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SHADOW (THE) by Watcher  Save Alert
Watcher's latest love-fest has the warrior and bard trying to find a mysterious assailant before he can find them. While doing so they struggle with the emotional highs and lows of their relationship and try to deal with some strange powers the assailant seems to have. - 146 pgs., 10/13/97

A WONDERFUL new story which acts as a follow-up to Themis's previous tales A TWIST OF FATE and THE ENDLESS ROAD, exploring new territory in the Xena/Gabrielle relationship as for the first time a very reluctant Warrior Princess is forced to confront issues she's avoided all her life - the true meaning of the word "family" and whether she will ever really be able to call a place..."home". The story has Xena and the bard returning to the Amazons for a ceremony confirming them as the Shadow Mothers of baby Kindra - the infant Xena rescued during their last visit there. For the Amazons it is a time of excitement, a time to renew the bonds on which the very foundations of the Amazon Nation rests, a time for rejoicing in the promise of a young life. For Xena it is a time of confusion, a time to remember old hurts and revisit ever-present fears - a time to reconsider all that her life has been and will likely become with the bard now at her side - a time to welcome possibilities or turn away from them forever. Themis manages to integrate into this story an impressive combination of pathos, humor and hope as we alternate between feeling sorry for the warrior, amused by her emotional quandaries and ultimately humbled by the strength, determination and honor with which these Ancient Amazon warriors led their lives. The ending of this story, rich in visual imagery, will leave an unforgettable impression. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 86 pgs., 9/26/97

SHADOW PLAY by Pink Rabbit Productions
A retelling of the culmination of the rift saga that takes the story in a very different direction as Gabrielle, now living among the Amazons, has to face the warrior that nearly killed her in order to try to ensure the safety of her people and Xena finds herself face to face with an evil she can't kill...and can't deny. Intense, thought-provoking story which should be particularly interesting for those who found the execution of the rift problematic. - 15 pgs., 1/26/99

**SHADOWS by Erin Jennifer
A splendid new story in the grand tradition of classic XWP tales, Erin's latest is set in the period following the rift between our warrior and bard. It begins aboard a ship on its way to the land of Eire fated to one day be known as Ireland. Answering a summons from an old acquaintance she once betrayed and now hopes to help, Xena has once again embarked on a journey certain to stir up bad memories, both for her and the bard at her side. Fresh from their battle with Dahak, the losses of Hope and Solon and their own painful estrangement, the two are still uncertain with one another. Making matters even more challenging is the growing awakening within them to their real feelings for one another even as they remain convinced that those feelings are not mutual. It's an insecurity others will prey upon as old grudges resurface and a very deadly enemy returns, determined this time to finish what was started not too long ago. One of our newer writers, Erin shows a remarkable insight into the makeup of these characters - what makes them tick, their insecurities, and most of all, their love and protectiveness toward one another. Beautifully written with good pacing, the story moves us right along with a well-designed plot set against an epic landscape of impending war and returning evil. A MUCH-WELCOMED return to the classic type of story that created such a solid foundation for Xena fan fiction, this is a MUST READ. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 109 pgs., 7/5/01

Blind Faith offers us a more satisfying resolution to the episode LOCKED UP AND TIED DOWN in this new story set right after Xena's imprisonment which finds the Warrior Princess recuperating from her ordeal and still strangely secretive while a concerned bard offers comfort. Blind Faith does a great job here depicting the love and support in the Xena/Gab relationship while suggesting motivations that add new depth to the characterizations in the episode. A satisfying epilogue that is a MUST READ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 9 pgs., 11/24/98

Continuing the uber story begun in THE SHIP WHO REMEMBERED, this tale finds cybernetics specialist Dr. Sarah Gabriel and ship brain Rebekah Thomas extending their professional and private relationship as they continue working together and start to explore the inexplicable attraction strengthening between them despite the little incompatibilities in their make up. Meanwhile, an ancient bard is busy trying to warn them of an approaching danger in space - a danger brought on by someone more connected to them than either suspects... Quest does a terrific job imbuing this sequel with the same futuristic feel as the first story. Her characterizations are well done and compelling. - 133 pgs., 1/2/99
FANFIC ART: "The Ship Who Remembered" by Miguel Cura

**SHOW (THE) by B L Miller
This is a fun little alt. tale that I can only describe as "naughty" ;-) The girls visit a village where Gabrielle gets exposed to new experiences...This one REQUIRES my DO NOT READ AT WORK warning! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 13 pgs., 4/28/97
[French version: SPECTACLE (LE) translated by Fausta at http://blmiller.net/show/Page1French.html]
[German version: DIE SHOW translated by R. Powers at http://blmiller.net/show/Page1German.html]

**SHOW AND TELL by Suzar
Ok guys - time to call the Amazon Ice Company again - put in for a rush order! Whew! SIZZLING little tale that is GUARANTEED to shock you there for a minute - trust me on that - SHOCK - big shock...HUGE shock - ultimately a relatively harmless shock - but GODS WHAT A SHOCK!!! I was hyperventilation for a while there ;-) Anyway...back to the nitty gritty here - REALLY delightful, sensual, passionate, HOT...er...nicely written story :) that has the warrior and bard "enjoying" a sunny day at the beach when the conversation turns to activities Gabrielle would like to explore which they haven't explored...yet. All I can say to Suzar is...THIS BETTER HAVE A SECOND PART TO IT!!! ;-) Put this one at the top of your MUST READ list. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! [Do not miss the sequel SHOW AND TELL: THE SEQUEL] - 11 pgs., 4/7/98

Suzar WISELY ;-) keeps her promise by offering us this wonderful little continuation to SHOW AND TELL which begins right where the first story left off...and aren't we glad >:) This time around warrior and bard get to play with their new acquisition... YOU on the other hand should have will-power and avoid reading this at work. Remember I warned you! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 11 pgs., 5/12/98

SHOWER SCENE (A) by Bongo Bear
Known for a rather quirky sense of humor, Bongo Bear brings us another fun and yes QUIRKY tale sure to put a grin on your face. It helps if you have some knowledge of the science used in science fiction series like STAR TREK but...read it even if you don't. VERY cute. - 2 pgs., 9/28/97
[French version: UNE SCÈNE SOUS LA DOUCHE translated by Fausta at http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Studio/4243/bongodouche.html]

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