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    Star Trek Voyager Fanfic by G.L. Dartt   

**ENEMY MINE by G.L. Dartt -- [Alt]
In this unusual first-time story, Xena returns to the village she left Gabrielle in to go on a mission only to find the bard gone and the townspeople reluctant to tell her what happened. Desperate, she initiates an interrogation which comes to an abrupt end soon after when a VERY unlikely ally makes an appearance. G.L.'s characterizations are outstanding as is her depiction of the Xena/Gab relationship. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! [Do not miss the sequel ENEMY OURS] - 83 pgs., 7/17/97

**ENEMY OURS by G.L. Dartt -- [Alt]
This is a VERY worthy sequel to G.L.'s *excellent* ENEMY MINE which once again reunites Xena and Gabrielle with their worst enemy, Callisto, still immortal and still in the role Artemis forced her to accept - as the bard's protector. This time the blonde warlord returns with news of another threat to her charge - a deadly danger which could destroy both Gabrielle and all the young Amazon queen holds dear unless it can be stopped in time. As the unlikely trio begin their quest, a surprised Xena and Gabrielle soon realize that the woman now traveling with them is not the bloodthirsty killer they've known before. A child has touched the ice-cold heart of the blonde immortal, opening that heart to possibilities even Callisto would never have suspected. Very well-written and quite original, this story has it ALL - great action, suspense, TERRIFIC characterizations of all the main players, some interesting surprises, a magnificently passionate, sweetly romantic depiction of the Xena/Gab relationship and AMAZONS! Most XWP fan fiction tends to either concentrate on Xena and Gabrielle OR Callisto. This story offers a rare treatment in which all three are equally well-portrayed and well-integrated into the plot offering a tale which should delight Xenites and Callisto fans alike. This story shot with a bullet right into my favorites list! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 41 pgs., 8/19/97


In this sixth entry in G.L.'s MILLENNIUM SERIES, the Millennium crew reevaluate aspects of their lives and jobs as they face challenges both emotional and work-related. Janeway and Seven try to deal with the Captain's over protectiveness of the young Borg while Dr. Pulaski finds herself in the role of advisor on more than just the medical arena and the younger crew members come into conflict as some achieve success and others have to learn to deal with failure. Meanwhile, they must all put aside their personal issues when an away mission turns into a mysterious puzzle of staggering proportions. G.L. continues to do a nice job establishing the newer characters in the series while throwing new challenges at the veterans to keep us entertained. - 44 pgs., 1/15/02

**CAUSE AND EFFECT by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
In a sequel of sorts to FEAR AND HOPE, Janeway, Harry and Tom are aboard the Delta Flyer on their way back to Voyager from an away mission when they encounter a mysterious turbulence. With no damages and only a slight disorientation, the three go on their way docking with Voyager shortly afterwards. Anxious to become reacquainted with the beautiful Borg who has shared her life for the past eight months, Janeway wastes no time in finding the young woman and doing just that only to realize later that the Seven of Nine she's just ravished is not quite the same partner she left behind some days before. Meanwhile, in another reality, a very happy Seven of Nine greets her beloved Janeway with a passionate kiss only to discover a stranger standing there who looks like her partner and sounds like her but has apparently forgotten the love they've shared. Poignant and funny all at once, this latest challenge for the Voyager crew offers a glimpse at those paths not taken and for one captain and one Borg opens a world of possibilities as well. Another terrific effort from one of the top talents in fanfic today. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 41 pgs., 2/18/99

In G.L.'s latest addition to the MILLENNIUM SERIES Janeway and her crew face a difficult dilemma when an old enemy returns to threaten millions and the only way to save them is to imperil a certain ex-borg very close to the captain's heart. It's a mission that will have unexpected repercussions for Janeway and Seven, reopening old wounds and introducing a new complication into their lives. As usual, G.L. does a solid job of depicting the Janeway/Seven relationship - contrasting the personal aspects of their partnership with their professional duties. The story throws in an interesting twist that should keep us coming back for that next installment in this fine series. DO NOT MISS! - 37 pgs., 4/19/02

**DELICATE DIPLOMACY by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
The Voyager crew encounter one of their biggest challenges in this third installment in the MILLENNIUM SERIES when they agree to what at first seems a rather routine diplomatic mission - arbitrating the trading negotiations between two different species. Anxious to trade but mysteriously offended by the neighboring Iboneb, the Okunda people ask Janeway to carry out the negotiations on their behalf. Willing to help and assuming the problem is probably some minor cultural difference, the captain agrees only to discover too late that the ensuing negotiations will be the most difficult she's ever been involved in - impacting on her at a very personal level and testing her relationship with her spouse in ways it's never been tested before. Amusing in parts but quite thought-provoking in others, this latest offering from G.L. is true to the tradition of Star Trek in how it uses an alien encounter to make us think about our society and human nature itself. The Janeway/Seven relationship is nicely center-staged while the supporting cast, particularly the new Voyager members, are developed further. A solid read, this one comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 44 pgs.,

DEFINING DUTY by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
The fourth entry in the MILLENNIUM SERIES finds Janeway and her crew implementing duty changes and trying to get past personnel and personal issues as Ro and B'Elanna agree to try to work with their half-Cardassian first officer, Commander Zar deals with his growing obsession with the impossible, Paris and his fighters learn an important lesson and Janeway comes to a new understanding of herself and her partner. This addition to the series establishes further the new dynamics at play between these characters and helps to setup some of the coming storylines. Another well-written entry. - 44 pgs., 8/1/01

**DIFFICULT DECISIONS by G. L. Dartt - [Alt]
The MILLENNIUM SERIES continues with a harrowing emotional challenge for Janeway as she finds herself having to make a choice between sacrificing a few or risking her whole crew. In the process, she comes to a realization about herself that enlightens her mind but horrifies her heart, revealing a truth already well-known by the young Borg that loves her beyond reasoning. G.L. tackles some difficult issues in this latest chapter of the Voyager saga - taking the Janeway/Seven relationship to a new level of understanding and setting the stage for even more difficult decisions to come. Another well-conceived addition to a terrific series. DO NOT MISS! - 38 pgs., 2/15/02

**FEAR AND HOPE by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
G.L. takes a break from her JUST BETWEEN SERIES to write a delightfully entertaining first time story set just after the episode HOPE AND FEAR (review and synopsis of the episode by a Trekkie named Jim Wright available at deltablues/hopeandfear.html) which finds the captain of Voyager offering to assist Seven in her efforts to understand humanity, and getting MUCH more than she bargained for when the young Borg loses her heart for the first time to...some member of the crew ;-) G.L.'s uncanny ability to capture the characterizations we see in the TV series, seamlessly integrating them into somewhat different situations is once again evident in this story which gives us a very vulnerable portrayal of Seven of Nine in a story with just the right mixture of drama, humor and passion. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - 25 pgs., 11/28/98


**JUST BETWEEN SERIES by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
Read in the order listed below. This series gets my collective HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

Barron Story Cover
"Captain's Quarters" by G.L. Dartt

  1. **JUST BETWEEN US by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    A delightfully charming, romantic, and poignant first-time story that has Captain Janeway struggling with feelings for Seven of Nine and finally giving in to these only to embark on an emotional journey with the young Borg many times more challenging than anything she's ever experienced before. Painfully inexperienced not only in matters of intimacy but in human relationships and Starfleet protocol as well, Seven struggles to please as she opens a vulnerable heart to the Captain - never suspecting how fear and uncertainty can some- times make humans deny what their souls crave the most. Gina's characterizations in this story are beyond OUTSTANDING. If you watch the TV series these characters will be immediately recognizable, and if you don't they'll just as easily be immediately endearing. Janeway is a Starfleet Captain in every sense of the word - committed to her ship and her crew - a no-nonsense professional whose austere demeanor hides a passionate woman tired of being alone. Seven is a young woman caught between two worlds - no longer Borg and yet not fully human either - with a brilliant mind still very much ruled by Borg logic and practicality - but a human heart very much in need of love and acceptance. The supporting cast are just as masterfully depicted, easily recalling the TV personalities and fitting wonderfully into the plot Gina creates. There are moments in this story that will have you crying from laughing so much, and then there are moments that will just have you crying <:) A truly fantastic read that will stir all those emotions and should thoroughly hook you on this engaging new subtext couple. The story receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 6/18/98

