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BLOOD INNOCENCE by Danae -- [Alt]
Callisto is back in this beautifully written story told from the perspective of an innocent river nymph, who must watch helplessly as the insane goddess exacts a terrible vengeance on Xena and Gabrielle. Callisto's plan will leave the Warrior Princess a shell of her former self but the goddess is too blind with hatred to see what becomes very plain to the river nymph - that the love between warrior and bard is strong enough to transcend even the greatest of evils. Get the old heart ready for this one because it's gut-wrenching. - 11 pgs., 6/1/97

BUILDING A MYSTERY by Danae -- [Alt]
This story, as the title implies, is a tantalizing puzzle in which the parts are revealed slowly and then you still have to wait 'til the end to see how all those parts fit together. Danae tells the tale here of Xena's first true love - of the awakening within the warrior's heart of a new awareness, new passions. Beautifully written, this is a highly original, poignant, sensual piece. - 44 pgs., 10/27/97

**CRADLE OF DESTINY by Danae -- [Alt]
A VERY clever resolution to the chain of events set forth in the episode SACRIFICE II which links a seemingly inconsequential incident from Gabrielle's past with the destiny she would one day fulfill. It begins in the treasury of King Gregor's castle that moment we saw in the episode CRADLE OF HOPE when a very young Gabrielle accidentally bumps into Pandora's box sending it to the floor and breaking it open. To the warrior and bard the box appeared empty but unbeknownst to them the Hope of mankind was indeed inside. Once released it takes residence inside the bard whose gentle heart and optimism mark her as a kindred spirit. It is that hope within Gabrielle that will eventually draw the attention of an evil god plummeting the young bard and her partner into a nightmare seemingly without end...until Hope once again makes its presence known. Wonderfully written story with a fascinating plot and a very viable solution to the dilemma our two heroines found themselves in at the end of season three. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! -- 7 pgs., 8/31/98

EGG HUNT (THE) by Danae -- [Alt]
Mixing a little of the TV series with a little Holiday heresy, Danae brings us a tasty treat in this account of the first egg hunt which has a mischievous bard daring a very determined warrior to find some eggs she's hidden. Grin alert on this one. - 4 pgs., 4/6/99

In two years of reading Xena fanfic I have never come across something quite like this new tale but it should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with these two very talented, very creative, and very demented bards that a collaboration between them would lead to one of the most seriously outrageous story this fandom has ever seen. The inspiration for this little gem came in the form of an e-mail exchange we are made privy to in the prologue. In it a rather frustrated LN laments the rigidity of those new XWP action figures prompting Danae to start exploring what life must indeed be like for those action figures. Thus is born the tragic but hopeful tale of a little warrior doll who (literally) falls head over heels in love with a beautiful, posable blond bard doll. The little warrior must then struggle against her own rigidity and the many dangers in the life of an action figure as she tries to win the heart of her...oh-so-flexible love ;-) Cute beyond words, and even allegorical if you can stop grinning long enough to think about it on a more serious level, this is a "children's tale" in the grand tradition of LN's own BEDTIME FOR WARRIORS AND BARDS. Danae and LN use their very active imaginations along with a pair of really healthy libidos to bring us a tale guaranteed to delight even the most demanding of readers. All I want to know is when we should start an e-mail campaign encouraging Disney to turn this into the script for their next TOY STORY movie >:) Not a moments hesitation on this one folks - it gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! [See the sequel MORE INCREDIBLY TRUE ADVENTURES OF TWO DOLLS IN LOVE: THE CONTINUING STORY OF RIGID XENA AND POSABLE GABRIELLE] - 8 pgs., 8/11/98

At LONG last for all of you who've been waiting with bated breath (or breathing heavy as it were ;-) comes an interview with the reigning darling of the Xenaverse - yes folks - Lao Ma herself!! An exclusive from the queen of talk shows no less who most definitely "gets with the program!" Be warned that this is a SERIOUS threat to your funny bone concluding with a line certain to become a classic of XWP alt. fic. One of the best parodies I've ever read. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! :) - 4 pgs., 12/10/97

