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Ta   Te   Th   Ti   To   Tr   Tu   Tw   Ty  

Adorable tale that has Charon bored with his usual routine ferrying souls across the Styx when a couple of familiar faces show up requesting his help in their efforts to keep some angry Olympians at bay. After four seasons of XWP, Xenites should particularly sympathize with the ferryman in this - great characterization in a decidedly fun offering. - 12 pgs., 2/24/99

**12 STEPS TO MYCENAE by Donna E. Trifilo and Catherine M. Wilson - [See the AFTER THE HONEYMOON SERIES]

An absolutely charming little tale that has Gabrielle going through her usual bedtime routine when some insecurities surface challenging Xena to put them to rest. Nice writing with an original touch and a great sense of the love between these two. DO NOT MISS!! - 6 pgs., 7/1/98

20 WAYS TO GET RID OF JOXER by PatR  Save Alert
Hilarious series of vignettes for those of us who don't have a sympathetic bone in our bodies for Joxer ;-) - 34 pgs., 5/26/97

**TWILIGHT'S CHILDREN by Sharon Bowers
This is Sharon's second story based on the premise of Katrina's BLOOD AND ROSES SERIES but is actually set before her first such story WHEN THE NIGHT CLOSES IN. This new tale is the first in THE IMMORTAL SCROLLS series and is in fact a crossover featuring characters from Anne Rice's commercial vampire novels. Set in 1790, it has Xena, daughter of Ares, and Gabrielle, daughter of Bacchus, arriving in the New World where they are quickly drawn into the seductive mystery that is New Orleans. Sensing the presence of other creatures of power in the city, Xena soon finds herself once again fighting to save human lives, this time against an evil undeniably deadly...and yet strangely charming. This is a very well-written, sophisticated story with believable depictions of characters centuries old. The love between warrior and bard is as strong as ever...and as sizzling. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! -15 pgs.,. 2/14/98

TWIST OF FATE (A) by Themis
Nicely written story that has Xena and Gabby trying to conquer the fear and insecurities still keeping them apart while they help the Amazons avert a possible war. Unbeknownst to them, some fateful help is on the way... This is the first story at a *new* site for XWP fan fiction called HALCYON. Do not miss the sequel THE ENDLESS ROAD - 125 pgs., 4/23/97

**TWO AND A HALF YEAR ITCH by BlackFox and S. Derkins
This story is NOT TO BE MISSED! Just too funny! Set two and a half years after Xena and Gabrielle first meet, the warrior and bard are desperately in love with one another but too stubborn and scared to admit it so Aphrodite's mischievous son Anteros decides to teach the two a lesson - by having them itch...in all sorts of places! - 27 pgs., 7/21/97

Thoughtful vignette that has the warrior admitting her need for the bard and revealing also a fear of how their partnership might eventually change Gabrielle. Emotional and well-written. - 4 pgs., 12/20/99

**TWO HEARTS by de Bonheur
The eleventh entry in the LONG IS THE WAY SERIES, this tale is set in the time of the Winter Solstice and has Xena realizing at last that the happiness she has found with her bard is indeed real. Tender, romantic and nicely written. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 5 pgs., 10/30/97

TWO HEARTS, ONE WHOLE by Jamie Boughen
The Warrior Bard brings us a heck of a good story in this new effort featuring Ares up to his old tricks again. Certain that Xena will never fully respect her as a simple bard, Gabrielle gives in to her anger and depression, accepting Ares' offer to gift her with the skills of a warrior. In doing so, however, she falls right into the god's trap for it is not a mere warrior that he intends to make of her - but a vicious warlord in the very mold of the Warrior Princess he once treasured. This is a different type of story that does not idealize the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle but rather depicts it as one with problems the two must work out if they ever hope to find happiness. - 49 pgs., 5/24/97

In a terrific new contribution to the INFINITY SERIES, Xena and Ricky accompany their friend detective Emil Holt to a police standoff where Xena hopes to talk a teenager who once worked for her into surrendering himself to the authorities. The situation soon deteriorates, however, when a well-meaning Ricky tries to help setting in motion a series of events that lead to a disoriented Xena waking up in a very different place and time - back it seems in the Ancient Greece that gave birth to her, with one fundamental difference - it is a Greece where the Destroyer of Nations still reigns - where one-time enemies are now allies, family is insignificant, and the bard Xena treasures above all else has been forced into a very different role...Protek's first chapter starts off with a BANG promising one hell of a ride and continuing a tradition of fine storytelling by this talented bard. DO NOT MISS! - 26 pgs., 9/17/99

Ta   Te   Th   Ti   To   Tr   Tu   Tw   Ty  

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