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**ARES' GAME by M. Pappas -- [Alt]
Great story that is going to remind you a bit of the episode THE RECKONING in terms of Xena's attempts to outsmart the God of War. Having just celebrated Gabrielle's birthday and realizing how much the bard means to her, Xena is horrified when in her dreams she begins to see the danger Ares now poses for the girl. Determined to keep Gabrielle safe at any cost, Xena decides to give Ares what he wants but in exchange she sets conditions for the God of War - conditions which set in motion a plan that are the last hope for the warrior princess. This story is NOT explicit. Make sure to read the sequels ESCAPADE and SECRETS PAST. - 24 pgs., 3/97

ESCAPADE by M. Pappas and J. Covington -- [Alt]
Wonderful sequel to ARES' GAME which follows Xena and Gabrielle on the road as they start to get used to the new depth in their relationship. Matters get complicated when they meet up with an old friend of Gabrielle who goads the bard into a stupid bet and later as they travel to a village to help the people there deal with a local thug. Nicely written story which leads right into the next entry in the trilogy, SECRETS PAST. - 38 pgs., 4/97

JOINING TRILOGY by M. Pappas and J. Covington - read in the order listed below -- [Alt]

  1. ARES' GAME by M. Pappas
  2. ESCAPADE by M. Pappas and J. Covington
  3. SECRETS PAST by M. Pappas and J. Covington

**LOVE NEVER FAILS by J. Covington -- [Alt]
This excellent follow-up to the JOINING trilogy (ARES' GAME, ESCAPADE, and SECRETS PAST) finds Xena trying to help an old friend fight the raiders threatening her land while Gabrielle, in also trying to help that friend, falls victim to an injury that may forever change both her life and that of the Warrior Princess. The days to follow will be emotional, at times scary and even mischievously funny as the two embark on a journey of rediscovery. Nicely written, romantic and sweet. DO NOT MISS!! - 55 pgs., 9/8/97

**SECRETS PAST by M. Pappas and J. Covington -- [Alt]
This is the final entry in the trilogy which began with ARES' GAME and was later continued in ESCAPADE. This is also possibly the best tale so far by these two very talented authors with the most happening names in the Xenaverse! As the story begins Xena and Gabrielle are considering what direction their relationship is to take now that they have admitted what they feel for one another. Knowing that it is important to Gabrielle, Xena agrees to have their union officially blessed by the Amazons, never telling the bard just exactly what the ceremony involves and never suspecting herself the series of events that will be unleashed as a result - events that will uncover a shocking secret from the past and that will threaten to destroy what Xena holds most dear. This story is long and THANK THE GODS for that because you will not want it to end! Romance, intrigue, drama, and a TON of humor all wrapped up in a very nicely written package. A MUST READ!! - 64 pgs., 5/7/97

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