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    Star Trek Voyager Fanfic by B.L. Miller   

**ABOUT ARTEMIS by B L Miller -- [Alt]
Responsible for a number of stories which have already become classics of XWP fan fic, among them THE CABIN, THE SILENT BARD and the very poignant A QUEEN'S SACRIFICE, B L Miller returns with yet another excellent story - this one a proven winner having taken the top spot in the just concluded Second Xenite Bard Contest. ABOUT ARTEMIS is a story about courage, determination and the first stirrings of a love too-long denied. It has a suddenly all-too human Artemis asking Gabrielle and Xena for help in regaining a godhood stripped from her as punishment for interfering with what the Fates had already decreed. The quest they embark on will hold lessons for them all as the goddess, in experiencing what it means to be human, learns also the importance of leaving mortals to their fate, while the warrior and her bard struggle with a calling of the heart they've been afraid of for much too long. Exceedingly well-written, this story depicts the Xena/Gab relationship with the very special closeness that is a hallmark of B.L.'s fiction. A definite MUST READ! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 35 pgs., 7/22/97
AWARDS: Second Xenite Bard Contest (July 1997) - Grand Prize Winner
FANFIC ART: B L Miller Story Cover

**CABIN (THE) by B L Miller -- [Alt]
After a horrific encounter with an old enemy of the Warrior Princess, Xena and Gab find themselves stuck in a cabin for months - forced at last to confront the feelings between them and the fears those feelings evoke. It is with the strength of their love that they will find the strength to help the Amazon nation against a terrible threat - a threat that will challenge the light in one of them and the will to survive in the other. NOTE: Make sure to read the warning that appears at the beginning of chapter one - this story is explicit and has scenes of extreme violence. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 69 pgs., 4/17/97

**CARDS ANYONE? by B L Miller -- [Alt]
In the grand tradition of B.L.'s THE SHOW and L.N. James' BREAKING BREAD, comes this new sizzling little offering by a bard with an uncanny talent for combining romance and passion into a well-written and delightfully naughty package ;-) A word of warning - call the Amazon Ice Co. before reading this one. The warrior and bard play strip poker. Need I say more? >:) VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 6 pgs., 8/24/97
[French version: COMBIEN DE CARTES? translated by Fausta at]
[Spanish version: MAS CARTAS? translated by Yolanda Palomo at]

**CHARON'S TROUBLES by B L Miller -- [Alt]
Considering the outstanding body of work this bard has already treated us to, it should come as no surprise that her latest is one of the best new stories to come out this year. B.L. just keeps getting better and better, delivering some of the most entertaining and original stories I have ever read - period. This latest tale introduces us to B.L.'s version of Charon - Hades' ferryman, who in this story becomes a character you will NEVER forget. CHARON'S TROUBLES begins when Sysiphus, the former king and master magician whose plans have often been foiled by Xena, puts in play a new effort at revenge. He throws Charon into the world of the living and starts sending back as well all of Xena's dead enemies. Unable to locate his wayward ferryman Hades appeals to Xena for help. With Charon having the time of his life, however, Xena and Gabrielle soon have their hands full just trying to keep track of him...while others are keeping track of them. Before long one of the warrior's greatest fears becomes reality in a twist which may at last force her also to admit a truth she has been keeping secret for much too long. This is a combination comedy, first-time tale and hurt/comfort story which succeeds in every aspect of these three different types of fiction. Charon's antics are in a word HYSTERICAL! His characterization is well-developed and clever. As far as the romance is concerned - few can capture the connection between warrior and bard like B.L. can - in this story it is sweet, loving and almost desperately passionate. CHARON'S TROUBLES is NOT to be missed guys! It receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! - 73 pgs., 12/8/97
FANFIC ART: B L Miller Story Cover

**CLOAK (THE) by B L Miller -- [Alt]
She's baaaaack! Yeap - B L Miller returns in top form with her own very special tribute to the month of July >:) Those of you who have the Creation XWP calendar for 1998 will understand when you read this new tale from one of our most mischievous bards. Set around a campfire on a cool evening destined to...heat up, B.L.'s latest has the warrior getting decidedly uncomfortable as she observes the rather intriguing way a certain bard wears her cloak. Alas, that warrior's discomfort is soon growing by leaps and bounds when said bard decides >:) Combining a deep sense of love and tenderness with raw passion, this tale is pure B.L. - and that's a VERRRY good thing. Go ahead and READ IT at work! Live dangerously!! ;-) VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 11 pgs., 7/14/98

