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**BEGINNINGS by Dr. Bob -- [Alt]
This story is the first publicly released by one of my favorite XWP bards. In his writing, Dr. Bob follows the development of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship as it deepens over time. In this, his first story, Xena and Gabby help Wylan, an old friend of the Warrior Princess, battle bandits who've been raiding the town he and his children have made their home. Wylan, meanwhile, quickly becomes aware of the very strong feelings between his friend and the bard and makes it his business to try to get Xena to confront these. Dr. Bob's writing is excellent and his stories only get better. Hopefully we'll see more of his fiction publicly available soon. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! [The story is continued in THE SPRING FESTIVAL]. - 72 pgs., 4/97

**SILENT CITY (THE) by Dr. Bob -- [Alt]
This is a continuation of Dr. Bob's previous stories, BEGINNINGS, THE SPRING FESTIVAL and A SOUL REUNITED. Together now, Xena and the bard are enjoying their new-found closeness when they happen across the ruins of a mysterious city - abandoned...or so it seems. With more to loose now than ever, the two set out to unravel the secret of the silent city unaware of the true horror hiding within the ruins. This story expands on the love and romance warrior and bard discovered in A SOUL REUNITED - delivering another deeply passionate tale. The mystery of the silent city is unraveled slowly, at times with gruesome precision. The overall result is another first-class read from one of our most talented bards. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! [See also Dr. Bob's fifth story, WHAT PRICE REDEMPTION - 27 pgs., 9/22/97

**SOUL REUNITED (A) by Dr. Bob -- [Alt]
This is the third story in a *WONDERFUL* series which started with BEGINNINGS and then continued with THE SPRING FESTIVAL. Dr. Bob has been developing the romantic aspects of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship slowly over the course of the series. With this third entry things FINALLY come to a head as the two friends are forced by bad weather to seek the shelter of a secluded cave where they will have to deal with the feelings they've been struggling with for months. Dr. Bob's approach is delightfully funny, beautifully romantic and so passionate I MUST (from personal experience ;-) caution everyone against reading this at work. A tour-de-force folks! The series and this story in particularly carry my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! [See the fourth installment in the series, THE SILENT CITY] - 108 pgs., 9/7/97

**SPRING FESTIVAL (THE) by Dr. Bob -- [Alt]
Dr. Bob is writing a series of XWP alt. stories that are simply FANTASTIC! The stories follow the development of the Xena/Gabby relationship as our two heroines go from one adventure to another. The writing here is top notch. Dr. Bob depicts a relationship between warrior and bard that is tender and slowly growing in intensity. His first story in the series was BEGINNINGS. Now, in this sequel, Xena takes Gabby to the colorful Spring Festival at Solanica where the Warrior Princess, and Gabrielle in particular, continue struggling with an attraction neither can ignore now but both still are to afraid to confront. [See also the third installment in the series, A SOUL REUNITED ] 28 pgs., - 5/22/97

Dr. Bob is at it AGAIN with this, his fourth novel which continues the story told in BEGINNINGS, THE SPRING FESTIVAL, A SOUL REUNITED and THE SILENT CITY. Xena and the bard accept a job helping to protect a caravan carrying an important antidote to a town where the water supply was poisoned. On this journey they will continue exploring their relationship body and soul, even as they form new friendships with those traveling on the caravan and work to decipher the mystery of the caravan leader - an accomplished warrior named Ian with a young traveling companion of his own and a haunted past. Very well-written this story like Dr. Bob's previous works stands out for the strong characterizations and the HIGHLY passionate treatment given to the Xena/Gab relationship. A wonderfully entertaining read that is VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 321 pgs., 9/24/97

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