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This file features reviews of stories written by Jill. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

CAVES by Jill
Marking the debut on the Web of a gifted new bard, this nicely crafted tale has an almost mystical feel to it. It has Xena hunting the same mythical creatures she first encountered as a warlord many years before. Meanwhile, Gabrielle struggles to understand what it is exactly that Xena is planning to go up against - an effort made even more challenging when a mysterious woman shows up with connections both to the warrior and the unseen menace Xena is determined to find. Jill does a nice job with the depictions of Xena and Gabrielle, establishing between them an easy sense of trust, love and protectiveness. Note: The story does contain subtext. [See also the follow-up THE SEA AND THE SPRING LEAVES in the alternative fiction section.] - 23 pgs., 12/22/97

**LIGHT MIST FALLING by Jill -- [Alt]
With this follow-up to her earlier works CAVES and THE SEA AND THE SPRING LEAVES, Jill continues to bring us some of the most imaginative and original fan fiction being written in the Xenaverse today. This new tale begins with Xena and the bard receiving a summons from an old friend of the Warrior Princess. It is while on their way to see him that they start to notice the deplorable condition villagers in the area seem to be in - conditions which make them desperate and VERY, very dangerous... Jill delivers an eerie storyline here that has all the right ingredients - suspense, mystery, cliffhanger action and a Xena/Gab relationship that is reminiscent of the playful, loving partnership we saw in the first two seasons. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 51 pgs., 3/15/98

This is a follow-up to Jill's first story CAVES which very nicely maintains the mythical feel of that earlier effort. The tale has Xena and Gabrielle visiting a village where for a change it is the bard and not the warrior that awakens the people's animosity. Jill cleverly interlaces the main tale with an older legend producing a story which carries a great message about the ignorance of hatred based solely on people being different. DO NOT MISS! - 17 pgs., 1/10/98

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