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This file features reviews of stories written by BlackFox. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

A solstice story in the tradition of Charles Dicken's A CHRISTMAS CAROL which has the Fates showing Xena what life would have been like for her and Gabrielle had she never allowed the young girl from Poteidaia to follow her. Poignant tale with a a good depiction of Xena and her relationship with the Gabster. - 20 pgs., 3/30/98

**CHILD OF LOVE by BlackFox -- [Alt]
This sequel to the stories BONDED FOREVER? and THE WRATH OF APHRODITE is absolutely DELIGHTFUL - very possibly BlackFox's best work to date. Having struggled through a number of trials, Xena and Gabrielle are together at last and happy, although in recent days the bard has not been well, lacking her usual voracious appetite and often feeling nauseous. Soon they receive a visit from the mischievous goddess of love who has a little surprise for them! BlackFox depicts the Xena/Gab relationship beautifully in this story with lots of love and tenderness. CHILD OF LOVE also exudes a wonderful sense of family featuring most of Xena and Gabrielle's friends and relatives. This is the PERFECT story for those of you who've been feeling a bit depressed after the events in GABRIELLE'S HOPE. Nicely written, it is guaranteed to warm your heart. It is long and stands on its own although a familiarity with the first two stories will enhance the reading experience. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 93 pgs., 11/1/97

CUPID'S ARROW by BlackFox -- [Alt]
VERY promising new story that has Aphrodite and Cupid wrecking havok with the lives of the Warrior Princess and her bard. Upset at Ares, the Goddess of Love decides to get even by having Xena and Gabrielle act on their love for one another. Cupid reluctantly agrees to help though he knows using his arrows on two people who are already in love can seriously backfire. His mother wants to expedite matters though so he follows orders and sure enough...things backfire! - 18 pgs., 5/22/97

When an amnesiac Xena returns to her evil ways - joining forces with the warlord she was supposed to be fighting, Gabrielle does the only thing she can to try to get close to her friend - she joins their army as a bard and then starts planning a way to get HER Xena back. Nice depiction of the bard. [Originally posted on the NetForum]. - 25 pgs., 5/15/97

This amusing follow-up to BlackFox's CUPID'S ARROWS has Xena and Gabrielle deciding to tie the knot with a little help from one of Gabby's relatives, just as an old friend shows up in need of their help. - 23 pgs., 6/97

**TWO AND A HALF YEAR ITCH by BlackFox and S. Derkins -- [Alt]
This story is NOT TO BE MISSED! Just too funny! Set two and a half years after Xena and Gabrielle first meet, the warrior and bard are desperately in love with one another but too stubborn and scared to admit it so Aphrodite's mischievous son Anteros decides to teach the two a lesson - by having them all sorts of places! - 27 pgs., 7/21/97

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