  2. **JUST BETWEEN THEM by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    In this sequel to JUST BETWEEN US, Janeway and Seven continue exploring their relationship as the Captain becomes aware of just how difficult loving a member of her crew can be and Seven starts to experience some of the other emotions that sometimes come with a relationship. Meanwhile, Voyager encounters a friendly alien ship with a very self-assured commander who immediately takes a special interest in the beautiful Borg among the humans. Gina once again combines humor, drama, romance and raw passion into a winning formula that will immediately make this story a favorite. Her characterizations are once again solid - very much true to the TV characters. Impressive as well is her ability to capture the futuristic elements of the world of Star Trek. As Janeway and Seven are falling more in love with each other, you'll be falling in love with them and with this new fan fiction. I'm hooked! :) This gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! - 6/18/98

  3. **JUST BETWEEN YOU AND ME by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    An OUTSTANDING sequel to G.L.'s previous two Janeway/Seven stories JUST BETWEEN US and JUST BETWEEN THEM which leaves NO DOUBT that this talented writer and this new type of alternative fan fiction are just getting better and BETTER! :) This third installment in the series finds Janeway and her half-Borg partner experiencing some problems in the relationship as the Captain continues to put her personal life second to her job and Seven resorts to some Klingon measures to show her dissatisfaction ;-) Before the two can try to resolve the problem fate cruelly intercedes leaving a devastated Janeway trying to survive without the young woman who's so thoroughly captured her heart and Seven achingly lonely amidst a multitude of strangers, finding solace in an unexpected link to the Starfleet Captain forever in her thoughts now. I continue to be amazed at the skill with which Gina depicts the world of STAR TREK VOYAGER and the characters. From the principals to the supporting players - they are all done with incredible depth and sensitivity. It is fascinating to see Gina exploring the relationships among all these players, developing these, interpreting them in new ways while still staying true to the TV series. She is making the Janeway/Seven pairing one of the most romantic, tender and passionate in fanfic while surrounding them with a number of eclectic friends and would-be counselors that add a terrific sense of family to the stories :) With a fascinating premise, a number of popular guest stars, some of the FINEST, most clever humor I've read in a long time and a romance that will take your breath away this is another MUST READ in VOYAGER alt. fanfic. It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! [See the sequel JUST BETWEEN FRIENDS] - 6/25/98

  4. **JUST BETWEEN FRIENDS by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    G.L. does it again with the latest installment in her outstanding
    JUST BETWEEN SERIES. Set after the events in JUST BETWEEN YOU AND ME, the story has Janeway and Seven facing a new crisis when the former Borg's implants begin to fail and she has to undergo a life-saving operation. Determined to improve the odds of that operation as much as possible, Janeway approves the doctor's request that they create a new assistant for him, never suspecting the repercussions her decision will have. G.L. once again does an exemplary job of capturing the many different personalities that make up the Voyager crew. Her depiction of the Janeway/Seven relationship is an endearing mixture of love and playfulness, passion and innocence while the growing friendship between Seven and B'Elanna will have you in stitches and Janeway ruing the day those two became friends. G.L. uses a technique in her storytelling that is very reminiscent of the TV series itself, including subplots within the major story that are just as intriguing and thought-provoking. Like the rest of the JUST BETWEEN series, this is a fantastically entertaining read you will not be able to put down once you start reading. It receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! - 8/2/98

  5. **JUST BETWEEN ENEMIES by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    Perhaps the most delightful entry to date in G.L.'s *outstanding* JUST BETWEEN SERIES, this story marvelously combines drama with humor, suspense and some downright wickedness! It begins with the Voyager crew helping an alien race to save their planet, after which the very grateful aliens insist on hosting a celebration for their benefactors. It will be a challenging experience for all concerned as Seven finds herself dealing with human insecurities, B'Elanna and Tom have to fight the urge to kill one another, and Janeway has to balance diplomatic responsibilities with the need to keep her crew in one piece all the while thinking of a certain ex-Borg and the many twists and turns their relationship is taking. Lighter than the previous entries in the JUST BETWEEN series, this story does a beautiful job of developing both the characterizations and the various relationships. In particular, Gina solidly establishes the friendship between Seven and B'Elanna as one of the key sources of humor in this series, while continuing to add tremendous emotional depth to the romance between the Borg and her captain. Lots of great laughs in this one - and lots of wonderful, tender moments too. To top it off Gina even includes a guest appearance by a legendary celebrity from Earth that will leave you all with HUGE grins :) A fine addition to one of the best fanfic series on the Net - this gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! -- 56 pgs., 8/26/98

    Coming on the heels of the much lighter JUST BETWEEN ENEMIES, this latest entry in G.L.'s exceptional JUST BETWEEN SERIES is an emotional rollercoaster that cruelly strips Janeway and Seven of the comfort they've found in one another - pitting them in a life or death struggle against an old enemy...and one other. Gina continues to deliver in this series beautifully constructed, ingenious storylines with a depiction of the Janeway/Seven relationship that just captures the heart. This tale is a particularly emotional one. DO NOT MISS! It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! -- 60 pgs., 9/11/98

  7. **JUST BETWEEN REALITIES by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    The best series in VOYAGER fanfic continues with G.L.'s seventh JUST BETWEEN SERIES tale. Set a month after the events in JUST BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE, this newest entry has Seven and her captain recuperating from their recent ordeal with the Borg collective when a sudden energy burst from an anomaly in space plunges the two into an alternate universe - a mirror world where Voyager returned to Earth years before - Janeway's life went in a very different direction and decades before a child named Annika Hansen was never assimilated by the borg - remaining fully human. G.L.'s interpretation of these STAR TREK characters makes her fiction a delight to read. She captures the essence of those characters - their relationships, their mannerisms, their way of thinking so remarkably well that you can visualize these stories as easily as if you were watching one of the TV episodes. JUST BETWEEN REALITIES is particularly poignant in that it brings Janeway and Seven face to face with what their lives could have been like if circumstances had been different - helping them both to come to terms with their pasts and preparing them for a little...addition to the family >:) Guaranteed to entertain, this one gets the lunatic's HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 57 pgs., 10/1/98

  8. **JUST BETWEEN STARS by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    G.L.'s exceptional JUST BETWEEN SERIES continues with the sequel to JUST BETWEEN REALITIES. As the story begins, the crew of Voyager are getting ready to test a new propulsion technology they hope will get them back home much sooner than expected. When Janeway decides to pilot the first modified shuttle, a very determined Borg insists on going along. It's a mission that will last longer than either had anticipated and turn into something much different than what they had planned. This installment in the series offers a "vacation" of sorts from the familiar STAR TREK world, taking Janeway and Seven back to the basics in an adventure which cements the bond between them even further. Another entertaining and thoroughly romantic tour de force from one of the premier bards writing on the Net, G.L.'s latest gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 45 pgs., 10/31/98

