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This file features reviews of stories written by Claire Withercross. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

ALONE AGAIN by Claire Withercross
Entry number 7 in the RANDOM THOUGHTS SERIES finds the warrior and bard missing one another and doing a little soul searching as they spend time apart. Claire is effectively developing the relationship here very gradually, realistically contrasting the feelings of a young, inexperienced young woman with one who despite her greater experience is also quite new at dealing with matters of the heart. - 2 pgs., 5/8/00

BRAVE by Claire Withercross - [Alt]
This thoughtful entry in the RANDOM THOUGHTS SERIES revolves around a painful choice for Xena, and Gabrielle's struggle to understand that choice as they visit with an old friend of the warrior's who's made an unusual request. - 6 pgs., 7/23/00

BRIDGE by Claire Withercross
The first of a series chronicling Xena's thoughts from the point she decided to abandon her life as a warlord, this first entry has the warrior sensing the fear in a town she visits and then considering the turning point she's come to in her life as she sits on a bridge. This series is nicely written offering some very perceptive characterizations. [Part one in the RANDOM THOUGHTS SERIES] - 4 pgs., 5/8/00

HARD AS LOVE by Claire Withercross - [Alt]
Things get a tad more complicated in part 5 of the RANDOM THOUGHTS SERIES as Gabrielle becomes aware of her growing attraction for the beautiful Warrior Princess and Xena worries about the girl's ability to get past her defenses. Claire does a nice job here dealing with the new concerns in the relationship while keeping Xena and Gab very much in character. - 4 pgs., 5/8/00

HOLLOW by Claire Withercross - [Alt]
Bittersweet, this sixth entry in the RANDOM THOUGHTS SERIES marks a crossroads of sorts for the relationship as Xena and Gabrielle take their partnership to a new level but for the warrior an emptiness remains inside. This one is sweet and funny and sad all at once. - 3 pgs., 5/8/00

IN THE NAME OF LOVE by Claire Withercross - [Alt]
Set prior to the third season, this entertaining little story was Claire's first-ever foray into Xena fanfic. Feeling increasingly apprehensive while traveling with Gabrielle through a forest, the warrior is less than pleased when an old nemesis makes an appearance offering a truce and asking to travel with them. During the days that follow, Xena is plagued by troubling thoughts, including the fear that she may hurt the person she loves above all else. Something is not right and the warrior is certain whatever it is has to do with her former nemesis. The story touches upon many of the familiar themes from seasons 1-2 - Xena's guilt over her past, revenge, redemption and the power of love. Nicely written. - 19 pgs., 6/18/00

LIVING WITH THE BIG LIE by Claire Withercross
This second entry in the RANDOM THOUGHTS SERIES takes place shortly after Xena picks up a little blonde tag along and features a decidedly amusing description of the warrior's efforts to deal with a highly enthusiastic new partner who seems to be a magnet for trouble. VERY cute with some insightful thoughts by the warrior as well. DO NOT MISS! - 6 pgs., 5/8/00

MAD by Claire Withercross
Deceptively simple, this latest entry in Claire's RANDOM THOUGHTS SERIES is gonna catch you by surprise. It begins as a simple exchange with an amused warrior listening to some of her young companion's crazy ideas but ends with a poignant observation that is quite telling of the evolving relationship between these two. DO NOT MISS! - 3 pgs., 5/8/00

MADE AGAIN by Claire Withercross - [Alt]
The RANDOM THOUGHTS SERIES ends with a reaffirmation of the healing power of love and friendship as Gabrielle cares for an ill Xena and the warrior considers just what a balm her beloved soulmate has been to her mind, body and spirit. Well-written and poignant. - 3 pgs., 7/23/00

PAPER LIES by Claire Withercross - [Alt]
This eighth entry in Claire's RANDOM THOUGHTS SERIES is a charming little tale chronicling the warrior and bard's visit to a town in hope of replenishing their dwindling monetary reserves - only they end up dealing with some 24 distractions instead ;-) Very cute. - 6 pgs., 7/23/00

RANDOM THOUGHTS SERIES by Claire Withercross - read in the order listed below - [Alt and Gen]

  4. MAD
  5. HARD AS LOVE - [Alt]
  6. HOLLOW - [Alt]
  7. ALONE AGAIN - [Alt]
  8. PAPER LIES - [Alt]
  9. BRAVE - [Alt]
  11. MADE AGAIN - [Alt]

RUNAWAY by Claire Withercross
When Xena and Gabrielle meet a very angry little boy who doesn't seem to be able to get along with anyone it makes the warrior suddenly wonder what part of us is predetermined and what part is what the world makes of us. Thoughtful with some humorous moments. [Part three in the RANDOM THOUGHTS SERIES] - 7 pgs., 5/8/00

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