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**CHANGE OF HEART by FlyBigD - [Alt]
NOT a fan of the post-FINS genre, based as it is on what has to be one of the most disappointing, poorly-written, illogical, depressing series enders in the history of TV, I have to say that FlyBigD inspired a temporary "change of heart" in me with this CHARMING story I simply could not put down. Set three months after the Nippon debacle, the tale finds Gabrielle wandering around with her ghostly partner who has gotten a bit frustrated at the day to day reality of not being able to touch anything except the bard. It's a frustration that becomes even more disconcerting whenever Gabrielle seems in imminent danger which is precisely what the Warrior Princess senses during their visit to a bazaar one day. A confident warrior in her own right now, the bard deals with the danger but something else continues to stalk our heroic twosome - a cloaked figure which the two soon realize has one thing in common with the warrior. Dead for over a thousand years, the stranger, named Omrond, eventually reveals herself as a ghost doomed to walk the earth far from the forest village she once called home but desperate to make retributions for the wrongs she feels she brought upon her people so long ago. To this purpose, she enlists the aid of Xena and Gabrielle - needing their help to try to return a mystical sword to her people. It's a quest that will offer warrior and bard the opportunity to go on one last adventure together as true partners when Omrond reveals that she can help Xena exist for brief moments as a solid being. In exchange, the troubled forest dweller will find her spirits lifted by the easy banter between the two companions and her soul warmed by the magnitude of a love unlike anything she's witnessed before. In a journey that will take them from one of the most dangerous cities on the Barbary Coast, across the sea to northern lands - these three will forge a strong friendship as warrior and bard help to make the impossible happen and an ancient soul finds redemption in the most precious gift of all. With a lot of light-hearted moments and humorous teasing, this is a fun story but it's one that goes beyond that exploring the emotional struggles of these characters. FlyBigD does an outstanding job with the depictions of Xena and Gab touching on their strengths, their vulnerabilities, their compassion, and most of all their love of life and one another. Omrond is similarly well-developed joining the rather exclusive club of original characters in fanfic the reader truly comes to care about. The plot is beautifully designed to incorporate a sense of adventure and mystery while never loosing track of the human emotions and relationships that are at the heart of the story. VERY effectively transitioning our grrls away from the nightmare the TV series left them in, this fine post-FINS contribution comes with my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 64 pgs.. 10/13/01

HOT BATH AND A BED by FlyBigD - [Alt]
FlyBigD continues to concentrate on the Xena/Gab relationship in this sequel to A NEW DAY which finds the warrior and bard stopping at a town for some much-needed rest and relaxation. With the newfound openness between them the two enjoy a gentle flirting but there's nervousness there still coupled with an anxiety on Xena's part about what her intimate relationships have been like in the past and what life with her will ultimately bring Gabrielle. This is a nicely written, sweet, passionate story featuring an unusual frankness between the leads. DO NOT MISS! - 28 pgs., 5/2/00

NEW DAY (A) by FlyBigD - [Alt]
Set immediately after the events in the episode ONE AGAINST AN ARMY, this is a tale about new beginnings as Xena and Gabrielle spend time physically healing and exploring the emotions the recent turmoil in their lives have at last brought to the surface. The story concentrates exclusively on the relationship and offers a compelling look at a friendship in transition. A nice read with some moving moments. [See the sequel HOT BATH AND A BED] - 19 pgs., 3/19/00

In an ADORABLE sequel to WHAT MOM DOESN’T KNOW, WON’T KILL HER the Warrior Princess turns the table on her mischievous partner during a visit to the bard's hometown. As a panicky Gabrielle watches in amazement, the feared ex-warlord starts to use all her charms to win over her partner's family but one particular challenge may be too much even for Xena...the obstinacy of the man from whom the bard's own stubborn streak originates. This is a enchanting, fun story with the wickedly flirtatious and passionately loving treatment of the Xena/Gab relationship that has been a favorite with readers for years. A terrific addition to FlyBigD's growing fanfic contributions. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 24 pgs., 4/26/00

WICKED little story set in Amphipolis where Gabrielle, frustrated by a couple of weeks of being "good" for the sake of Xena's mom, has decided to try to entice her warrior into being "bad" again >:) It's a monumental battle of wills - and libidos - as one very sultry little bard takes full advantage of her power over the Warrior Princess while Xena agonizes - torn between possibly giving her mom a heart attack - or having one of her own ;-) This delightful visit with our favorite twosome will have you grinning from start to finish. Well-written with touching moments amidst the humor, it is a MUST READ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the sequel WHAT DAD DOESN'T KNOW, WON'T KILL GET HIM KILLED] - 14 pgs., 3/28/00

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