Family Portrait" by Angelique
"Melosa" by Barbara Maclay

RANDOM THOUGHTS SERIES by Claire Withercross - read in the order listed below - [Alt and Gen]

  1. BRIDGE - [Gen]
  3. RUNAWAY - [Gen]
  4. MAD - [Gen]
  9. BRAVE
  10. GREAT ESCAPE (THE) - [Gen]

This has got to be one of the most emotionally draining stories I have ever read - but it's also among the best written. Set in the fourth year of Xena and Gabrielle's friendship it marks a turning point in that friendship as the bard realizes that she can no longer go on by the warrior's side, loving Xena as she does and having to hide it. With her soul in agony, the bard sneaks away into the night, certain that if she stays she'll only end up destroying them both. Together with a concerned Ephiny, the Warrior Princess immediately sets off after her but before facing the bard once again she will need to face the feelings within herself - feelings which the Amazon Regent is all too familiar with. This is a very powerful story of three women - three friends, of human fears, human desires and how these can sometimes lead to the most agonizing ravages of spirit... Pallas' writing is remarkably effective, as she continuously shifts point of view to reveal the thoughts of her principals. This one is likely to haunt you for a while ;-) DO NOT MISS! - 53 pgs., 5/27/98

**RAVENSARA by Raine  Save Alert
One of the finest hurt/comfort stories to come around in YEARS, this fanfic gem pulls all your heartstrings as it draws you into an edge-of-your-seat scenario with our two heroines plunged into a race against time and the elements to try to prevent a tragedy neither had anticipated. The story opens on a lighthearted tone as an inebriated bard proves her mettle, distracting some thieves while Xena retrieves a precious scroll for an old friend. Having finished one mission, however, the warrior and bard immediately take on another when word reaches Xena that the Mountain King, a man she's indebted to, is requesting her aid. With his kingdom on the brink of war, the dying king sends Xena to retrieve the old magical sword that alone can insure a smooth passage of power - but there are forces at work intent on keeping the sword away from the Mountain King and to do that they will target the Warrior Princess' one vulnerability - the bard who owns her heart. Combining humor and angst in a well-paced adventure-drama, Raine delivers here the type of story you will NOT want to put down. Her treatment of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship is particularly engaging giving these two characters a mutual devotion that is fierce and all-consuming. Raine's characterizations are especially appealing with Gabrielle very much in bard mode while the Warrior Princess, though relentless and deadly, reveals a touching vulnerability around her partner. Put this one at the top of your reading list. It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 80 pgs., 9/2/00

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