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This file features reviews of stories written by Archaeobard. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

DO YOU? by Archaeobard - [Alt]
A Mel/Janice vignette packing QUITE a punch that has the archeologist feeling very depressed about her inability to show her real feelings for the woman she loves when said woman insists on knowing what's wrong. This one will put an unexpected grin on your face :) [See the sequel YOU DO?] - 3 pgs., 2/27/00

BODICE RIPPER SERIES by Archaeobard - read in the order listed below: - [Alt]


CURSE ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES (A) by Archaeobard - [Alt]
The third entry in Archaeobard's BODICE RIPPER SERIES pits Mel and Janice against some very dangerous enemies who see Mel's "perverted" new relationship as a serious threat to their future plans for the Pappas name and money. Some good edge-of-your-seats scenes here along with the requisite moments of pure lust >:) - 13 pgs., 10/17/99

FALLING by Archaeobard - [Alt]
In a continuation of her bodice ripper RISING, Archaeobard picks up the passionate tale of a spunky little archeologist and her very sultry, high-born Southern lover as Mel and Janice confront hatred and prejudice in the form of a spurned ex-suitor whose injured pride could cost them their careers. Combining lots of angst and lots of sizzle, this is a fitting sequel and another fun read. [See also the third entry in the series, A CURSE ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES] - 12 pgs., 10/17/99

NIPPLE by Archaeobard - [Alt]
Adorable little tale that has the warrior getting a bit flustered when the bard starts discussing the terminology she should use for the more...descriptive scenes in her scrolls ;-) Very cute. Should have you sympathizing with that poor warrior. [See the sequel NIPPLE II - THE RE-ERECTION] - 4 pgs., 12/27/99

NIPPLE II - THE RE-ERECTION by Archaeobard - [Alt]
The Warrior Princess continues to earn our sympathy in this witty sequel which tests her legendary willpower as one mischievous little bard asks for her help once again in developing a spicy tale she's been writing. Cute and decidedly wicked! :) - 5 pgs., 1/12/00

NIPPLE III - TWIN PEAKS by Archaeobard - [Alt]
The NIPPLE experience continues as Xena turns the table on her bard lending a hand as it where in the development of Gabrielle's new story. The temperature is definitely rising with this one so turn that air conditioning on people! DO NOT MISS! - 5 pgs., 1/12/00

NIPPLE IV - THEREIN LIES THE NUB by Archaeobard - [Alt]
The attention shifts slightly away from nipples into other...areas in this latest entry in Archaeobard sultry NIPPLE SERIES. Put that air conditioner on HIGH and enjoy! >:) - 3 pgs., 4/1/00

NIPPLE SERIES (THE) by Archaeobard - read in the order listed below: - [Alt]


RISING by Archaeobard - [Alt]
Entertaining bodice ripper featuring a rather intense confrontation between our favorite translator and archeologist after Mel inadvertently humiliates her proud partner at a social soiree and must find a way to convince Janice of her true feelings. Fun and rather...stimulating :) [Part 1 in the BODICE RIPPER SERIES] - 11 pgs., 8/30/99

SPEAR OF PENTHESILEA (THE) by Archaeobard - [Alt]
Rousing adventure yarn that gives a slightly different spin to the Mel/Janice relationship as the two meet for the first time on a quest to find a legendary spear once wielded by a fierce Amazon Queen during her last battle with the Greek warrior known as Achilles. It's a quest that will tie the archeologist and her partner to that ancient past revealing the love that has tied their lines together for so long and awakening an enemy determined to stop them at any cost. Archaeobard crafts a fast paced plot here with solid characterizations, suspense and a nice treatment of the romance. DO NOT MISS! - 129 pgs., 5/26/99

THOUSAND SMILES (A) by Archaeobard - [Alt]
Giving new meaning to the term "lipstick..." er...never mind...forgot - Ancient Greece - term hadn't been invented yet - lets start over <:) Straight (heh - figuratively speaking of course :) out of one of Xena's worse nightmares, this amusing new yarn finds the Warrior Princess struggling through a shopping trip with her little bard and trying every mean at her disposal to draw Gabrielle's attention away from those beauty products. In light of the current going-ons in season five, it will do your heart good to see our wicked, flirtatious Warrior Princess still very much alive and well in fanfic :) Very cute. - 3 pgs., 1/21/00

YOU DO? by Archaeobard - [Alt]
A sweet little sequel to DO YOU? which finds Mel and Janice expanding on their recent conversation. A poignant reunion of two soulmates. - 3 pgs., 2/27/00

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