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Creme Brulee is cooking again with this DELIGHTFUL uber-Conqueror homage to the SLEEPING BEAUTY fairy tale. For those of you who are familiar with the Disney version - well...this is juuuuust a tad different ;-) Charged with the well-being of the as-yet unborn princess Aurora, her three fairy godmothers are horrified when a vision reveals to them who the princess' true love will eventually be - none other than their evil sister Maleficent - a dark sorceress ostracized from the kingdom and their family for her dealings in dark magic and her rebellious determination to live life on her own terms. Intent on protecting the princess, the three sisters cast a spell that should keep Aurora and the dark sorceress apart and one day join the princess's life to that of the neighboring prince. Two things they don't quite count on though - the strength of true love...or the staying power of true lust. Years later, at the princess' engagement party, Aurora catches her first glimpse of the dark, sexy, GORGEOUS sorceress everyone has been trying to keep her away from and suddenly those hormones kick in full force. For her part, Maleficent attends the festivities intent on wrecking havoc on the royal family, her own sisters and the kingdom but one look at the beautiful young princess starts wrecking a little havoc on the dark one's own composure. It's spells vs the magic of the heart as Maleficent goes head to head with her sisters for the right to choose her own destiny and have Aurora do the same. Clever, highly original and wonderfully entertaining, this is a fairy tale for the ADULT in us all ;-) Creme's writing is top notch, reflecting a quick wit and a very impressive mastery of the art of storytelling. Add this one to that MUST READ list folks - VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 22 pgs., 10/31/01

A look at the Fates - one Fate in particular - as you've never seen them before. Our story commences with the maiden, the mother and the crone all chained up with nowhere to go. Unfortunately, the maiden and crone can't stop complaining and it's really beginning to get on their sister's nerves. To her relief, one little bard comes to the rescue...only it isn't exactly the type of rescue our less-than-motherly Fate had been hoping for. A tour-de-force of irreverent writing. Very cute. - 2 pgs., 7/31/01

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