Barron Story Cover
Ciegra Story Cover
[French version: CAPE (LA) translated by Fausta at]
[German version: DAH HUMBANG translated by R. Powers at]

**CLUELESS by B L Miller -- [Alt]
B.L. treats us this time to a delightful new tale set after the episode FINS, FEMMES AND GEMS which finds Xena and Gabrielle taking a short break from life on the road in the town of Laconia. The stay will turn into a very educational one for the little bard when she runs into a favorite relative from her childhood whose choices in life will suddenly have Gabrielle understanding her own feelings better and recognizing possibilities she had never dreamed of before. B.L. once again does a WONDERFUL job of blending humor and drama into the type of sweet, sexy tale that has become one of her trademarks. With that Amazon ice handy, put this one at the top of your MUST READ list. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 38 pgs., 5/16/98

One of our most talented bards returns with a FANTASTIC new post-rift story which finds the warrior and bard forced into dealing with some of the unresolved issues still between them. Set immediately after the events in BITTER SUITE, the story has Xena and Gabrielle attempting to resume the life they were leading together prior to their fateful trip to Britannia - only the recent past soon comes back to haunt them when the bard starts to have problems with her vision - problems which set off a warning bell within the Warrior Princess, reminding her of an ugliness she's been desperately trying to forget. The Xena and Gabrielle B.L. presents are two women who love one another deeply but are still very much immersed in guilt. Her story traces their path toward the discovery of that love as they begin to accept also the forgiveness in their hearts. Known for her passionate tales, B.L. delivers here one that beyond the passion is perhaps one of her most tenderly romantic to date. A beautiful read which receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 46 pgs., 3/8/98
AWARDS: "Getting Serious" Swollen Bud Award (July 15, 2000)

**HOSTAGE by B L Miller -- [Alt]
B L Miller is back and she is bearing a gift for us all in the form of this EXCEPTIONAL new story. One of the defining qualities of B.L.'s writing has always been its originality. In every one of her works one can find some unique touch that had never been done prior to B.L. This is true once again with HOSTAGE which is a warlord/slave story with a twist. It begins with a conversation among the gods - a conversation which soon turns hostile resulting in a challenge. Before long Xena and Gabrielle's world is turned upside down as the Warrior Princess finds herself wondering what she is doing in the company of an Amazon, and Gabrielle meets for the first time the warlord who once terrified most of Greece. The ordeal to come will test them both as never before, ultimately providing the opportunity for the love between them to surface... or destroying that love forevermore. Those crazy Amazons are back of course complementing a storyline that is wonderfully clever, shocking, poignant and VERY passionate. This is B.L. at her most entertaining. NOT TO BE MISSED guys! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 106 pgs., 10/26/97
FANFIC ART: B L Miller Story Cover

**LAZY LOVING MORNING (A) by B L Miller -- [Alt]
This long-time favorite bard returns with the type of story that first endeared her to her readership - a sweet, SIZZLING little interlude that has the warrior and bard exchanging a very proper morning...greeting ;-) Adept at turning the sexy romp into a tribute to the love between these two characters, B.L. never fails to satisfy. Crush some of that Amazon Ice and enjoy guys. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 5 pgs., 4/2/99
[French version: UN PETIT MATIN PARESSEUX ET COQUIN (OU CALIN ROMATIQUE) translated by Fausta at]

**MOTHERS by B L Miller -- [Alt and Gen versions]
Just in time for Mother's day we get this absolutely delightful new tale by a bard that is proving as prolific as she is talented...I LOVE IT! Vent on destroying Gabrielle whom she sees as unworthy of being Queen, a dangerous Amazon warlord kidnaps both Xena's mother and the bard's - planning on forcing Gabrielle to meet her in battle without the interference of the Warrior Princess. Despite the edge-of-your-seat suspense in this, it is B.L.'s very unique blend of humor and romance that will captivate you. Another winner! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 30 pgs., 5/9/97
FANFIC ART: B L Miller Story Cover
Alt. Version:
General Version:

**QUEEN'S SACRIFICE (A) by B L Miller -- [Alt]
This latest effort by B L Miller is perhaps her best to date and that is saying A LOT considering the consistently excellent quality of this bard's fiction. As the title implies, this is a story of sacrifice, courage and the power of love to triumph over the worst of atrocities. As Queen of the Amazons, Gabrielle is forced to make a decision that will forevermore scar her mind and soul. Only the love of a Warrior Princess stands a chance of helping the young bard put the pieces of her life back together again. This is a bittersweet, emotionally charged tale that will pull at your heart strings bringing both a tear and a smile. NOTE: Please make sure to read the WARNINGS the author includes at the beginning of the story. This tale carries my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 52 pgs., 5/2/97
FANFIC ART: B L Miller Story Cover
[French version: LE SACRIFICE D'UNE REINE translated by Fausta at]

**SHOW (THE) by B L Miller -- [Alt]
This is a fun little alt. tale that I can only describe as "naughty" ;-) The girls visit a village where Gabrielle gets exposed to new experiences...This one REQUIRES my DO NOT READ AT WORK warning! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 13 pgs., 4/28/97
[French version: SPECTACLE (LE) translated by Fausta at]
[German version: DIE SHOW translated by R. Powers at]

**SILENT BARD (The) by B L Miller -- [Alt]
This story is NOT TO BE MISSED!! - one of the most poignant, beautiful alt. tales I've read in a long time. Ares unleashes his latest plan to try to win back the Warrior Princess with devastating consequences for Gabrielle who suddenly finds herself in a terrifying world of silence. An anguished Xena is left to try to find a solution before the little bard sinks into despair. Meanwhile another plan is forming to help the two - a plan that can only work if the warrior and bard finally find the courage to look into their hearts. Wonderful depiction of the relationship in a moving hurt/comfort story that receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! - 49 pgs., 4/97

**TREATY (THE) by B L Miller -- [Alt]
A clever new offering from this talented writer finds Xena and Gabrielle back in Amazonia where the bard takes the reins as queen in the negotiations with neighboring villagers for some land both sides are claiming rights to. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with Gabrielle's handling of the matter and to change her mind they are willing to go to any lengths. Once again B.L. combines drama, suspense and humor into a story that is nicely written and thoroughly entertaining. I particularly enjoyed her characterization of Argo in this tale ;-) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 25 pgs., 11/11/97

The PERFECT story for all those subtext fans who've been thinking of putting out a hit on the King of Ithaca since THAT episode...Heart-broken after seeing Xena fall for Ulysses and unable to continue hiding her true feelings, Gabrielle decides she can no longer remain with the warrior so she orchestrates a plan to remove herself from Xena's life. It is a move that will rock Xena to the very core - forcing her to reevaluate her feelings and come to terms with a truth she's kept buried deep within her heart. A wonderful, reaffirming story. - 16 pgs., 5/15/97

**WESTERN CHRONICLES (THE) by B L Miller and Vada Foster - [Alt]
Xena fanfic aficionados have come to associate the names B L Miller and Vada Foster with quality fanfic that does not disappoint. It therefore should come as no surprise that having decided to collaborate, these two talents would produce one of the year's finest uber stories - an epic western saga with all the elements familiar to that genre, rousing adventure, heinous villains, heart-stoping action, outlaws-turned-heroes and of course - a romance that will just warm the heart. Actually, with Miller and Foster at work on this - that romance will warm all sorts of places ;-) At the center of this story are two women - one, a deadly gunslinger, bitter from the injustices in her past - the other a gentle dreamer trying to escape the horrors of the present. Their destinies come together one fateful afternoon when the feared outlaw makes the choice to rescue a young woman in trouble. For her part Josie Hunter considers the brief encounter at an end once the girl is safe, but Rebecca Cameron has other ideas. Enthralled by the enigmatic figure of the legendary bandit, and desperate to escape a life that is quickly crushing her spirit, Rebecca decides to follow her rescuer - much to the older woman's chagrin. It is at first a difficult relationship but one which slowly begins to grow and change and deepen as the two unlikely friends share adventures, share their joys and pains and hopes and dreams, only to in time discover...they also desperately want to share their hearts. This is an outstanding uber interpretation not only of the characters of Xena and Gab but also of the XWP series as a whole. It is a beautiful, passionate love story that develops slowly, pulling the reader into this drama as the leads themselves discover the growing intensity between them. The authors spent considerable time researching the Old West which shows in the tale's air of authenticity. Set aside some time for this one because it is a long, thoroughly satisfying read you WONT want to put down. An impressive accomplishment that gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 222 pgs., 9/21/98, re-released 7/15/99
AWARDS: "All Nighter" Swollen Bud Award (May 1, 2000)

