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This file features reviews of stories written by Cousin Liz. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

AND STILL SHE FOLLOWS by Cousin Liz -- [Alt]
A dark, intense story that has Xena dealing with battle lust, remembering what that feeling used to drive her to as a warlord and desperately trying to keep Gabrielle from knowing that side of her - only the bard has other ideas... This is a well-written, passionate look at the darker dynamics involved in the Xena/Gab relationship. Note: Make sure to read the warnings at the beginning of the story. - 19 pgs., 1/20/98

**ILLUMINATIONS OF THE SOUL by Cousin Liz -- [Alt]
With over a thousand XWP stories now available, it is difficult to write fiction that stands out from the rest. Every once in a while, though, a story comes along that captures the heart as few others have before. This is such a story folks. Marking the debut on the Web of this very talented new bard, ILLUMINATIONS OF THE SOUL is a first-time tale featuring WONDERFULLY tender moments between Xena and the bard, some hilarious misunderstandings and a romantic exploration which gives new meaning to the word passion! - DO NOT read at work in other words ;-) It begins with a dance lesson - a lesson that reveals more than warrior or bard had ever expected and which makes them for the first time look at possibilities that had always seemed too distant before. The journey they then embark on will not be an easy one as they find themselves having to fight prejudice, having to deal with family and ultimately, having to trust in each other and in the call of their hearts. This story is now SOLIDLY entrenched in my favorites list. It is a beautifully written, thoroughly satisfying read which receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! - 92 pgs., 9/28/97

**SPECIAL SAUCE by Cousin Liz - [Alt]
Saucy INDEED this old favorite of mine finally makes it to the web, shedding a WHOLE new light on Gabrielle's...culinary skills. Having been RUDELY interrupted from a very nice wake-up call earlier in the morning, Gabrielle cooks up a very special recipe for her warrior. Mischievous and definitely...original :-) DO NOT MISS! - 5 pgs., 3/11/01

SWEET ANTICIPATION by Cousin Liz - [Alt]
One of those good, old-fashion "plot-what-plot" offerings by one of our veteran talents. Gabrielle gets a little...hungry - while waiting for her warrior and decides to indulge her taste for berries, creams and...leather ;-) the Amazon Ice Company still around? I recommend a generous order to see you through this tasty fanfic morsel ;-) - 8 pgs., 3/11/01

**TAVERN (THE) by Cousin Liz - [Alt]
This new offering from the bard who brought us one of my favorite new stories this year, ILLUMINATIONS OF THE SOUL is a warlord/slave tale that firmly establishes Liz's fiction as among the most passionate in XWP alt. fiction today. The tale begins with Gabrielle secretly following Xena into a tavern where the young bard soon realizes why the warrior didn't want her to come along. Having uncovered the true nature of the establishment as a brothel staffed mostly with slaves, Xena is determined to put an end to the place only now the success of that plan doesn't just depend on her - but also on how well a certain bard can play the role of submissive slave. Liz's treatment of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship is a remarkably effective combination of love, tenderness and sizzling sensuality. This is one to be avoided at work and probably at most other public places too but a definite MUST READ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Note: The story contains rough language. - 8 pgs., 12/29/97

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