  9. **JUST BETWEEN MEMORIES by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    The ninth installment in G.L.'s JUST BETWEEN SERIES, MEMORIES is possibly the most moving and most emotionally compelling entry in that series to date. It grips you with that first sentence and will keep you riveted until the last one. It begins with an anguished Seven on her way to Sickbay after learning of an accident on the accident which has critically injured the captain of Voyager. After a very delicate operation Janeway escapes death but the woman that survives is a very different one from the partner Seven has been sharing her life with - she's a Starfleet captain with no memory of the past three years...or the Borg that seems so utterly crushed by her indifference. Determined to get her life back to normal, Janeway sets out to regain the past three years by reading her logs only to find chronicled there the story of a love so deep it moves her beyond anything she's ever known, motivating her to try to rediscover that connection with a young woman whose pain she finds herself desperately wanting to take away. A classic romance with some very effective mystery elements thrown in, MEMORIES spotlights G.L.'s exceptional skills with characterization as she redefines the Janeway/Seven relationship and explores new facets of these characters. Beautifully written and edited, this story stands out in a series that could not get any better. A superb offering that gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! - 46 pgs., 11/5/98

  10. **JUST BETWEEN RIGHT AND WRONG by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    On the heels of the incredibly riveting JUST BETWEEN MEMORIES G.L.'s tenth installment in the JUST BETWEEN SERIES chronicles the efforts of the Voyager crew to seek justice for the recent attack on their captain. Meanwhile, Janeway herself is preoccupied with another concern - the distance she feels between herself and the beautiful Borg who shares her life - a distance she feels in part responsible for and which, with a little advice from an unlikely source, she sets out to eliminate. G.L. does an exceptional job here of rebuilding the relationship nearly torn apart in the earlier story. Maintaining a pattern that is true to the STAR TREK modus operandi, she presents us with a suspenseful subplot that involves many of the supporting cast while at the same time drawing the readers ever deeper into the emotional challenges faced by the two heroines. First class writing and characterizations make this another superb addition to an already incredible series - it gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! - 52 pgs., 11/28/98

  11. **JUST BETWEEN LOVERS by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    The eleventh installment in G.L.'s much loved JUST BETWEEN SERIES is GUARANTEED to charm old and new readers alike with perhaps the most delightful treatment to date of the Janeway/ Seven romance. Comfortable with one another again after having to deal with the challenge of Janeway's memory loss, the two are ready to start re-exploring the intimacy that just recently seemed so hopelessly beyond their reach. It's an emotional and physical voyage they launch into with a renewed sense of trust and love for one another, augmented by the captain's now distinctly more adventurous leanings, and the unlikely humor of Borg ingenuity >:) This one is going to keep a BIG grin plastered on your face throughout and might just have you wishing REAL hard you lived in the 24th century ;-) It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 49 pgs., 12/15/98

  12. **JUST BETWEEN SPECIES by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    The twelfth in G.L.'s magnificent JUST BETWEEN SERIES, this is perhaps the darkest and most intense Janeway/Seven adventure to date. It begins on an alien planet with the Captain fighting for her life after being thrown into a barbaric prison where only the fittest survive for any length of time and a human alone doesn't stand much of a chance. Meanwhile, the Voyager crew device a desperate plan to save their captain - a plan which will pit Seven against some of the deadliest species in the area and unleash a part of the Borg no one has ever seen before. G.L. does an outstanding job blending heart-stopping action with intense emotions in a compelling hurt/comfort tale that remains at its core - a very touching romance. Another MUST READ in this marvelous series that continues to get my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! - 42 pgs., 1/26/99

  13. **JUST BETWEEN DREAMS by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    This latest entry in the JUST BETWEEN SERIES chronicles one of the most heart-wrenching episodes in the lives of Captain Janeway and Seven as they are forced to deal with a shattering revelation. All the while, the crew of Voyager is suffering from nightmares - a disturbing dream which Janeway soon realizes is the same for many among the crew - including a certain Borg who may just be the key to understanding those dream images. Beautifully structured, this story does a solid job of advancing the Seven/Janeway partnership while unraveling an intriguing mystery from the past. With a particularly poignant characterization of Seven, this G.L. effort gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! - 42 pgs., 1/26/99

  14. **JUST BETWEEN PROMISES by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    You are cordially invited to a very special ceremony as Kathryn Anne Janeway, Captain of the Voyager Starship, and Annika Katrine Hansen, formerly of the Borg collective at last exchange wedding vows :) G.L.'s latest is an absolute gem in a series that simply could NOT get any better. After experiencing heartbreak and joys and facing the many challenges destiny has thrown their way, Janeway and Seven culminate their relationship in a blissful union among their Voyager family. On their honeymoon for a week courtesy of the crew's generous donations of holodeck time, the two then immerse themselves in their passion for one another strengthening a love that just continues to grow greater with time and giving new meaning to the familiar frustration of a lost remote control ;-) Hold on to that funny bone because parts of this story are gonna SERIOUSLY stress it. G.L.'s latest is beautifully romantic, often hysterical and always charmingly entertaining. Her characterizations of the Voyager crew are remarkably like those of the TV series while the Janeway/Seven relationship is depicted with a level of trust and frankness that is incredibly appealing. An exceptional treat for your MUST READ list folks - this gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [This is the fourteenth entry in the JUST BETWEEN SERIES] - 41 pgs., 2/18/99

  15. **JUST BETWEEN DUSK AND DAWN by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    The latest installment in G.L.'s magnificent JUST BETWEEN SERIES marks a departure in G.L.'s usual style as she delivers a fascinating character study of both Katheryn Janeway and Seven of Nine chronicling the Borg's effort to reach her distant partner after a tragic accident threatens to push Janeway into a deep depression. In parts almost strictly dialogue, this story offers a fascinating insight not only into who these two women are but how they feel about one another, their friends, the circumstances they find themselves in and the destiny which despite the odds somehow worked to bring them together. A master when it comes to characterizations and to the depiction of the Janeway/Seven relationship, G.L. deepens those even further with this pointedly satisfying offering that you should be adding to the top of your MUST READ list right NOW! This gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 35 pgs.

  16. **JUST BETWEEN FUTURES by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    Gina's latest contribution to the remarkable JUST BETWEEN SERIES is a gripping drama that finds Seven emotionally crippled after learning from a seer that an upcoming choice of hers will lead to one of two possible futures - one filled with hope and happiness, the other a living hell. Weaving moments of humor into a very emotional storyline, Gina succeeds once again in delivering an engrossing read with terrific characterizations of all the Voyager regulars and one of the most compelling romances in fanfic. Another MUST READ in an outstanding series, this gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 43 pgs., 3/24/99

  17. **JUST BETWEEN UNIVERSES by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    Adding to what is already one of the finest fanfic series available on the Web, G.L. Dartt brings us another OUTSTANDING Janeway/Seven tale, this one centering not only on one but TWO versions of our favorite 24th century couple. Shifting between the regular universe and the alternate one Janeway and Seven first visited in JUST BETWEEN REALITIES, the story begins in that alternate universe where Annika Hansen and Commodore Kathyrn Johnson are finally living a life together as a couple but experiencing some major disagreements over the demands Starfleet is making of them. Life seems better for their counterparts in the regular universe where Janeway and Seven are busy experimenting with all those settings in the Wonder Wand 9000 ;-)...but it's a happy, playful time that soon comes to an abrupt halt when it becomes clear that something is terribly wrong with the Captain...something is killing her and the only hope to stop it rests in two women from another universe. G.L.'s treatment of the Janeway/Seven relationship is second to none - filled with humor and passion and an incredibly appealing sense of honesty and respect. It is particularly interesting to see how she deals here with two versions of this romantic partnership, making them different and yet familiar at the same time. Featuring a very poignant conclusion, this is one of the best in the series to date. It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 52 pgs., 4/25/99

