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**ANTIPANY SERIES by Godot - Read in the following order. Showing a consistent excellence, this series gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!
  5. **DEATH OF DREAMS -- [Alt]
  6. **FAMILY

**DEATH OF DREAMS by Godot -- [Alt]
Godot's latest gem once again features what has got to be my favorite original character from fan fiction - that wacky sorceress vent on making life impossible for a certain Warrior Princess - the unforgettable Antipany. How much improved the XWP TV series would be if we could have a truly funny, thoroughly enchanting character like this one sharing screen time with Xena and the bard instead of the more obnoxious elements we seem stuck with at the moment. Godot's newest is a story which stands on its own but is also the fifth featuring Antipany and a follow-up of sorts to her last story JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS. The story has a Xena and Gabrielle traveling with a very reluctant Antipany to the Valley of Larima where Xena hopes to keep some powerful ancient texts from being stolen. It is a challenge that will become more difficult in the days ahead as only the bard seems to stand in the way of warrior and sorceress killing one another - a challenge that will turn into a deadly mystery involving an old friend, a possible wolf in sheep's clothing, and prophesies of darkness yet to come. Featuring some of the absolute BEST lines I've read in fan fiction in a long time, this story will have you laughing loudly at times, grinning often, and probably feeling nostalgic as well at the very loving, beautiful relationship Xena and Gabrielle share here. With a rather poignant ending, this story is simply a delight to read. An experience no fanfic reader should do without which gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! [Note: This story is NOT explicit. It does include some rather strong subtext but could have probably been included in the general fiction section just as well]. - 41 pgs., 3/18/98

A splendid follow-up to Godot's delightful tale SING YOU A SONG OF JUSTICE which continues the adventures of the wacky sorceress Antipany, still vent on someday getting revenge on the Warrior Princess but for the moment forced to struggle for her own life when she falls into the clutches of a great evil. Guided by Antipany's pet vulture Peisander and with a certain bard cleverly manipulating her, a VERY reluctant Xena sets out to try to rescue the woman all the while being reminded by one life-threatening challenge or another just how much...she HATES sorcerers! One word describes this story best of all - FUN! Antipany is one of the best original characters in fan fiction and her interactions with the warrior and bard are simply PRICELESS!! Godot also does a magnificent job with the characterizations of Xena and Gabrielle and in the depiction of their friendship which is sweet, based on a fierce devotion and an uncompromising faith in one another. This story has elements which will remind you of the episode A DAY IN THE LIFE. A very special read that is NOT TO BE MISSED! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! [See also the sequel THE SOUL CATCHER] - 25 pgs., 9/17/97

**FAMILY by Godot
One of my favorite fanfic characters, Godot's delightfully inept sorceress Antipany, is back in this new tale set after the rift episodes which has Xena and Gabrielle struggling with the growing distance between them when they find themselves once again trying to save the sorceress. In a rather delicate condition, Antipany has to grudgingly accept the help of the Warrior Princess - not that this would deter her from continuing to make life difficult for the warrior. However, with a soft spot for the bard and a new perspective on things, Antipany is soon trying to help mend things between the two estranged friends, sensing the doubts both are hiding and the love which is still very much in their hearts. Godot's characterizations as usual are endearing and solid in a story that mixes humor with drama to produce an entertaining read and a satisfying treatment of third season events. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See also the other titles in Godot's ANTIPANY SERIES]. - 42 pgs., 4/15/98

**IN SICKNESS by Godot -- [Alt]
An amusing new story which like all of Godot's fiction will soon have you thoroughly engaged in her very loving portrayal of the warrior and her bard. It's that relationship in fact which is challenged in this little tale when Gabrielle finds herself taking care of a sick, very cranky and exceedingly difficult Warrior Princess who just insists on testing her patience. Never one to give up easily, however, the bard takes up the challenge and soon is even surprising Xena with her zest to experiment with new healing techniques ;-) This is funny and tender and for some of you I'm sure it will be familiar too! As an added bonus it features some nice new graphics from Pink Rabbit Productions. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 8 pgs., 6/15/98

