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BLOOD TIES by Ella Quince -- [Alt]
Ella's first contribution to the BLOOD AND ROSES SERIES is a poignant look at the reality of immortality as Gabrielle finds herself severing the last surviving connections to the family she was born into. Emotional, thought-provoking and as usual with this gifted bard - very nicely written. DO NOT MISS! - 3 pgs., 4/9/99

**BROKEN THREAD (THE) by Ella Quince -- [Alt]
Beautifully poignant tale set on the eve of a bloody battle that has Xena preparing herself for the encounter when a mysterious stranger walks into camp - a stranger that looks like an older version of Gabrielle. To Xena's amazement, the stranger proceeds to tell her an unbelievable story about a warrior who left her love behind to go die in battle and the bard who then became a warrior herself in a desperate quest to alter the timeline. The stranger is certain that if that bard can stand beside her lover during the battle - two lives will be forever changed and two souls reunited. FANTASTIC tale sure to pull the old heartstrings! DO NOT MISS! - 7 pgs., 6/97
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**CHILDISH GAMES by Ella Quince -- [Alt]
This is a long-time favorite of mine which with its release now on the Web will likely become a favorite of many other readers as well. It is a beautiful, POIGNANT story that in revealing a part of Gabrielle's past Xena had previously not known about, opens up a whole new future for them. It begins at an inn where the warrior and bard come upon an old acquaintance of Gabrielle's - a childhood friend from Poteidaia whose presence unnerves the bard and has Xena wondering why? Wonderful writing, a solid presentation and original, well-defined characterizations combined to make this an exemplary read. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 8 pgs., 11/17/97

**CREATIVE LICENSE by Ella Quince -- [Alt]
Reality meets Xena: Warrior Princess in what has to be one of the most charming stories I've yet to read in fanfic. Ella once again stays true to her reputation for skillful, original writing, delivering a very different type of warlord story which has the warlord Xena at last meeting the pesky bard that has been making her life just a tad more difficult as of late with her "slight" embellishments of Xena's life. As it turns out - Xena isn't quite the feared figure from Gabrielle's darker stories nor the heroic one from her more recent ones. Neither is Gabrielle the mirror image of the bard from her own tales. Far from perfect, these two women are nevertheless drawn to one another in a sweet recognition of simple attributes and noble hearts. A celebration of humanity in its many shapes and forms, this delightful addition to Xena fanfic comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the sequel REALITY CHECK] - 6 pgs., 5/13/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN by Ella Quince -- [Alt]
A delightful new story based on the premise of the episode BEEN THERE, DONE THAT which has Xena once again trapped in a never-ending day with only one possible way of breaking the time loop - she has to help the bard find...her true love. Terrific grin potential in this ;-) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 8 pgs., 1/20/98

**FORFEIT (THE) by Ella Quince
Thought-provoking new offering which finds Xena thinking about the child she and her partner have just saved - a child hated and feared simply because of its appearance. It is an experience which makes the warrior remember her own persecution of another infant in the not so distant past - a choice she suddenly finds herself with the power to change. This is a good exploration of one of the defining moments in the rift, featuring a characterization of Xena that is sympathetic without denying what the TV series has given us. DO NOT MISS! - 3 pgs., 10/13/98

IN THE DARK by Ella Quince -- [Alt]
Naughty little tale which has our girls showing concern for each others'"health" while trapped in a cave... ;-) - 2 pgs., 6/97

Ella's newest is a thought-provoking product of the third season which has the warrior and bard airing out some lingering doubts and concerns between them. This one packs an emotional wallop. - 3 pgs., 9/26/98

NO PLACE FOR FEAR by Ella Quince -- [Alt]
VERY passionate tale set right after the events in the episode IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE which has a frustrated Gabrielle desperate to resume her normal relationship with Xena and the Warrior Princess treating her like fragile glass. Nicely written and very emotional. - 2 pgs., 1/97

OLD PROMISE (AN) by Ella Quince
A VERY dark piece which seems very much in keeping with some of the characterizations and themes we've been seeing in the third season. The tale has an injured Xena regaining consciousness only to discover a reality she's not certain she wants to face. Intense, emotional and thought-provoking, this tale is a MUST READ. DO NOT MISS! - 6 pgs., 3/8/98

