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ANGER IS MY SHIELD by Jamie Boughen -- [Alt]
The Warrior Bard's newest tale is an emotional and sometimes heart-wrenching exploration of Xena's psyche. As the story begins Xena and the bard are summoned to the Amazon Nation where Ephiny and her warriors are at a loss as to how to explain the mysterious disappearance of several Amazons. Xena starts investigating, never letting on about the inner struggle she herself is in - a struggle to contain the raging emotions still haunting her despite having abandoned the life of a warlord - a struggle she will eventually loose plummeting her heart into a dark place where even Gabrielle may not be able to reach it. [See also the sequel THE VALLEY OF HIDDEN FEARS] - 56 pgs., 7/4/97

CHOICES IN LIFE by Jamie Boughen -- [Alt]
A very emotional story which presents a somewhat different side of the Warrior Princess. It is a side that begins to come forth as Xena and Gabrielle discover a young orphan in the woods - a little girl who seems to immediately form a connection with the one-time feared Destroyer of Nations. Faced with a decision that could change her life, Gabrielle's and the girl's forever, the warrior finds herself revisiting the past and desperately wanting to avoid the pain she experienced in that former life. With some of the most poignant scenes I've read in a long time, this story warrants a definite hanky alert. It is well-written and very moving. - 46 pgs., 1/4/98

**EVERY LITTLE THING by Jamie Boughen -- [Alt]
Having just released FOR ALL TIME, this new bard brings us yet another FANTASTIC alternative story! In this second tale, Xena and Gabrielle are just getting used to the new relationship between them when they are torn apart by a mad warlord vent on revenge. Alone and hurt, Gabrielle struggles to find Xena but unbeknownst to either of them, the power of their love is already at work, touching the hearts of strangers who become determined to aid the pair even as an entire town is finding in the Warrior Princess, inspiration to recapture the freedom lost so long ago. Wonderfully inspiring tale! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 38 pgs., 3/97

**FOR ALL TIME by Jamie Boughen -- [Alt]
This is a hurt/comfort tale in the tradition of ALL THRU THE NIGHT. It is also rather original in its approach to the "first time" situation. Tired of being left behind and worried that Xena might be hurt during a mission to stop a ruthless warlord, Gabby decides to follow her never suspecting the cruelty she would soon encounter - cruelty which only together will warrior and bard be able to overcome. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 26 pgs., 3/97

REFLECTIONS OF AN OLD WOMAN by Jamie Boughen -- [Alt]
The Warrior-Bard's new one is an unforgettable little tale weaved around the timeless healing power of love and friendship. It has Gabrielle, now past the prime of her life, thinking back on all the years she spent with her beloved Warrior Princess and the cruel circumstances which one day tore them apart. This is a beautiful, poignant story which ultimately will leave you with a very warm feeling in the old ticker. - 8 pgs., 6/97

SOUL FULL OF TEARS (A) by Jamie Boughen -- [Alt]
Xena and Gabrielle happen across a village just decimated by a local warlord. While helping the survivors and burying the dead, Xena is plagued with memories of her own past and finds herself once again wanting to understand what it was that turned her into the Warrior Princess. The situation becomes an even more familiar one when she and Gabrielle find the camp of the local raiders and discover that they're leader is a female warlord very much like the young Xena of Amphipolis. - 73 pgs., 5/24/97

TWO HEARTS, ONE WHOLE by Jamie Boughen -- [Alt]
The Warrior Bard brings us a heck of a good story in this new effort featuring Ares up to his old tricks again. Certain that Xena will never fully respect her as a simple bard, Gabrielle gives in to her anger and depression, accepting Ares' offer to gift her with the skills of a warrior. In doing so, however, she falls right into the god's trap for it is not a mere warrior that he intends to make of her - but a vicious warlord in the very mold of the Warrior Princess he once treasured. This is a different type of story that does not idealize the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle but rather depicts it as one with problems the two must work out if they ever hope to find happiness. - 49 pgs., 5/24/97

VALLEY OF HIDDEN FEARS (THE) by Jamie Boughen -- [Alt]
This is a sequel to the Warrior Bard's ANGER IS MY SHIELD which begins where that story concluded. Still at the Amazon village, recuperating from the ordeal with Xena's madness, the warrior and her bard are once again drawn into the problems of the Amazons as they try to help with negotiations involving villages just on the outskirts of Amazon territory. Puzzled by the villagers' request for passage rights through Amazon land, Xena decides to investigate, never suspecting that in discovering the truth behind that request she will discover a terrible truth about herself as well. This sequel offers a satisfying conclusion to the story begun in ANGER IS MY SHIELD. Nicely written. - 100 pgs., 8/10/97

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