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This file features reviews of stories written by JLynn. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

ONE LAST BREATH by JLynn - [Alt]
Set during the last moments of the episode IDES OF MARCH, this deeply sentimental story chronicles Xena's thoughts as she agonizes over her beloved soulmate's suffering and her own imminent death. Creating a countdown of sorts in her storytelling, JLynn's writing is effective and quite moving. DO NOT MISS! - 6 pgs., 3/11/01

**STORMS OF WAR by JLynn - [Alt]
Set in the second season this GEM of a story should thrill the heart of all classic XWP fanfic aficionados. With a grand, epic feel to it, the tale begins in familiar territory with the warrior and bard fighting a band of thugs. Injured after the encounter, Gabrielle finds herself dealing with a moody Xena and her own long-standing fears about being little more than a hindrance for the Warrior Princess. For her part, the warrior is worried about the life of danger and hardship she's brought to Gabrielle, worried about the increasing number of skirmishes they seem to be getting into, worried about her intensifying feelings for the young bard. Unable to voice their personal fears, the two must put these aside when word reaches them of a siege against the town of Neapolis. Having once experienced the brunt of the Warrior Princess' brutality, Neapolis is now once again on the verge of falling to another warlord. Determined to keep that from happening, Xena must enter the lion's den as it were - approach the besieging army in a desperate plan to try to reach Neapolis, but to do so she and her bard will have to play a dangerous game of warlord and slave. In the days to come, their friendship will be tested as never before, sometimes nearing the breaking point...and at other times threatening to evolve into something much more. All the while, they will be fighting for the freedom of a people Xena once deeply wronged - and fighting against an enemy far more dangerous than appearances might suggest. JLynn is crafting a riveting story here - a magnificent adventure with an emotional foundation that will keep you anxiously turning those pages. Her second season characterizations of Xena and Gab should delight fans of classic XWP. Her Xena is the tough, seasoned warrior with a very insecure emotional inner core - a woman with a steely outer shell whose heart remains full of regrets and guilt. Her Gabrielle is the talented storyteller devoted to her warrior, a young woman awakening to her passions who, though still struggling with her own insecurities, is determined to make her own destiny. Sparks fly between these two and all around them in a splendid mixture of war, adventure, romance, a little hurt and much comfort! One of the best I've read in a while, it gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [unfinished] - 105 pgs.

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