**REALITY CHECK by Ella Quince - [Alt]
In this sequel to her ground breaking story CREATIVE LICENSE, Ella continues the delightful story of one less than perfect warlord and one very imaginative bard as Xena finds herself without an army, discovering all of a sudden that there are definite advantages to that bigger-than-life reputation Gabrielle's stories have given her. Charmingly real, this Xena and Gabrielle live in a world where perfection is more fiction than anything else but soulmates can still find one another, can still love and laugh and make it easier for one another to deal with the craziness of the human condition. A welcomed break from the fantasy world of fiction, this is indeed a nice reality check, reminding us all that imperfection can have its charms too. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 9 pgs., 12/20/99

RETURN FROM POTEIDAIA by Ella Quince -- [Alt]
Well-written story set just after the episode THE PRODIGAL which has a confused Gabrielle, now reunited with Xena, trying to deal with feelings she doesn't quite understand and sensing that her trip home may have changed things forever between her and the Warrior Princess. 4 pgs., - 5/29/97

RUMORS OF LOVE by Ella Quince -- [Alt]
A very different type of alt. story from a bard already well- known for her originality. Set in Amazonia, the story has Ephiny trying to help Xena and Gabrielle come to terms with the realities of their relationship as the Warrior Princess reveals a surprising fear and the bard can't bring herself to let go. Ella brings a sophisticated treatment to the Xena/Gab relationship - stripping it of the ideal and immersing it in a reality that adds a very definite emotional impact. A thought-provoking piece for your MUST READ list. DO NOT MISS! - 9 pgs., 10/31/98

**SILENT NIGHT by Ella Quince -- [Alt]
An inn...a shy bard...a warrior willing and able to help her get over her shyness >:) Reading like those much-loved classic alt. romps from the early beginnings of XWP fanfic, Ella's new contribution can only be described as WICKEDLY delightful :) A MUST READ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 3 pgs., 12/30/98

**TAVERNKEEPER'S SISTER (THE) by Ella Quince -- [Alt]
With WELL OF SIGHS and THE BROKEN THREAD among her other works, Ella Quince has proven she has an exceptional talent for writing deeply passionate tales with a mysterious, almost surreal quality to them. This new story reflects her style beautifully as it draws the reader into the mind of a young barmaid intrigued by a dark warrior - an enigma with icy-blue eyes who appears one day at her brother's tavern and whose presence then begins to haunt the girl's dreams and all her waking moments. Beautifully written tale about love lost and love rediscovered. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 35 pgs., 8/7/97
[Spanish version: LA HERMANA DEL TAVERNERO at]
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**VISITING HOURS by Ella Quince -- [Alt]
A delightfully wicked, funny little tale that has the Warrior Princess chained up, awaiting her execution in prison when a certain bard makes an appearance during visiting hours - determined to offer This is a treat that will leave a grin plastered on your face for hours afterwards. A fine addition to the already outstanding body of work produced by this gifted bard. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 4 pgs., 9/23/97
[Spanish version: HORAS DE VISITA at]

**WELL OF SIGHS by Ella Quince -- [Alt]
This story is absolutely FANTASTIC!! One of the best alt. tales I've read to date. Exceedingly well-written with a very well-crafted plot and a structure incorporating contrasting view-points that really adds to the narrative. The story has Xena and Gabrielle finding an abandoned well just as the bard is trying to remember an old tale about the Well of Sighs. Recalling a crucial part of that story she calls out a desperate warning but it is to late as she sees the warrior's lips already wet from the water just taken. A moment later Gabrielle finds herself alone not with her best friend of two years but with a very dangerous warlord - the Warrior Princess reborn who cannot remember her, cannot remember the good she's done, and wants only to rebuild her lost army. Determined to somehow retrieve Xena's memory, the bard steadfastly remains with the warlord, ignoring the abuse, ignoring the cruelty that is Xena fully immersed in darkness but one thing Gabrielle cannot ignore - the calling in her heart to what this new, sensual warrior offers. It is a vulnerability the Warrior Princess knows she can exploit - a truth which will make the bard waver in her quest to return things to what they were, wondering if she could ever once again bury the feelings awakened in her heart. An exceptional piece of storytelling, this gets my HIGHEST RECOMMEDATION! - 30 pgs., 7/4/97
AWARDS: "Getting Serious" Swollen Bud Award (June 15, 2000)

Barron Story Cover
"Prelude to Ella Quince's Story 'Well of Sighs' - Panel 1" by Jeri Peterson
"Prelude to Ella Quince's Story 'Well of Sighs' - Panel 2" by Jeri Peterson
"Prelude to Ella Quince's Story 'Well of Sighs' - Panel 3" by Jeri Peterson
[Spanish version: EL POZO DE LOS SUSPIROS at xena/encarna4.htm]
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

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