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**BEST FRIEND'S MAGIC (A) by Advocate
ADORABLE tale for the child in us all that has little Gabrielle excitedly anticipating a visit from the Tooth Fairy while little Xena waits to capture the Fairy. When the little blonde's tooth is still there in the morning with not a dinar in sight, Xena realizes that as her older brother Toris has claimed, the Tooth Fairy does not exist. Determined, however, to keep the magic alive for her younger pal she sets out to try to earn a dinar - wanting nothing more than for Gabrielle to soon find that dinar under her pillow. A truly magical story about the power of friendship, this comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 9 pgs., 7/27/00

**MADAM PRESIDENT by T. Novan and Advocate (Blayne Cooper) - [Alt]
It's the year 2020 and the United States has elected its first ever woman president - a very gorgeous, very intelligent, very capable and openly gay Devlyn Marlowe. Aware that she's making history but not beyond serving her own interests as well, Devlyn insists that her favorite author be hired to write her official biography. Lauren Strayer part-time biographer, part-time novelist, didn't even vote for the new president so the offer from the White House comes as a surprise. Reluctant to take on a project she'll have little control over Lauren initially turns it down only to find herself on the other end of a phone conversation with a very persuasive president guaranteeing her full control over the biography. Within days the author's life is changed forever as she finds herself residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and getting to know the charming, funny, down-to-earth and surprisingly old-fashioned woman behind the politician. Meanwhile, Devlyn is similarly charmed by her biographer. A fan of the writer at first, she quickly becomes a fan of the woman, admiring Lauren's dedication, and intelligence and discovering to her consternation, an attraction to the young author destined to complicate things JUST a tad in the old White House. In the months ahead, the two will face challenges from within and without as political and other more dangerous enemies struggle to undermine the new president, as Lauren re-examines her sexuality in light of her own attraction to the tall, dark, Commander in Chief, as the president's children from her first marriage get to know the biographer, and as Devlyn Marlowe herself starts to let go of the past to open her heart once again. Maintaining a generally light-hearted atmosphere despite some intensely dramatic moments, this novel is one of the sweetest romances I've ever read. T. Novan and Advocate focus on the relationship, using the fantastical backdrop of a United States presidency as a clever setting that lends itself to lots of humor, unending complications and stress for their two heroines. Devlyn Marlowe is a charming and sometimes contradictory mixture of self-confidence and vulnerability, strength and shyness - a modern woman challenging the system yet with some traditional values of her own. Lauren is an intelligent, accomplished woman - loving and sensitive yet quite capable of becoming a little spitfire when the situation calls for it. Together these two make magic. Helping them along the way is a terrific supporting cast consisting of very nicely developed, multifaceted characters with interesting stories of their own, the most memorable of which have to be Devlyn's very down-to-earth mom and an ugly pooch that will keep a grin on your face throughout. Beautifully written and plotted, this story will keep you glued to the screen. One for the MUST READ list, it comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 261 pgs., 5/20/01
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**YOU'VE GOT SCROLLS by Advocate, Fanatic and T. Novan - [Alt]
The warrior and bard get a taste of what millenniums later would become known as "life online" when Gabrielle decides to join a top secret Amazon bards scrolls list and soon finds herself dealing with an endless delivery of new scrolls, huge egos, flame wars, pettiness and a warrior intent on finding out just what is taking her bard away from more...entertaining pursuits. Penned by such an impressive triumvirate, this tale delivers two of the best characterizations of our two heroes I've read in a while with Gabrielle as the sweet bard you do NOT want mad at you and Xena as the barely-in-control lusty warrior you do NOT want to separate from her bard. With a...familiar feel to it despite the ancient setting, this is a comedic delight offering welcome relief from those heavier, grandiose themes the TV series keeps throwing our way. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 46 pgs., 10/23/00
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

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