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This file features reviews of Star Trek Voyager fanfic stories written by DiNovia.

**ARTE/SCIENZA by DiNovia  Save Alert
VOYAGER alt. fanfic gets a talented new bard with the publication of DiNovia's first Janeway/Seven story - a beautifully crafted, sensual tale which looks at art as the window to the soul. The story begins with a surprised Janeway learning that Voyager's resident Borg has taken up the art of painting and is using the Captain's DaVinci hologram program to learn how. The Maestro himself is more than delighted at the prospect of having the two as students - sensing despite his holographic origins that in teaching the Captain and the Borg about art he might just be able to teach them also about what's in their hearts. DiNovia does an outstanding job here with the characterizations - depicting a Seven of Nine that is curious and scared, poignantly innocent despite a vast intelligence and achingly lonely in a world she does not understand. Her Janeway is a woman who's embraced a similar loneliness by choice if not by circumstance, torn suddenly between the comfortable safety of a loveless life and the risk of sharing herself once again. A fascinating character study of these two heroines, ARTE/SCIENSA is the first entry in a promising new series. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 47 pgs., 4/25/99

Those of you who enjoyed Lisa Countryman's wonderful B'Elanna/Seven pairing in SHE WHO HESITATES, should love this contribution from DiNovia which again explores the feisty relationship between Klingon and Borg. Poignant in parts, the tale jumps right into one highly emotional situation as the two frequent adversaries find themselves trapped in a cave-in. To make matters worse, just before the disaster the Borg jumped over B'Elanna and is now the only thing between the physically more fragile Klingon and tons of rock. Confused as to why the Borg would risk her own life to try to save hers, B'Elanna can only look on helplessly as the woman she's so often thought of as cold, impertinent and standoffish, struggles against agonizing injuries to try to keep those rocks from crushing her. Suddenly she finds herself gaining a whole new perspective on Seven of Nine and wanting desperately for the Borg to survive - but those injuries are severe and the Voyager crew working to free them seem so far away... A wonderful hurt/comfort story that pushes all those angst buttons, the plot here makes excellent use also of the inherent differences between these two women and their cultures creating challenges for them only a very raw honesty stands any chance of overcoming. Very nice. DO NOT MISS! - 10 pgs., 6/18/00

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