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This file features reviews of stories written by Georgia. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

**DIVINE INTERVENTION by Georgia -- [Alt]
MARVELOUS new story from a very talented bard, this time offering us a deeply moving, riveting look at the events immediately following the episode SACRIFICE II. As a heart-broken Xena travels to Amazonia to deliver the news of her beloved bard's death, an infuriated Artemis decides to get even with brother Ares for daring to influence the life of an Amazon Queen. Meanwhile, in the depths of a very dark hole, an injured bard languishes with the child she gave birth to...a child whose heart is finally revealed as death seems to come for them both. Some wonderfully poignant moments in a well-crafted story that touches upon many of the most significant aspects of the rift and its aftermath. Featuring terrific characterizations, this is one you wont want to put down. A MUST READ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 25 pgs., 9/28/98

FAMILY AFFAIR...CONTINUED (A) by Georgia -- [Alt]
Set just after the events in the episode A FAMILY AFFAIR, this cryptic new offering has Xena and Gabrielle explaining things to the bard's family and then desperately trying to rediscover one another again...only things may not be quite what they seem. Well-written tale offering some intriguing possibilities. DO NOT MISS! - 6 pgs., 11/2/98

**FROM TIME TO TIME by Georgia -- [Alt]
Terrific new story that has Xena and Gabrielle meeting Kelly Valchris - a kindred spirit from the future who has traveled back in time determined to stop the man who killed her sister from continuing his mission of hatred. Separated from the partner she loves deeply, Kelly is soon forging a friendship with warrior and bard as the three join forces with the Amazons to try to stop the danger threatening them all. Georgia does a wonderful job in drawing the character of Kelly - presenting us with a spunky, determined, brave young woman who we soon find ourselves caring for. The Xena/Gab relationship is on the money - passionate, mischievous, and very loving. A very nice read. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 27 pgs., 2/10/98

POSSESSION by Georgia - [Alt]
A sizzling little story destined to become a guilty pleasure for many a Xenite, this new tale begins on an ominous note with Xena regaining consciousness only to find herself securely chained in a room with a very demented, familiar foe. It's a situation that grows even more serious when Xena sees Gabrielle similarly restrained nearby and the sinister purpose behind the bard's predicament becomes clear. As their foe is about to learn though, two things are always guaranteed to get the Warrior Princess' blood boiling, seeing her bard in danger...and seeing her bard in need. One word for this one folks - MISCHIEVOUS! - 19 pgs., 2/27/00

SAVIORS by Georgia -- [Alt]
A thoughtful little tale that has Xena and Gabrielle saving a stranger from a hanging. A stranger who in turn will save them. Different and nicely written. - 8 pgs., 9/13/97

**SOUL CREATION by Georgia - [Alt]
The PERFECT explanation for one magical pregnancy and some poetic justice for an arrogant God of War makes Georgia's latest one very satisfying read. DO NOT MISS! - 9 pgs., 11/30/99

TO TELL THE TRUTH by Georgia -- [Alt]
A very cute little story that has Gabrielle trying to be sneaky and getting burned in the process...much to her delight ;-) This one is WILD and sweet. A great effort from a new bard! - 5 pgs., 8/23/97

UNTIL XENA by Georgia -- [Alt]
This is one of the first new fanfic pieces we are likely to get in the months ahead which attempt to deal with the post-rift situation between Xena and Gabrielle. Georgia's offering is an emotional vignette which has the two still dealing with the aftermath of the past several months, suffering nightmares and wondering in silence where their relationship is going. Nicely done. - 2 pgs., 2/22/98

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