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This file features reviews of stories written by Hobbes. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

Poignant story set after the events in the episode RETURN OF CALLISTO which has Xena trying to help Gabrielle through a deep depression. In an original touch, the story features TWO different endings - allowing the reader to pick the prefered one. Well-written and solidly based on the friendship between warrior and bard. - 17 pgs., 9/22/97

CAUSE (THE) by Hobbes
Nice Uber-Xena tale set during the turmoil of the Mexican War which has a bitter outlaw named Duena waging her own war against the Yankees who butchered her family. Caught in the middle is a young American woman whose destiny is soon entwined with that of the Mexican bandolera changing both of their lives forever. - 19 pgs., 11/5/97

A wonderful new story by a bard which continues to gift us with some of the best fiction out there. This is a bitter-sweet tale about justice, redemption and the power of friendship that has Xena and Gabrielle unsuspectingly making their way into a village that has a score to settle with the Warrior Princess - an old debt based on the atrocities of a heartless warlord the villagers have never forgotten. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 14 pgs., 8/13/97

Sweet little vignette set immediately after the events in the episode A DAY IN THE LIFE which has Gabrielle surprising the Warrior Princess and Xena responding with a surprise of her own. - 3 pgs., 6/11/97

Xena places herself in the hands of deadly enemies as part of a plan to help villagers recapture their freedom. All the while a certain bard is very worried about the plan and determined to step in before it's too late. Good suspenseful moments in a tale which celebrates the loyalty and love between warrior and bard. [See the sequel IN THE INTERIM] - 13 pgs., 6/25/98

This heartwarming sequel to IN THE DARKNESS finds Xena still handicapped after the torture she recently experienced and a very determined bard stubbornly standing by her side. Hobbes has always excelled at depicting the deep friendship between these two women and she continues to do so, producing stories that never fail to tug those heart strings. DO NOT MISS! - 8 pgs., 7/6/98

**IRKED by Hobbes
Originally released on the NetForum in May 1997, this is one of a collection of WONDERFUL stories Hobbes wrote around this time about the day-to-day lives of Xena and Gabrielle - dealing with their friendship and their growth as human beings. This particular tale has the two coming upon a cute little mongrel named Trouble whose name foreshadows some of the inner conflicts they will soon be dealing with when Gabrielle faces some hidden insecurities and fears she's been avoiding for too long. Hobbes captures the playful, loving and committed friendship between warrior and bard beautifully. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 15 pgs., May 1997, re-released 12/11/97

**ISLAND (THE) by Hobbes
Hobbes first Xena fan fiction piece, this was originally posted on the NetForum back in March 1997 initiating a series of serial stories from this bard that quickly made her a favorite with Nutballs. It is a sweet tale of friendship that has the Gabster continuing to chip away at the walls the Warrior Princess puts up when the two find themselves stuck on a desert island. [See also the sequel THE NEXT DAY] HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 28 pgs., 3/29/98

LOOSE ENDS by Hobbes
Like many of Hobbes' other stories, this tale reads like a series of vignettes pulled together in a style that very much creates the sense of life on the road. The tale is set after the events in the episode A NECESSARY EVIL and has Xena and Gabrielle returning to the Amazon village before they set off again, this time on a different type of mission - to finally take a vacation. While on this elusive quest, Xena will finally come to terms with the bard's unwavering devotion to her and also find the strength to face some old fears. Nice story firmly based on the powerful friendship between warrior and bard. - 23 pgs., 4/97

**NEXT DAY (THE) by Hobbes
Coming on the heels of THE ISLAND, this story is really a series of little vignettes depicting the exchanges between Xena and Gab as they travel the countryside. It has the same feel as the episode A DAY IN THE LIFE. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 14 pgs., 3/29/98

NUANCES by Hobbes
Sweet little vignette set during a quiet night by the campfire as Gabrielle observes the Warrior Princess care for her horse. - 2 pgs., 9/5/97

**OLD HABBITS by Hobbes
Tired of Xena teasing her, Gabrielle decides to get back at her friend with a little play-acting, never suspecting the painful memories this would stir up in the warrior. Another nice piece by Hobbes that celebrates the very special friendship between these two women. DO NOT MISS! - 15 pgs., 4/97

**SCAMP (THE) by Hobbes
A poignant, tender story guaranteed to warm the old ticker which has Xena and Gabrielle meeting a mischievous little orphan girl with no family and a knack for stirring trouble. As is the case with most of the tales written by this gifted bard, an emotional subplot is also included which has the warrior and bard dealing with issues in their own friendship. Entertaining and heart-warming. This was originally posted on the NetForum in April 1997. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 14 pgs., 4/97

Since first appearing on the NetForum some months ago, Hobbes has consistently been delivering excellent fan fiction that just seems to get better and better. This new story may possibly turn out to be her best. Set soon after the events shown in the episode THE PRICE, this tale has Xena and Gabrielle struggling with the motional aftermath of their encounter with the Horde. Xena is dismayed at how easily she reverted to the warlord of old and at her cruel treatment of the bard, while Gabrielle is troubled by the fear she felt seeing Xena in her element - a fear that remains deep inside the young woman. There is a distance between them both want to close but which fate may soon make it difficult to do so as events spiral out of their control plunging the two into a horror even more traumatic than what they experience with the Horde. This is one of Hobbes BEST stories, excelling in the depiction of a friendship for the ages. NOTE: The story DOES include violence. Please read the author's disclaimer on this. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 71 pgs., 6/6/97

Xena and Gabrielle are summoned by Princess Diana, the warrior's royal look alike, who needs the bard to help her in negotiations with neighboring Amazons. Meanwhile, the two run into Meg and learn that Joxer's last visit to the kingdom has resulted in some unexpected developments - a little matter which has been developing quite nicely in fact...for the past nine months ;-) As usual with Hobbes stories, this has lots of funny moments and depicts a very warm, caring friendship between Xena and the Gabster. - 17 pgs., 7/5/97

Powerful vignette that has Xena coming across a familiar face from her days as a warlord - one of those few who for an instant made the Warrior Princess stop to think about what she was doing. - 4 pgs., 2/10/98

**WALL (THE) by Hobbes
While visiting with an old friend of Xena's, a heart-breaking tragedy deeply affects the warrior once again bringing to the surface the massive guilt Xena continues to struggle with and causing her to pull away from Gabrielle - rebuilding the walls the bard has so painstakingly been pulling down during the past two years. This is a well-written, emotionally gripping tale which manages to blend the playful qualities of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship with the more intense aspects of the friendship - the support and unconditional love which for the warrior has become a lifeline. One of Hobbes' best. Originally posted on the NetForum in April 1997. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENEDED! - 13 pgs., 12/11/97

WHAT IF... by Hobbes
Xena and Gabrielle offer to help a town deal with some dangerous thieves only to soon discover a greater evil at work behind the thefts. With few options available to her and the evil growing stronger Xena soon realizes she may have to resort to desperate means in order to stop it - possibly sacrificing the respect of the one person who means more to her than anyone. A terrific read with a skillful combination of drama, humor and suspense. Originally posted on the NetForum in April 1997. DO NOT MISS! - 24 pgs., 12/11/97

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