  18. **JUST BETWEEN DAWN AND DUSK by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    The 18th entry in the JUST BETWEEN SERIES, G.L.'s latest is one of the lighter offerings in the series, chronicling a day in the lives of Janeway, Seven and their canine, Jake. For the captain and Borg the day is a mix of small frustrations, surprises, sudden joys and disappointments and a reaffirmation of the solid love that is the core of their relationship. For Jake the day starts off as usual with one of his daily romps around the ship - a little development neither of his mistresses know about yet. This day, however, all sorts of new experiences await Jake including an impromptu meeting with a potential playmate who doesn't much want to play and the opportunity to be an unlikely hero in a world unlikely to ever recognize that innocent heroism. Continually shifting the story from Janeway and Seven to their mischievous canine, this one features a terrific sense of pacing taking the reader from moments of humor to ones of quiet pathos as G.L. continues to expand on some of the most satisfying and well-crafted characterizations I've seen in fanfic. Another winner in a first-class series. This gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION - 38 pgs., 4/25/99

  19. **JUST BETWEEN DECEPTIONS by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    G.L. continues a tradition of excellence in her 19th entry in the JUST BETWEEN SERIES as Voyager decides to investigate the unusual number of pirate raids occurring through the sector they've been traveling through. Unable to let her partner go without her on what could be a deadly mission, Janeway takes control of the away team initiating conflicts both personal and professional as Seven starts to question the captain's trust in her and others start to show their animosity. All the while the team is getting closer to the shadowy figure behind the pirate raids...and a terrible danger none of them suspects. G.L. excels at constructing storylines which beautifully blend the excitement and suspense of adventure with the emotional impact of quality drama. Her Janeway and Seven are two of the most compelling characters I've yet to encounter in fiction sharing a relationship that is wonderfully complex, stable in its intensity while forever evolving and maturing. Introducing some interesting new characters and addressing some potentially volatile issues, entry number 19 is a MUST READ folks! It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 49 pgs.

    Set on an alien planet where Janeway and her crew are attempting to settle a trade agreement, entry number 20 in G.L.'s fabulous JUST BETWEEN SERIES is a humorous, action-packed roller-coaster ride complete with reptilian aliens, exotic cuisine, mysterious ruins, an ancient evil and new beginnings amidst the chaos as Seven and the captain contemplate the Borg's future within Starfleet, B'Elanna decides to explore some new possibilities at happiness and another member of the Voyager crew makes a startling revelation intent on recapturing the life once left behind. G.L. introduces a nice little surprise in this latest contribution while continuing to develop that Janeway/Seven partnership and delivering a fun, fast-paced tale guaranteed to entertain. Like the rest of this fantastic series, this one gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 44 pgs.

  21. **JUST BETWEEN THE LINES by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    G.L. experiments with a new style in this latest entry in the remarkable JUST BETWEEN SERIES and folks - it's a RESOUNDING SUCCESS! Written as a series of journal entries from Janeway and Seven's points of view, the story paints an incredibly charming, very human and delightfully romantic picture of our two heroines as they go on with their daily lives. Determine to distract her partner from the stress of running a starship, Seven tries out some new ways of keeping the fun in their relationship - inadvertently putting a WHOLE lot more fun in it than they've ever had before! (yes ladies and gentlemen, the Wonder Wand 9000 is back in ALL its patented glory! ;-) Meanwhile, a school project of Naomi's inspires the two to reach out to lost friends and family, revealing their hearts, their hopes and dreams with unexpected frankness. Ushering in some fundamental changes in the lives of the Voyager crew, this new episode in G.L.'s series is one of her best one's to date - a beautifully written character piece guaranteed to make us love her heroines even more than we already do. Number 21 in the series also features some of the most HILARIOUS scenes I have EVER read in fanfic so spew alerts all around on this one. In Voyager alt. fanfic G.L. remains an incredible gift to the fandom - LINES gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 45 pgs., 7/12/99

  22. **JUST BETWEEN LESSONS by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    GL's marvelous JUST BETWEEN SERIES continues as Seven proceeds with her Starfleet training and learns, along with Janeway and the rest of the Voyager crew, some important lessons on love, family and friendship. It's a time of stress for Voyager as everyone is working hard getting the ship prepared for the newborns soon to arrive. Amidst the hectic schedules life goes on as B'Elanna and Ro test some unchartered waters in their relationship and Seven convinces her reluctant partner to let go of some of those long-held inhibitions. Combining some TERRIFIC humor with more emotional discussions and the heartwarming romance that has made this series such a hit, this newest entry brings a sense of closure as the Voyager crew reach an ending of sorts in the way they've been doing things - the way they've been leading their lives and prepare for some exciting changes to come. One of GL's most entertaining pieces to date in a beautifully written fanfic series, number 22 gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 55 pgs., 8/17/99

  23. JUST BETWEEN DECKS by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    In one of the most action-packed and suspenseful entries in the JUST BETWEEN SERIES hostile aliens take over Voyager intent on making slaves out of the crew. Unprepared for the sudden attack and the callous ferocity of the invaders, Janeway can do nothing but join the rest of her people in a cargo bay turned prison where she learns that three of her crew members are missing - including an astrometrics officer rather dear to her heart whose lifesigns seem to have been terminated. Assuming things are well under control, the aliens head for their home base only to soon be faced with their worse nightmare when the computer starts reporting an all out attack from the enemy they fear most of all...the Borg. Fabulously entertaining, this newest adventure marks a new way of thinking for the Voyager crew as priorities shift and hearts long closed start to open up. Top-notch characterizations and some of the most clever sci-fi stories keep the JUST BETWEEN SERIES among the creme-della-creme in fanfic. This latest entry gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 44 pgs., 8/28/99

  24. **JUST BETWEEN BATTLES by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    The 24th installment in the JUST BETWEEN SERIES has the captain first battling a bit of restlessness without her partner and then overcoming some old inhibitions when the curious Borg finally makes an appearance. Meanwhile, B'Elanna and Ro are involved in a battle of their own, struggling with the fears, insecurities and angst of a new relationship. Soon to come is a much more deadly type of battle when the crew of the Enterprise is faced with an enemy determined to confront them and apparantely not much interested in any efforts to the contrary. This is yet another fabulous addition to G.L.'s wonderful recreation of the Star Trek world. Always featuring well-crafted, intriguing storylines, it is nevertheless G.L.'s intuitive, compelling characterizations that continue to make this series such a hit with fans. It is fascinating to see how Kathryn and Seven have changed and grown, how they continue to learn from one another. It is a delight to experience their moments of humor and reaffirming to see their relationship mature into an inspiration for others. The TV show is good - G.L.'s series is OUTSTANDING. Number 24 gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATIONS! - 44 pgs., 10/3/99

  25. **JUST BETWEEN FORTUNE AND FOLLY by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    Licking its wounds after a disastrous encounter with alien ships, Voyager docks with a mysterious, scruffy-looking space station hoping it can live up to its reputation as one of the finest repair shops in the sector. Feeling a bit smothered by her partner and her crew's over protectiveness, Janeway decides to take advantage of the station's recreational fascilities much to the consternation of Lieutenant Ro's whose job it is to protect the stubborn captain. Meanwhile, in one of the most HYSTERICAL exchanges in the JUST BETWEEN SERIES, Seven offers Voyager's chief engineer some advice on her love life. Unbeknownst to the four women and the rest of the Voyager crew, their seemingly peaceful visit to the station is about to take a decidedly sinister turn plunging them into yet another confrontation with a more than capable enemy. Blending moments of TERRIFIC humor with more serious exchanges and some suspenseful developments, this entry is one of the most intriguing and entertaining in the series to date. A MUST READ, it gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 47 pgs., 10/3/99

