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CONTROL by Cath, Bard - [Alt]
A MUCH-mended sleeping shift takes a beating but keeps on ticking in this amusing tale about impatient warriors and lessons in control. Cath keeps this one short, simple and effective. [Part of the RELATIONSHIP TRILOGY] - 3 pgs., 2/1/01

IN THE COMPANY OF TIGERS by Cath, Bard - [Alt]
Entertaining little story set during Xena and Gab's sojourn to India that has the bard taking advantage of her newly shorn looks to help the Warrior Princess stop a vicious cult. - 15 pgs., 11/18/99

NIGHT PROMISE by Cath, Bard - [Alt]
Bittersweet vignette that has Gabrielle soothing a restless Eve while her mom tries to get some sleep. Nicely written. - 2 pgs., 2/27/00

PRUNIN by Cath, Bard - [Alt]
Some bathtime playfulness and a little walk on the wild side for the Warrior Princess and her bard. Sweet and sensual. [Part of the RELATIONSHIP TRILOGY] - 4 pgs., 2/3/01


PRUNIN - [Alt]

Set in the latter part of the fifth season, this poignant entry has Gabrielle visiting a now rundown Temple to the Goddess of Love where the bard and the beautiful Olympian reminisce about their unlikely friendship and share a touching goodbye in the face of the coming Twilight of the Gods. Cath, Bard captures the characters well and does a solid job depicting their close bond. - 4 pgs., 2/3/01

WINGED GODDESS by Cath, Bard - [Alt]
Set during the fifth season, this story finds Gabrielle and a pregnant Xena in Amazonia where the two have gone to await the birth of the baby. Feeling melancholy over the changes in her life and in herself, the bard-turned-warrior decides to look for new inspiration to try to reignite the spark that once gave life to her imagination and stories. She finds it in the unacknowledged attraction between two young Amazons. Curious as to what is keeping the two from embracing that attraction, the bard decides to investigate only to soon find herself in a liiiiittle bit of a bind when a case of puppy love complicates matter and suddenly those rusty storytelling skills may be the only thing that can save the day. Cath does a nice job here with the Xena/Gab relationship, giving it an easy casualness that comes across as very natural for these two. Charting Gabrielle's return to storytelling, the story combines the emotional implications of that with a light-hearted romance to make for a fun, satisfying read.- 22 pgs., 2/4/02

Entertaining tribute to the Academy Award winning film SPARTACUS that places Xena in the Kirk Douglas role as the slave-gladiator turned rebel-leader and Gabrielle in the Tony Curtis role as the fellow slave who becomes her best friend and lover (and yes SPARTACUS had a TON of subtext ;-) Captured at last by the Romans, Xena and Gabrielle await the morning when they will be pitted against one another in a fight to the death with the winner earning the more painful and lingering death of crucifixion. SPARTACUS fans will particularly enjoy this clever tribute though Cath, Bard has included a surprising little twist that ensures Xena fans will as well. - 10 pgs., 8/9/00

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