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A stalemate of godly proportions ensues when an excited Xena and Gabrielle visit Mel and Bri to help them deliver their first child...only to discover that another has plans for that unborn child. Growing sense of anxiety in this latest addition to the popular LEGENDS LEGACY SERIES. - 5 pgs., 4/27/00

STALKER (THE) by Kelly Noble
Set after the events in THEM BONES, THEM BONES, this is a suspenseful little story which has Xena and Gabrielle enjoying some quality time by themselves when it becomes apparent that they're not alone and whoever is stalking them is determined to hurt the bard. Kelly draws a very loving, passionate picture of the Xena/Gab relationship in an entertaining mystery. DO NOT MISS! - 11 pgs., 1/12/00

STEAM HEAT by The Rabbit in Pink Rabbit Productions
Xena and her bard manage to get themselves into a slightly compromising position in this - er - steamy story fragment/ digital art combination. -- 1 pg., 8/16/98
FANFIC ART: Contained within the story

STOLEN FUTURES by Joseph Jon Murphy
This story is going to keep you guessing from beginning to end - a true roller coaster ride that begins with Gabrielle getting attacked and Xena surrendering herself to a village to be judged for a horrible crime. What Xena doesn't count on is that the God of War is never far away where she's concerned and he's not about to allow his favorite warrior to die. Make sure to follow the plot carefully in this story because it is quite involved. NOTE: This story is extremely violent and graphically explicit. Please be sure to read the author's disclaimer. - 27 pgs., 6/20/97

STONE MEN (THE) by The Rabbit in Pink Rabbit Productions and Lady Phoenix
Poignant story fragment/digital art combination showing a day of reckoning for Xena and her bard as they return to the place where their nightmares began so long ago. -- 1 pg., 8/16/98
FANFIC ART: Contained within the story

STORM by MzPrisspot
Passionate alt. story that has Xena suddenly feeling very threatened when a man from Gabrielle's past shows up. - 11 pgs., 4/97

**STORM (THE): EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN by Justjabber  Save Alert
Tender at times and absolute WICKED at others, this story by a new bard is set at an inn, the night after Xena and Gabrielle are intimate with each other for the first time. With the morning sun, insecurities and doubts set in leading to some misunderstandings and some sweetly emotional moments. NOT TO BE MISSED! - 7 pgs., 9/10/97

STORM AND A CAVE (A) by Bards Wings
A cold winter day, one nice warm cave, some hot springs, and a couple of feisty traveling companions. Hits the spot ;-) - 7 pgs., 11/18/99
[Original German version: EIN STURM UND EINE HÖHLE... at http://www.KronachOnline.de/~biblio/xena/autoren/bardwings/sturm.htm]

Set in the second season this GEM of a story should thrill the heart of all classic XWP fanfic aficionados. With a grand, epic feel to it, the tale begins in familiar territory with the warrior and bard fighting a band of thugs. Injured after the encounter, Gabrielle finds herself dealing with a moody Xena and her own long-standing fears about being little more than a hindrance for the Warrior Princess. For her part, the warrior is worried about the life of danger and hardship she's brought to Gabrielle, worried about the increasing number of skirmishes they seem to be getting into, worried about her intensifying feelings for the young bard. Unable to voice their personal fears, the two must put these aside when word reaches them of a siege against the town of Neapolis. Having once experienced the brunt of the Warrior Princess' brutality, Neapolis is now once again on the verge of falling to another warlord. Determined to keep that from happening, Xena must enter the lion's den as it were - approach the besieging army in a desperate plan to try to reach Neapolis, but to do so she and her bard will have to play a dangerous game of warlord and slave. In the days to come, their friendship will be tested as never before, sometimes nearing the breaking point...and at other times threatening to evolve into something much more. All the while, they will be fighting for the freedom of a people Xena once deeply wronged - and fighting against an enemy far more dangerous than appearances might suggest. JLynn is crafting a riveting story here - a magnificent adventure with an emotional foundation that will keep you anxiously turning those pages. Her second season characterizations of Xena and Gab should delight fans of classic XWP. Her Xena is the tough, seasoned warrior with a very insecure emotional inner core - a woman with a steely outer shell whose heart remains full of regrets and guilt. Her Gabrielle is the talented storyteller devoted to her warrior, a young woman awakening to her passions who, though still struggling with her own insecurities, is determined to make her own destiny. Sparks fly between these two and all around them in a splendid mixture of war, adventure, romance, a little hurt and much comfort! One of the best I've read in a while, it gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [unfinished] - 105 pgs., 2/4/02