**JINX by Godot -- [Alt]
An absolutely DELIGHTFUL new offering from this gifted bard centering on the misadventures of a VERY unlucky youth named Jinx whose life is forever changed by an encounter with a feared blue-eyed warrior. As in her ANTIPANY SERIES, Godot creates here an unforgettable character, through whose eyes we then get a truly special portrayal of both the warrior and her bard. A short read, this one is a MUST folks! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: This story is not explicit] - 4 pgs., 1/28/98

This is the third installment in a trilogy which began with EMBODIMENT OF EVIL and then continued in THE SOUL CATCHER. It is also the fourth Godot story featuring the zany sorceress Antipany first introduced in SING YOU A SONG OF JUSTICE. This tale picks up immediately where THE SOUL CATCHER left of, with Xena, Gabrielle, Antipany and several of their friends heading for a confrontation with the evil wizard Kryptus. Xena and Antipany meanwhile, are heading for a confrontation of their own, each aware that regardless of the mission's outcome, there is unfinished business between them they will have to settle once and for all. This is a rousing, action-packed conclusion to a trilogy that has featured good characterizations throughout and some nice emotional moments. There is some very mild subtext in this. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See in the alternative section the follow-up story DEATH OF DREAMS] - 29 pgs., 11/6/97

This is an EXTREMELY unusual, VERY clever new story which I can best describe as...CUTE! Yeah - I know - lots of people hate that word but there is no denying this story is just...cute! It is also, very well-written with an element of humor which is surprising considering the premise. Xena and Gabrielle are on their way to help a village deal with some thugs when they run into a stranger - a very dangerous stranger with deadly powers who is determined to take revenge on Xena for some of her past actions. What this stranger doesn't count on of course, is that the Warrior Princess has a very determined protector - a certain bard who somehow manages to see the good in everyone and who wields a power within her stronger than any other force. Although a seemingly simple tale, this story revolves around very serious issues like revenge, forgiveness, sacrifice and friendship. Note that although a general fiction story, it even includes just a liiiiittle bit of subtext. A nice change of pace which I VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND! [See also the sequel EMBODIMENT OF EVIL] - 15 pgs., 7/28/97

This is the third entry in Godot's DELIGHTFUL series of adventures teaming Xena and Gabrielle with the zany sorceress Antipany who has a score to settle with the Warrior Princess but a soft spot for a certain bard who keeps preventing her from settling that score ;-) In this latest tale the three set out to try to stop an evil being Antipany has met before and has no wish to ever meet again. Aiding them is a healer with more than a passing interest in the zany sorceress and an old acquaintance of Xena and Gabrielle who is near and dear to their hearts...and their dinar bag! Antipany is one of my favorite original characters in XWP fan fiction. In addition to this wonderful characterization, Godot's depiction of the Xena/Gab relationship is very tender, loyal to the core with a bit of spice thrown in there ;-) In order to best enjoy this latest offering in the series, readers should take a look at the first two stories, SING YOU A SONG OF JUSTICE and EMBODIMENT OF EVIL. This is a FUN one folks! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See also the sequel JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS] Note: the story does contain subtext. - 20 pgs., 10/20/97

**WAGER (THE) by Godot
Godot's has given us some of the most entertaining stories in XWP fan fiction with her Antipany series (SING YOU A SONG OF JUSTICE, EMBODIMENT OF EVIL, THE SOUL CATCHER and JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS) Now in this first story that is not part of the series she once again proves herself one of the most clever and talented bards writing today, producing a story that expertly captures the qualities we so love in the friendship between warrior and bard. The tale begins with Gabrielle daring Xena to accept a bet which the competitive Warrior Princess of course is helpless to refuse. The details are simple - Xena has to spend a day WITHOUT showing aggression or intimidating people in any way ;-) What the warrior doesn't count on is a mischievous little bard making things a tad more difficult for her. Godot is a master at bringing across the playfulness and the deep love in the Xena/Gab relationship, throwing in a bit of spice for good measure >:) This is a fun, wicked, sweet little tale that will remind you of why you like this TV series so much. A MUST READ! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 13 pgs., 12/14/97

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