**LIVE TO TELL by Danae -- [Alt]
Danae is one of those bards who observes an economy of expression in her writing - never giving away more than she should and making every single sentence count. This story is simply put - going to blow you AWAY!!!!!!! It is essentially a short vignette - a conversation between Xena and Gabrielle sparked by a little revelation the bard never intended to make but which could potentially have incredible ramifications for her relationship with the warrior. INCREDIBLY original plot in a story I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! - 6 pgs., 7/13/97

Those two crazy dolls are at it again in this sequel to THE INCREDIBLY TRUE ADVENTURES OF TWO DOLLS IN LOVE which finds the boastful Warrior Princess certain that she can seduce any straight doll much faster than her slow sidekick can. Accepting the challenge, posable Gabrielle decides to teach the warrior a lesson. It's a situation that ends up giving the ex-warlord doll nightmares but does manage to help her get in touch with that oh-so-rigid inner self ;-) There are some lines in this story folks that MORE than make the reading worthwhile. An adorable new entry that should be attempted only with liquids well away from that keyboard. DO NOT MISS! [Note that story comes in two parts] - 5 pgs., 2/18/99

**ONE WILD AND CRAZY KIWI by Danae -- [Alt]
Lucy Lawless on Saturday Night Live! It will be interesting to compare Danae's version of things to what actually happens when the Lawless one invades SNL on 10/17. For my money the SNL writers should just take a week off and buy Danae's skits :) She has all the great ones here - Church Lady, Wayne and Garth a priceless appearance by "Oh Noooo" Mr. Bill and Rigid Xena and Poseable Gabrielle from THE INCREDIBLY TRUE ADVENTURES OF TWO DOLLS IN LOVE. Parodies by this gifted bard might just exercise that funny bone to exhaustion. A MUST READ! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 9 pgs.,10/4/98

PRICELESS by Danae -- [Alt]
Set immediately after the events in the episode DESTINY, this story rates a definite kleenex alert as it follows the emotional struggle of a broken-hearted bard trying to come to terms with the death of her warrior princess. The plot structure used is in this story is unconventional but works perfectly in bringing across a sense of loss and ultimately in reaffirming the power of love. There are no explicit scenes in this story. - 34 pgs., 4/17/97

**PUZZLE PIECES by Danae -- [Alt]
Nicely written story set between the episodes THE QUEST and A NECESSARY EVIL, that has Xena and Gabrielle dealing with the emotional aftermath of Xena's return from the dead and dealing also with the awakening of other feelings between them. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! This story is NOT graphic. - 29 pgs., 3/97
FANFIC ART: Ciegra Story Cover - Not currently available on the Web

SADDLEBAG by Danae -- [Alt]
A diverse collection of jokes, tales, lists, skits and just about everything else under the sun, this is a highly entertaining read that will have you laughing often and amazed at the prolific creativity that abounds in the Xenaverse. Must reads in the collection include XENA'S AND GAB'S MUSIC PREFERENCE, a very telling list of our girl's favorite songs; TOP OR BOTTOM, a deeply touching, beautifully romantic soliloquy on love; and ENTREES AT THREADGUILL'S, featuring delightfully clever descriptions of the menu offering's at the Texas restaurant owned by Renee's family. SADDLEBAG also reveals for the first time Xena's rather appropriate social security number ;-) A marvelous tribute to the cleverness of this accomplished bard and the charming zaniness of the Xenaverse, this collection is a keeper folks. DO NOT MISS! - 28 pgs., 7/23/98

THAT DAMNED KISS by Danae -- [Alt]
Clean the floor before reading this because you're going to end up ROTFLOL! - Ok, ok newbies - that's short for "rolling on the floor, laughing out loud" - there are other varieties of that too but it usually involves the rolling on the floor part. Now, where was I - uh, YES - this great new parody - NOT to be missed! While waiting for their appointment with a psychologist, a very confused and somewhat frustrated Xena and Gabby try to figure out exactly WHAT type of relationship they are supposed to be having. Wonderful cast of characters in this. - 7 pgs., 5/15/97

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