Xena and the bard discuss ALL the things those wicked fanfic writers have them doing in stories. Cute tale that actually serves as an entertaining introduction to anyone who's new to Xena fanfic. - 5 pgs., 5/5/98

**STORY OF MAGIC (A) by C.L. Bactad
After reading over 2,000 pieces of XWP fanfic it is honestly rare these days for a story to so thoroughly captivate me that I spend the day at work trying to sneak in chapters. C.L.'s latest is such a story. Enchanting, delightful, clever, HILARIOUS...I could just go on and on about this tale. It is the type of story that will have you settling back with a HUGE grin when you finish it and just thinking..."Damn that was good!!". The tale begins in a tavern with the Warrior Princess and her trusty bard having a couple (well...more like a whole bunch) of drinks with their Amazon buddies Ephiny and Solari when they learn of a lucrative staff competition scheduled to take place nearby. Hoping to make some quick dinars, Xena decides to enter only she proceeds to stick one booted foot DEEP down her throat when she also goes on to prohibit her partner from entering. Hoping to avoid a physical confrontation with the bard, she enters into a verbal one and of course, promptly looses. Accompanied by their two Amazon friends, our two heroines then head for the competition where it is not the Destroyer of Nations that steps up to the challenge - but the Bilious Green Wonder from Potato!! (told yah this is fun :) Amidst staff battles, HUGE Bulgarian opponents, jealous old lovers and these strange fans who go around following the Gabster's every movement (imagine that!), the two find themselves increasingly overwhelmed by the pull of their hearts - enveloped in the very special magic of a feeling called love. This is a long story but trust me folks - read EVERY sentence because just about every other line is either hysterical or sweetly meaningful - quite reminiscent of episodes like A DAY IN THE LIFE. There's one scene in particular that I warn you is likely to elicit a cheer of delight from you even if you're in public (personal experience on that one <:) C.L. characterizations from Xena to the bard to the Amazons and the guest stars are outstanding but without question - my FAVORITE character in this entire tale - HAS to be the narrator! Beyond astute, that little narrative voice will keep you in stiches through most of this. A STORY OF MAGIC captures quite well indeed the magic of fanfic guys - it takes characters we love, combines them with the imagination of a very gifted bard and creates a final product that is every bit as entertaining and fun as the series that long ago captured our hearts. What a treat! It easily gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! - 46 pgs., 9/29/98

**STORYTELLER (THE) by Katrina
Set in the alternate world of the Hercules episode ARMAGEDDON, this fantastic new warlord/slave story is a powerful, intense, emotional piece that has the young agitator Gabrielle surviving the ordeal Empress Xena condemned her to on a cross. It is while suffering the pain of that torture that Gabrielle gains a sudden insight into how she may be able to change the ruthless empress - not by inciting the people against her, but by inciting a revolution in the woman's own heart. Determined to try even if it leads to her death, Gabrielle returns to the castle where the now crippled agitator turns storyteller and is soon telling her one-time enemy tales of heroes, of fighting for the greater good, and of a love that would change the world. Katrina's characterizations in this are beautifully multi-layered, presenting a Xena with all the power in the world and an aching emptiness within while her Gabrielle, despite a poignant outer frailty, is a storyteller of gentle heroism and steely determination. A very original, beautifully written story which touches all the right emotional buttons, this receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [See the sequel THE HEALER] - 38 pgs., 2/22/98
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

This new bard makes a strong debut on the Web with a contemporary uber novel that has an ancient warrior still grieving for the soulmate she lost thousands of years before. It is an agony that becomes even more acute when Xena suddenly finds herself protecting a young woman from the Mafia a young woman that is the mirror image of her beloved bard. Well-written and carefully edited, the novel merges riveting action scenes with some very emotional moments. [See the sequel TO STAND TOGETHER THROUGH THE STORM] - 189 pgs., 10/18/98
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

STRICKEN by Barry Marshall
On their way to Thessaly the warrior and bard learn that a deadly plague is raging through Greece...and that an old friend of the Warrior Princess may be the one spreading it. Barry's latest is a well-written, solid hurt/comfort tale. - 34 pgs., 11/8/98

An alternative tale which has Xena and Gab traveling to the island of Lesbos to fight deadly monsters that are killing children. Meanwhile, neither is having much success fighting their growing feelings for each other. - 26 pgs., 3/97

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