"The Dance" by Angelique
"Josie" by Angelique
"Josie and Rebecca" by Barbara Maclay
"Revolvers" by Angelique
"Sitting Rebecca" by Angelique
"Splinters" by Angelique


**JUST BETWEEN ABOVE AND BELOW by B.L. Miller and G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
When two of the best in fanfic team up for a special installment to one of the finest fanfic series around how COULD we NOT get brilliance folks! This new adventure for the Voyager crew begins when they make first contact with a civilization once decimated by the Borg but now back to a level of development similar to that of 20th century Earth. Hoping to replenish their supplies and establish good relations with the planet's inhabitants, Janeway agrees to have her crew participate in the festivities of a local holiday. It's a particularly exciting time for Naomi Wildman who as Voyager's youngest representative is slated to take center stage - only things don't go quite as planned for the young girl and her escort - Seven of Nine. In a heartbeat, the festivities turn deadly forcing the crew of Voyager into a desperate search and rescue mission as one mother and one Starship Captain deal with unexpected anguish and one Borg finds herself tested to her limits. With moments of nerve-wracking tension, the playful humor that's become a hallmark of the Janeway/Seven relationship, and the SIZZLING passion these two characters can generate in the talented hands of B.L. Miller and G.L. Dartt - this is one story GUARANTEED to satisfy that craving for quality fanfic. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Part of the JUST BETWEEN SERIES]- 69 pgs., 2/27/00

**JUST BETWEEN FAMILIES by G.L. Dartt and B.L. Miller - [Alt]
What could possibly be better than a story featuring our favorite Starfleet Captain and Astrometrics Officer at their most mischievous, most romantic and most endearing? How about a story featuring TWO versions of our favorite 24th century duo! This is exactly what G.L. and B.L. have brought us in this latest collaboration which EASILY takes its place among the finest entries in the amazing JUST BETWEEN SERIES. Opening in the alternate universe we first visited in JUST BETWEEN REALITIES, this new tale has Captain Kathryn Johnson and Science Officer Annika Hansen in the fight of their lives as they struggle not only against the enemy forces attacking the Federation in its war against the Dominion, but also against personal devils of their own as they try to salvage what is left of a relationship neither is quite sure how to salvage. When Captain Johnson is injured in the middle of a devastating attack, a desperate Annika, in charge of Voyager, has no choice but to create a rift and plunge the ship through it into the twin universe where another Voyager awaits. Reunited with their counterparts, Janeway and Seven suddenly find themselves with quite a number of challenges on their hands as they assist in the repairs of the alternate ship and consider ways to help the Federation from that other world survive the terrible war they're engaged in. Most difficult of all will be the emotional challenges as together they try to teach Kathryn Johnson and Annika Hansen how to love one another again - while Seven must deal with a very personal challenge of her own, coming face to face with one of the most difficult parts of her past. Make sure to strap yourself in for this MARVELOUS new trip into the Delta Quadrant because when this tale isn't tearing at your heart-strings with emotional reunions and a poignant look at what some of Voyager's finest might have been under different circumstances, it's gonna be doing SERIOUS damage to that funny bone with some of the most HYSTERICAL bonding moments you'll ever come across - all the while affecting...other parts of your anatomy with those scenes of raw passion and sweet romance these two veteran fanfic talents have down to an art form! A reading DELIGHT, featuring first-class storytelling and the return of some old Star Trek favorites, this latest Janeway/Seven adventure gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 124 pgs., 3/17/00

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