  26. **JUST BETWEEN LOST AND FOUND by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    The magnificent JUST BETWEEN SERIES continues as the Voyager crew pursue the alien ship that kidnapped two of their crew members recently. Rescuing them is a challenge that will require all their skills as two away teams are formed - one with Janeway and Ro so the captain can come face to face with the enemy captain - the other an undercover team with Tuvok, Seven, B'Elanna and Harry who'll be infiltrating the heart of the enemy ship in hopes of retrieving their crew mates. It's a dangerous game of deception that will either win them the day or bring glory to their enemies. More personal challenges await them also as B'Elanna and Ro continue to try to juggle their relationship with the demands of their jobs and Janeway and Seven find themselves in an unlikely predicament that will test the Borg's legendary control like never before. G.L. continues to do a beautiful job with the development of these characters and the relationships between them. It is particularly interesting now to see her contrasting the nuances of an established, committed partnership with the excitement and nervousness of a newly forming one. She presents us here with another beautifully crafted storyline that combines suspense, action, drama, humor and very original sci-fi concepts and situations to produce a story that is wholly believable and thoroughly entertaining. Number 26 in the series comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 47 pgs., 10/17/99

  27. **JUST BETWEEN MISSIONS by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    The 27th installment in G.L.'s popular JUST BETWEEN SERIES is a virtual love fest with a very resourceful Borg making sure her partner's birthday is unforgettable while Lieutenant Ro and a certain Klingon Engineer get ready to rock one another's worlds. A master at depicting loving, passionate, committed relationships, G.L. delivers another winner with this delightful, sizzler of a story that gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 44 pgs., 10/26/99

  28. JUST BETWEEN EARTH AND SKY by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    The 28th entry in the JUST BETWEEN SERIES reads like a cross between STAR TREK and JURASSIC PARK as Janeway, Seven, B'Elanna and Ro seek refuge from a dangerous ion storm on a planet with plenty of dangers of its own. The challenges of trying to evade the local "wildlife" combined with the stresses of life in very closed quarters make for a sometimes nerve-wracking, often amusing and surprisingly revealing new chapter in the lives of these four. DO NOT MISS! - 49 pgs., 11/9/99

  29. **JUST BETWEEN TRUTH AND LIES by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    In one of the more emotional entries in G.L.'s spectacular JUST BETWEEN SERIES Janeway finds herself facing the possibility of losing one of her finest officers and a trusted friend, while Seven struggles with a completely unexpected addition to her life and Ro considers a decision that may have far-ranging repercussions for herself, Voyager, and the still tentative relationship she's been developing with the ship's chief engineer. Featuring some poignant drama and one heck of a plot twist, G.L.'s latest takes this premier Voyager series in a challenging new direction. One for the MUST READ list - VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 50 pgs., 11/30/99

  30. **JUST BETWEEN TEARS by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    The 30th installment G.L.'s JUST BETWEEN SERIES finds the characters at an emotionally wrenching and vulnerable time as Seven struggles to deal with the devastation of having recovered part of her past only to loose it again, Janeway feels helpless at her inability to help and Ro and B'Elanna face the first major crisis in their relationship. Despite the seriousness of this latest entry in the series, G.L. still manages to include some of her trademark humor, balancing beautifully the more dramatic and intense moments to produce yet another deeply engaging tale. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 46 pgs., 12/15/99

  31. **JUST BETWEEN GIVE AND TAKE by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    The 31st entry in G.L.'s much-loved JUST BETWEEN SERIES continues with an emotional entry that finds the characters all working on their personal relationships and trying to come to terms with their feelings about recent events. It's the perfect opportunity for Sek to officially become the ship's counselor as she starts helping Seven get over the depression that hit her after finding and then loosing the woman she thought was her mother. An even bigger challenge for the new counselor is presented by Ro and B'Elanna whose relationship is now severely strained and whose individual personalities are not going to make counseling easy. All the while, the captain herself is working out some very personal issues with her beloved partner, dealing with insecurities and with the knowledge that despite recent opportunities to communicate with Starfleet, home remains very far away. G.L. does her usual outstanding job of getting into the hearts and minds of these characters giving us portrayals that are realistic, compelling and deeply human. This is another beautifully written fanfic gem that comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 47 pgs., 1/24/00

    In one of the lighter entries G.L.'s JUST BETWEEN SERIES, Janeway, Seven, B'Elanna and Ro decide to enjoy their off duty time together by experiencing one of the new holodeck programs recently sent from the Alpha Quadrant. Donning the dress styles of the 19th century, the four embark on a journey aboard a Mississippi steamboat where a high-stakes gambling competition has attracted a colorful cast of characters. It's a recreational experience that will soon take a more sinister turn for the 4 friends when suddenly all bets are off and they find themselves trapped in the holodeck trying to solve a murder in a program with the safety protocols no longer working. G.L. does a terrific job here of mixing humor with mystery in a fun romp of a story that very smoothly incorporates some recent developments from the TV series while giving us some quality time with our favorite Voyager couples. Another MUST READ in this fine series! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 49 pgs., 2/27/00

  33. **JUST BETWEEN FEARS by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    The 33th installment in the JUST BETWEEN SERIES has the crew of Voyager facing a harrowing ordeal when crew members suddenly start experiencing bouts of paralyzing fear. On the eve of their wedding anniversary, Janeway and Seven have to concentrate on the emergency at hand before turning to more personal matters - only to then find themselves thwarted from their goal by a very friendly crew anxious to express their good wishes and tragically ignorant of the level of frustration they're pushing their poor captain into. An excellent mystery, this new series entry also concentrates on the relationships, tempering the more serious drama with some HILARIOUS scenes that will elicit your sympathy for our favorite Voyager couples. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 51 pgs., 3/5/00

  34. **JUST BETWEEN FIRE AND ICE by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    The latest addition to the JUST BETWEEN SERIES starts off on a very different tone from previous entries in the series with Kathryn Janeway and her spouse, Seven of Nine, absolutely FURIOUS with one another. Unable to find any common ground regarding Janeway's recent decision to return the Borg baby Voyager rescued weeks before to her relatives, the captain and her resident Borg are hardly speaking to one another when they come upon a dangerous front in space. With anger clouding their better judgement, the two soon find themselves fighting for their lives when the shuttle is severely damaged. Stranded on a planet in extreme conditions they must find a way to get past their recent differences, revisit the love that has strengthened them for so long and hope that Voyager can find them before it's too late. G.L. once again delivers first-class storytelling in an adventure drama that will keep you glued to that computer screen. In this story she develops the characters of Janeway and Seven along with their the relationship challenging them with a tension they've never had before and presenting a treatment of this that is realistic in how it stays away from perfect solutions. An excellent MUST READ! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 49 pgs., 4/1/00

  35. JUST BETWEEN PERCEPTIONS by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    In the 35th installment of the JUST BETWEEN SERIES, life becomes a taaaaaaad complicated for Janeway, Seven, B'Elanna and Ro when a strange device aboard an alien ship switches Janeway and B'Elanna's souls, placing them in each other's bodies and forcing the two couples to reevaluate not only their personal perceptions but their relationships with one another as well. G.L. considers here the emotional v.s. physical dynamics of intimate relationships in a well-written tale that challenges these two couples as they've never quite been challenged before. - 54 pgs., 4/28/00

