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This file features reviews of stories written by Grit Jahning. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

BEGINNING (A) by Grit Jahning - [Alt]
Still recovering from Xena's temporary "death" and their fight against Velaska, the warrior and bard start to sense a shift in their relationship from friends to something much more when a little playfulness from Xena brings to the surface some very raw emotions in her young partner. A sweet emotional piece marking a crucial turning-point for both characters. - 5 pgs., 6/4/01

FALLING by Grit Jahning - [Alt]
Set in an alternate reality, this new story has the Warrior and Bard meeting under different, but strangely familiar circumstances, when a fifteen-year old Xena travels to Poteidaia to purchase supplies for her mother. After nearly running over a young waif, Xena finds herself completely taken by the blonde five-year old. Similarly drawn to her new tall friend, Gabrielle treasures the sense of safety and affection she feels around the older girl. Unbeknownst to Xena, her kindness toward Gabrielle is a rarity in the small Poteidaian's short life - one that will motivate her to run away from her family seeking the new friend whose presence seems to drive all of Gabrielle's fears away. Allowed to remain in Amphipolis with Xena's family for a few moons, Gabrielle will experience happiness for perhaps the first time forging a friendship with her teenage benefactor neither girl will ever forget. In the years to come fate will drive them apart as Gabrielle has to return to her family and Xena pursues a career as a warrior fighting in the Athenian army - but their paths will cross once again in Gabrielle's greatest hour of need, this time cementing their connection into an unbreakable bond that will only grow with time, maturing from friendship into something much more and merging two souls meant to be together no matter what reality they're in. Grit has crafted here a captivating story which is both original and familiar. She has taken elements of the regular Xena canon and presented these in ways that are different but no less engaging. The characterizations are beautiful - capturing the essence of these characters despite the different circumstances of this alternate reality. Eventually proving an emotional wringer, the first two parts of this are particularly worthwhile. - 108 pgs., 2/3/01

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