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VACATION IN TARTARUS by Trish Kerr (Phopas)
Phopas' latest installment is a follow-up to her three previous novels ABOUT THAT KISS, HONEYMOON and HEART AND SOUL. Af ter everything the warrior and bard have been through in recent months, the two decide to take a vacation only things don't turn out exaaaaactly as planned when they end up on an island where artsy types get NO respect, the Warrior Princess is idolized and TENNIS RULES!!!! Tennis you ask??? Yeap - tennis ;-) What can I say, it's a wild, ZANY ride, very reflective of this bard's HIGHLY original brand of humor. It is also a tribute to popular culture with some of the best guest stars I've EVER seen in a XWP story! :) In addition to the comedy, Phopas' depiction of the Xena/Gab relationship makes them seem very real, very much in love and in lust. She's developed the characterizations nicely from ABOUT THAT KISS when they first admitted what they felt, to the excitement of the new in HONEYMOON, the deepening love in HEART AND SOUL to the trust and sense of familiarity between them in this latest effort. It's a wacky, FUN story but the treatment of the relationship is really what makes it special. This one will keep you grinning and is NOT TO BE MISSED! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 185 pgs., 11/24/97
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

VACATION TIME by Moonwarrior
Xena and Gabrielle decide to take a vacation at a very special retreat were everyone is encouraged to just let go of those... inhibitions ;-) Get ready to grin. - 8 pgs., 4/14/98

This is a sequel to the Warrior Bard's ANGER IS MY SHIELD which begins where that story concluded. Still at the Amazon village, recuperating from the ordeal with Xena's madness, the warrior and her bard are once again drawn into the problems of the Amazons as they try to help with negotiations involving villages just on the outskirts of Amazon territory. Puzzled by the villagers' request for passage rights through Amazon land, Xena decides to investigate, never suspecting that in discovering the truth behind that request she will discover a terrible truth about herself as well. This sequel offers a satisfying conclusion to the story begun in ANGER IS MY SHIELD. Nicely written. - 100 pgs., 8/10/97

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