    She's baaaaaaack :) After some rest and recreation of her own, this talented writer returns with the 36th installment in the classic JUST BETWEEN SERIES. A quiet chapter in the ongoing saga of the starship Voyager, this new tale finds Janeway stopping their journey momentarily for a much needed period of leave time on a class M planet. It's an opportunity for all to absorb the many different turns their lives have taken recently and to reassess the emotions they're feeling over this. Janeway and Seven deal with some residual feelings from the recent tension between them as the Borg gets ready for the final examinations that will officially initiate her into Starfleet. B'Elanna and Ro grow more comfortable with their new living arrangements while the Bajoran gets an unexpected message from the Alpha Quadrant. Chakotay comes to term with the changes he knows have occurred back home while he's been away and finds new hope in the knowledge that by passing on his history and culture to another, the tribe and people he so dearly loved will never die. Amidst the uncertainty of their solitude in the Delta Quadrant, this quiet time offers a sense of new beginnings ushering a new hope and a new understanding for this proud, fearless crew. G.L. does a very nice job here covering all the basis with the different characters addressing each of their stories and showing how they've grown individually and how their relationships are becoming stronger as a result. More impressive writing from one of our finest. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 48 pgs., 6/18/00

  37. JUST BETWEEN SENSES by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    Part 37 of the JUST BETWEEN SERIES cleverly introduces developments from the TV show into this fanfic series as the Voyager crew come to the aid of a ship in distress only to find themselves fighting for their very lives. The danger first manifests itself when an away team and the rescue one sent after them all return suffering from some sort of sensory loss. In the middle of the crisis, Janeway learns that her spouse has been blinded and unless she can get her ship out of the area more of the crew will soon be affected. It's a fight for survival that will have the Voyager crew putting their personal concerns on hold as they race against time toward an unlikely reunion with an old friend. This latest entry is fast paced with a very realistic treatment of the demands of life aboard a starship. DO NOT MISS! - 48 pgs., 6/18/00

  38. **JUST BETWEEN ALPHA AND DELTA by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    The 38th installment in the JUST BETWEEN SERIES marks a time of soul-searching for the captain of Voyager and its crew as they find themselves at last facing an imminent return home. Before that can occur, however, Janeway will have to deal with one of the toughest decisions she's ever faced - knowing that the slipstream drive Seven and others have been working on is the best chance they've ever had of getting back to Federation space, but very much aware that if it fails, she'll likely be dooming her ship and her crew to a permanent stay in the Delta quadrant. Meanwhile, the crew members themselves are torn on the issue - some anxious to return to friends and family - others a bit uncertain about what life will hold for them back in the Alpha Quadrant. Among the latter is Seven of Nine whose concerns are not only for what the change will mean to her life with Janeway - but what it might bring to a former Borg drone, now part of Starfleet, once she's in the hands of the military organization the Borg nearly decimated not too long ago. It's a concern Janeway dismisses - confident that Starfleet recognizes what an asset her spouse is and will work with them in easing their transition into life after Voyager. Not everyone is as confident though. Aboard Voyager and among some circles in the Alpha quadrant others sense the possible danger and start to get ready for it even as Starfleet prepares to welcome back its lost captain...and one very valuable Borg specimen. G.L. does an outstanding job here with her characterizations, contrasting the different feelings of the crew and giving these all a validity which in turn emphasizes just what a difficult decision Janeway is facing. G.L. is also very slowly building the suspense and uncertainty about what exactly will happen to this crew upon their return home drawing us into the story and leaving us enthusiastically anticipating those future installments in the series. The first story in what promises to be one INTENSE story arc, this one gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 52 pgs.

  39. **JUST BETWEEN THE SHEETS by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    Anticipating their return to the Alpha Quadrant in a matter of days, Janeway and Seven take some time to be together, discuss the future, and play a little. Well, ok...a LOT ;-) It's a time of relative peace for them but for others on Voyager and back in the Alpha Quadrant it's a time of growing anxiety as plans are set in motion for Voyager's return - plans that will have the captain and her Borg as unsuspecting players in a deadly power struggle certain to test friendships, create new ones, reveal enemies and unleash forces never before seen by the Federation. G.L. is doing an outstanding job building the suspense and setting up the emotional tension for the stories to come in this fascinating arc. She introduces into the storyline here some familiar favorites from other STAR TREK series heightening the sense of excitement at what promises to be one rousing return home for Voyager and her crew. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Part 39 in the JUST BETWEEN SERIES] - 44 pgs.

  40. **JUST BETWEEN QUADRANTS by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    The 40th entry in G.L.'s ground breaking JUST BETWEEN SERIES has Voyager coming full circle at last as they engage their new slipstream drive to begin the voyage home. Aware of the experimental nature of the technology and the all or nothing situation they're in, it's an anxious time for Janeway and her crew, made more so when glitches make that trip home a rougher ride than they had expected. Meanwhile, in the Alpha Quadrant the USS Enterprise waits to escort Voyager home while a worried Jean-Luc Picard monitors the situation unable to share with his crew just why he's so insistent about getting to Voyager before anyone else can. G.L. has done a PHENOMENAL job here capturing the excitement and nostalgia of this extraordinary moment in the story of Voyager. She does a terrific job showing how the emotion and intensity of the moment affects not only main characters like Janeway and Seven but all of the supporting cast including some very peripheral players. The story also advances the growing sense of apprehension as to just what may await Janeway and her partner when they rejoin the Federation. This is writing at its best guys - a fast-paced, totally engaging tale that will leave you screaming for more! It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION - 46 pgs.

    Back in the Alpha Quadrant at last, the 41st entry in G.L.'s amazing JUST BETWEEN SERIES brings some emotional goodbyes as Voyager crew members start moving on to new assignments and new lives. Still docked at Deep Space Nine, the Captain and Seven decide to lift their spirits with a night on the town - only things don't turn out quite as planned...Meanwhile, Ro makes contact with Jean-Luc Picard and Riker as the three put into play a top secret plan to uncover just how far Section 31's reach goes within the Federation and hopefully stop the shadowy group from getting their hands on what they want most - a former drone whose designation as Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct to the Unimatrix 01 once gave her direct access to the Borg Queen herself. The story arc G.L. began earlier in the series, just continues to get more intense in this latest addition as Janeway and Seven remain oblivious to the growing danger around them. As usual, G.L. balances the suspense and drama with some lighter moments. She also proves once again her impressive skills at portraying the world of Star Trek, including well-known locations and adding familiar characters from DS9 and NEXT GENERATIONS to an already fabulous cast. This is yet another terrific read in a series that by now has taken a life of its own, outshining anything we've seen on TV. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 47 pgs., 8/9/00

  42. **JUST BETWEEN STATIONS by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    After seven years lost in the Delta Quadrant, the starship Voyager returns home to the enthusiastic welcome of the public, ecstatic greetings from friends and family, and much attention from Starfleet. For the ship's remaining crew it is a bittersweet time full of joys and nostalgia, full of uncertainties and some VERY unexpected surprises. For one decidedly out-of-sorts Borg it is a particularly challenging time as she tries to help her partner deal with the emotions of the moment, all the while ignoring her own unease at the coming changes. For the now former Captain of Voyager, it heralds a period of adjustment as Janeway faces an immediate future as a captain without a ship and learns that her family on Earth have indeed gone on with their lives these past seven years. Perhaps most difficult of all, is the adjustment for Ro Laren as the former security officer puts into play the first stages of a plan which will force her to lie to friends and perhaps endanger loved ones in a deadly cat and mouse game as dangerous as anything Voyager ever faced in the Delta Quadrant. G.L. is developing this "season" of her JUST BETWEEN SERIES beautifully, balancing the drama of Voyager's return home and the reunion of families with the growing sense of impending doom. As usual a touch of humor serves to lighten the story a bit reminding us of how very human these characters are. G.L. has recently been masterfully using the epilogues in these stories as a bridge to the next entry in the series - a technique she once again exercises here to foreshadow the dangers still ahead for our Captain, her Borg, their friends and families. Another great entry in one of the finest fanfic series on the net. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 56 pgs., 8/18/00

