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This file features reviews of stories written by JayBird. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

CITY OF PEACE by the NetForum bards
A fascinating cooperative story by several NetForum bards (Stradivarius, JayBird, XenaAddict, Raye Dene, and Wishes) which has Xena trapped in a strange world, thinking of herself as a warlord once again, while a desperate Gabrielle works to help her return to reality, finding some ulikely allies in the process. - 62 pgs., 8/17/97

**FOURTH DAY (THE) by JayBird
Nicely written, short story that has a blind Xena being tempted by Ares as she tries to adjust to the possibility of remaining sightless for life. A poignant depiction of the Xena/Gab relationship. DO NOT MISS! [Originally posted on the NetForum]. - 5 pgs., 5/19/97

This one will leave a grin on your face! A delightful little tale that has Iolus planning a clever trick for Xena as he waits for her and Gabrielle at a village. As it turns out though - things don't go exactly as planned... ;-) Note: the story includes subtext. - 6 pgs., 9/7/97

This EXCELLENT story was one of the entries in the first NetForum contest. Gabrielle is transported back to a time before the destruction of Cirra, Callisto's hometown, to try to save the village and change the course of events that led to the creation of the blonde warlord. In order to do so, however, the bard needs to somehow reach Xena's soul - only in that other time the Xena she faces is the Warrior Princess of old - a ruthless warlord with little time for bards on missions of peace. - 20 pgs., 6/25/97

Set after the events of this season's rift episodes, this little tale seems strangely appropriate. It has Hercules and Iolus traveling to meet with their friends Xena and the bard, only when they reach them things seem somewhat... different. Solid writing in a crossover storyline guaranteed to leave a permanent...impression. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 6 pgs., 3/16/98

Those three naked, dancing Gabrielles from THE QUILL IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD never quite disappeared when the bard's magical scroll did. In fact they're alive and well and happily Meg's tavern. Such is the premise of Jaybird's newest tale which reads EXACTLY like one of the ligther episodes in the TV series. Nicely written, it is a MUST READ for fans of the show's comedy. - 19 pgs., 7/27/98

Set in the 1960's this is an action-packed story with some VERY amusing moments that has Xena and Gabrielle returning to inhabit the bodies of Mel and Janice in order to try to stop Ares' latest attempt at power. Despite being a little rounder around the edges and sporting some gray hair, the warrior and bard are determined to stop their old nemesis only they don't suspect the trump card Ares is waiting to play. A very original treatment of these two friends. - 27 pgs., 11/29/97

XENA FOR THE 90'S (A) by JayBird -- [Alt]
A funny little skit that looks at what Xena and the Gabster would be like if they were our contemporaries. Think Xena as a RENEGADE! [Originally posted on the NetForum]. - 4 pgs., 5/19/97

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