  43. **JUST BETWEEN PAST AND PRESENT by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    The 43rd installment in the JUST BETWEEN SERIES continues to chronicle Janeway and Seven's adjustment to life back in the Alpha Quadrant as the two spend time with the captain's family, deal with some unresolved issues from the past and consider their options for the immediate future. Meanwhile, Ro and B'Elanna find some unexpected good fortune on Mars...and a cryptic message from Jean-Luc Picard. Uncertain as to whether friends or foe are masterminding the events around Janeway and Seven, the Klingon and Bajoran can only hope to keep them nearby and be ready to act if Section 31 makes a move against the young Borg they've all come to care so much for. G.L. has layered this story with a number of interconnected sub-plots, one brings back the past with a poignant revelation, another is littered with humor and a sense of family as the characters tease one another and go house-hunting , while a third continues the sense of uncertainty and danger that has lingered since Voyager's return. Extremely well-versed in Star Trek canon and revealing an uncanny ability to recreate that world, G.L. also does a wonderful job here in giving us a taste of what the Federation is like outside the confines of a starship. Thoroughly engrossing and as usual, skillfully written - this makes for yet another terrific addition to G.L.'s well-loved series. It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 58 pgs., 9/1/00

  44. **JUST BETWEEN RANKS by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    The suspense and intrigue continue in this 44th installment of the JUST BETWEEN SERIES as Janeway, Seven and Ro visit Starfleet headquarters for a debriefing, each going away with very different impressions of the admirals there. Reluctant to be a pawn in the ever fiercer power game between two of these, Janeway makes her position clear and finds herself drawn to an offer than unbeknownst to her may be steering her toward an eventual confrontation with some very dangerous forces. Meanwhile, Ro is growing increasingly uneasy, keeping close to Seven but still unable to pinpoint where exactly lies the greatest threat to the young Borg. G.L. is cleverly developing this arc into a tremendously compelling mystery - adding players to the mix and revealing aspects to the existing characters certain to keep us guessing as to who is friend or foe. As usual she adds a pinch of humor here, a dash of romance there to create a tantalizing fictional dish just perfect for those fanfic taste buds of ours. Another one for the MUST READ list folks. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 58 pgs., 9/16/00

    The 45th installment in G.L.'s splendid Voyager saga finds Janeway and her Borg spending a little time apart as the former Voyager captain takes the reins of her new position as commander of the Utopia Planitia base and Seven travels to Thrill and Vulcan with her sister-in-law and Lieutenant Ro. Along for the ride supposedly because of her interest in Thrill art, Ro is in fact under orders from Janeway to keep the Borg safe - a task which happens to go hand in hand with her mandate from Picard to keep the Borg from falling into the hands of Section 31. Unbeknownst to the Bajoran, however, a very personal surprise awaits her on the Vulcan home world where a decision made in the past will prove to have long-lasting repercussions. All the while, the sense of hidden danger continues as Janeway learns that an old acquaintance is now an enemy and Ro realizes that Section 31 may be planning something more dangerous than anything she or Picard have suspected. Fine writing, an emphasis on the various relationships, a terrific supporting cast and the continuing sense of suspense in the Section 31 arc all combine to make for another very entertaining read. G.L. does a particularly nice job here in having Janeway and Seven deal with some challenges to their relationship even as the foundation of love, trust and respect between them is once again reaffirmed. Another one for the MUST READ list. DO NOT MISS! - 51 pgs., 10/22/00

  46. **JUST BETWEEN INFLUENCES by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    The 46th entry in G.L.'s JUST BETWEEN SERIES finds Seven and the Captain celebrating the young Borg's birthday but also worrying about a friend's future when they learn that Starfleet Medical is attempting to take "ownership" of the Doctor with the probably intent of dismantling his emitter and his program. It's a situation that brings Seven into conflict once again with Admiral Necheyev and has Janeway visiting an old friend while the doctor makes a decision that could change his life forever. G.L. continues in this story to beautifully develop both her characters and the relationships between them - showing how life in the Alpha quadrant has changed some of their priorities and may even be changing some of their perspectives. G.L.'s trademark humor is here as is her knack for presenting very sound arguments for the different positions her characters take. Another solid, engrossing read from this master storyteller. DO NOT MISS! - 51 pgs., 12/8/00

  47. JUST BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    The 47th installment of G.L.'s JUST BETWEEN SERIES finds the captain and her Borg reacquainting themselves with one another after Seven notes how left out her partner has been feeling from her now busy life. It's a short-lived moment of happiness for the two, however. Soon the dangers that have been lurking around them make their presence known ensnaring Janeway and launching Seven into a desperate mission to save her partner - never suspecting the real motivations behind this deadly game she's entered. Meanwhile, Ro and Sam search for the missing Doctor, suspecting that he may in a lot more trouble than they ever thought and B'Elanna allies with an unlikely partner determined to try to get to Seven before others do. G.L. continues to weave here a riveting story of suspense and imminent danger as her characters start to infiltrate a deadly conspiracy. Throughout several of the past stories she's been laying a foundation - placing players at key points so that now the game has begun in earnest. This one will keep you reading and clamoring for more! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 46 pgs., 1/28/01

  48. JUST BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    One HECK of a roller-coaster ride, this action-packed continuation of the JUST BETWEEN SERIES is guaranteed to keep you in that seat for the duration as Starfleet, the nefarious Section 31, the Orion Syndicate and one Seven of Nine former drone of the Borg collective come to a gripping confrontation on a distant colony. Reunited with a couple of her former Voyager crew members, a weakened Janeway plans her escape from the colony but one madman is determined to stop her at any cost. Meanwhile, intent on rescuing her spouse, Seven leads a covert assault on the syndicate's home world, never suspecting the darker objectives she might be serving. Before it's over key players will be dead, others seriously wounded and two souls will lie devastated, hurt by words and circumstances more damaging that even the worst physical injuries. Fast paced and as usual masterfully written, G.L.'s 48th contribution to this series brings to a fantastic climax a story she's been building for a while now. G.L. does a terrific job building the suspense by shifting from scene to scene as she brings all these players together in one explosive confrontation. Janeway and Seven's characterizations standout with the two at their most heroic, most intense, most loving and most vulnerable. A fanfic feast this one should immediately go to the top of that reading list. It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 46 pgs., 1/28/01

  49. JUST BETWEEN LOYALTIES by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    In the aftermath of the Orion fiasco, Janeway finds herself questioning her commitment to Starfleet while Seven seeks help from an old friend to try to cope with her own trauma. Most troubling to both women in the months ahead, however, is the increasing distance they sense in their relationship and the frustrating inability to do anything about it. Meanwhile, Starfleet starts preparations for the maiden voyage of the USS Millennium as her captain starts assembling the crew. The 49th installment in the JUST BETWEEN SERIES is very much a character piece and a relationship piece concentrating on the principals - their fears and hopes as their lives are about to change and their efforts at strengthening the partnerships and friendships they have come to value so much. G.L. has always excelled at giving us an insight into who these characters are via some of the best dialogue exchanges I've ever read in fanfic. Those are here in plentitude once again. It is a delight to see a writer who doesn't just say that her characters care about one another but who shows them working at these relationships - examining them, nurturing them, creating an intimacy that is augmented by the physical but goes way beyond it. Another beautiful read from one of the best in the business. Number 49 gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 50 pgs., 1/28/01

  50. JUST BETWEEN EARTH AND STARS by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    G.L. Dartt concludes what can only be described as a fanfic phenomenon - one of the finest fiction sagas on the net and a series which in many respects has topped the TV version on which it is based on many times over. This final installment of the JUST BETWEEN SERIES finds Captain Kathryn Janeway and her spouse former Borg drone Seven of Nine celebrating the wedding of their friends Ro Laren and B'Elanna Torres even as they prepare for the launching of the USS Millennium and the beginning of a whole new chapter in their lives. Before that can happen though some loose ends need to be tied, some goodbyes need to be said, and some new living quarters need to feel more...lived in ;-) G.L. blends beautifully here the feeling of nostalgia among her characters with the excitement of a new adventure about to begin, capturing that very essential quality that has always been at the heart of STAR TREK. Combining familiar faces with some new ones she transitions these characters into what promises to be yet another spectacular series - this one - G.L.'s OWN. The story even includes diagrams to enhance the already rich reading experience so make sure to click on those links scattered throughout the tale. The JUST BETWEEN SERIES ends as it began with another story that easily makes it into my list of HIGHEST RECOMMENDATIONS! Coming this Summer G.L. addicts can celebrate her return with the THE STAR TREK: MILLENNIUM series. - 50 pgs., 1/28/01


    **JUST BETWEEN ABOVE AND BELOW by B.L. Miller and G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
    When two of the best in fanfic team up for a special installment to one of the finest fanfic series around how COULD we NOT get brilliance folks! This new adventure for the Voyager crew begins when they make first contact with a civilization once decimated by the Borg but now back to a level of development similar to that of 20th century Earth. Hoping to replenish their supplies and establish good relations with the planet's inhabitants, Janeway agrees to have her crew participate in the festivities of a local holiday. It's a particularly exciting time for Naomi Wildman who as Voyager's youngest representative is slated to take center stage - only things don't go quite as planned for the young girl and her escort - Seven of Nine. In a heartbeat, the festivities turn deadly forcing the crew of Voyager into a desperate search and rescue mission as one mother and one Starship Captain deal with unexpected anguish and one Borg finds herself tested to her limits. With moments of nerve-wracking tension, the playful humor that's become a hallmark of the Janeway/Seven relationship, and the SIZZLING passion these two characters can generate in the talented hands of B.L. Miller and G.L. Dartt - this is one story GUARANTEED to satisfy that craving for quality fanfic. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 69 pgs., 2/27/00

    **JUST BETWEEN FAMILIES by G.L. Dartt and B.L. Miller - [Alt]
    What could possibly be better than a story featuring our favorite Starfleet Captain and Astrometrics Officer at their most mischievous, most romantic and most endearing? How about a story featuring TWO versions of our favorite 24th century duo! This is exactly what G.L. and B.L. have brought us in this latest collaboration which EASILY takes its place among the finest entries in the amazing JUST BETWEEN SERIES. Opening in the alternate universe we first visited in JUST BETWEEN REALITIES, this new tale has Captain Kathryn Johnson and Science Officer Annika Hansen in the fight of their lives as they struggle not only against the enemy forces attacking the Federation in its war against the Dominion, but also against personal devils of their own as they try to salvage what is left of a relationship neither is quite sure how to salvage. When Captain Johnson is injured in the middle of a devastating attack, a desperate Annika, in charge of Voyager, has no choice but to create a rift and plunge the ship through it into the twin universe where another Voyager awaits. Reunited with their counterparts, Janeway and Seven suddenly find themselves with quite a number of challenges on their hands as they assist in the repairs of the alternate ship and consider ways to help the Federation from that other world survive the terrible war they're engaged in. Most difficult of all will be the emotional challenges as together they try to teach Kathryn Johnson and Annika Hansen how to love one another again - while Seven must deal with a very personal challenge of her own, coming face to face with one of the most difficult parts of her past. Make sure to strap yourself in for this MARVELOUS new trip into the Delta Quadrant because when this tale isn't tearing at your heart-strings with emotional reunions and a poignant look at what some of Voyager's finest might have been under different circumstances, it's gonna be doing SERIOUS damage to that funny bone with some of the most HYSTERICAL bonding moments you'll ever come across - all the while affecting...other parts of your anatomy with those scenes of raw passion and sweet romance these two veteran fanfic talents have down to an art form! A reading DELIGHT, featuring first-class storytelling and the return of some old Star Trek favorites, this latest Janeway/Seven adventure gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 124 pgs., 3/17/00


Read in the order listed below.


The MILLENNIUM SERIES continues as Janeway and her crew prepare for their first away missions. It's a tense time for the Captain, made more so by the knowledge that her partner will be part of one of those missions while she must stay behind. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them all, an old enemy from the Delta quadrant is tracking them - determined to exact revenge and intent on using Janeway's one weak point. Upping the intensity level in the series, this latest adventure is suspenseful and well-crafted as G.L. presents us with a crisis that once again emotionally challenges her characters while showcasing the capabilities of the new Millenium class ship. With an increasingly interesting supporting cast - number five is a fine addition to the series. DO NOT MISS! - 45 pgs., 8/17/01

**MORNING AFTER by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
G.L. takes a break from her exceptional JUST BETWEEN SERIES to bring us an amusing, entertaining new take on the Janeway/Seven pairing which has the captain waking up after a night of rather excessive partying to find herself in a decidedly compromising position. This is as well-written as G.L.'s other VOYAGER efforts with that sense of humor that always add something special to her fiction. DO NOT MISS!! - 7/4/98

**NIGHT SHIFT by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
G.L. delivers her own very special epilogue to the recent episode FAIR HAVEN in an amusing little yarn that has Janeway doing duty on the night shift for once and having her eyes opened in a way she never would have suspected. Mess with us subtext fans will they! Heh! DO NOT MISS! - 3 pgs., 1/24/00

The ever-talented G.L. Dartt begins her new STAR TREK: MILLENNIUM SERIES with some familiar faces and some new additions to the cast as the Millennium visits Deep Space Nine on a final stop before embarking on its new tour of duty. As Janeway and Seven get used to life on board the new ship, first officer Commander Zar has to deal with more of the prejudice he's experienced his whole life and one potentially explosive misunderstanding, Lieutenant Nog has to overcome the nerves of a new assignment where he'll likely have to prove himself constantly, and scientist Lenara Kahn has to try to put the past behind her to embrace a new future. It's a time of new beginnings for all of them as they start laying the foundation of relationships they'll have to rely on as the Federation enters a new era of exploration with the Millennium leading the way. Few writers can capture the Trek world and the characters therein as G.L. can. Feeling very much like the start of a new Trek series, this is well-written and promising. - 46 pgs., 6/30/01

The Millennium's maiden voyage gets under way as Janeway and her crew return to the Delta quadrant in search of Kes' people - only a mystery awaits them as they find nothing of what they expected and soon wander into the middle of an escalating conflict. Meanwhile, Commander Zar and B'Elanna experience some conflicts of their own and Janeway has to try to deal with the debilitating effects the new propulsion drive has on selected humans. G.L. does a good job here of establishing and furthering some new challenges for Janeway and company as well as developing a number of the relationships. The story establishes an ominous mystery that should transition us smoothly into the next installment. DO NOT MISS! [Second entry in the MILLENNIUM SERIES] - 43 pgs., 7/8/01

In a break from her JUST BETWEEN SERIES G.L. brings us a sweetly romantic first-time tale set after the recent episode SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME (reviewed by G.L.). Not having had much success with her first attempts at dating, Seven is pleased to discover that she may have more options available to her than what the doctor has led her to believe. One option in particular starts to become really interesting when a concerned Janeway decides to try to help the young Borg and soon finds herself participating in Seven's research more closely than either had ever dreamed she would. Pairing the Captain's seriousness and protectiveness with Seven's disarming innocence and straightforwardness, this is a charming take on the relationship between Voyager's most intriguing two characters. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 39 pgs.

UNFAIR HAVEN by G.L. Dartt - [Alt]
In G.L.'s second fanfic response to the episode FAIR HAVEN, Janeway finds herself doing a bit of soul searching when she realizes how much she's been ignoring one "friend" lately and is helped by another to face facts. An ideal story for subtexters after this particular episode. - 12 pgs., 1/24/00

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