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This file features reviews of stories written by Kamouraskan. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

Effective little epilogue to the episode AMPHIPOLIS UNDER SIEGE that has Gabrielle using words she wrote long ago to soothe the concerns of her partner and remind the townspeople of just how senseless war can be. Another good example of fanfic strengthening those TV storylines. - 5 pgs., 2/27/00

**AND IT'S ONLY LOVE by Kamouraskan - [Alt]
Written partly as a series of journal entries and from different perspectives, Kamouraskan's latest is a gut-wrenching journey of the heart that finds the warrior and bard on a quest to return a young boy, abducted years before by his father, to the mother who's been desperately searching for him ever since. The mission is one that opens up old wounds for them both recalling the children they themselves once gave up and the guilt they have yet to come to terms with. Kamouraskan offers here a very sophisticated, sensitive treatment of the characters which has them dealing honestly with their own feelings and with each other, trying to come to grips with a part of the past that continues to test them like nothing else has in part because it has denied them the comfort of one another. An original style and a poignant premise makes this one a MUST READ. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 9 pgs., 2/7/00

**CHAMPION by Kamouraskan
In an EXCEPTIONAL show of creativity, Kamouraskan reinvents Xena history, revisiting the moment the warrior first met her soulmate - this time under very different circumstances, however. The story opens on the same clearing the series began five seasons ago but Xena has already been to Amphipolis and endured a ruthless stoning at the hands of the same people she once fought to protect. Disgusted with what her life has become, alone and empty the former warlord is getting ready for a trip to Tartarus when she senses a presence drawing near. To her amazement, she finds herself facing a very determined young Amazon - a little blonde by the name of Gabrielle who knows about her past, desperately needs her help and seems to know what's in Xena's heart even better than the warrior does herself. What ensues is a poignant, at times vicious, battle of wills as the young Amazon struggles to change the dark destiny Xena seems so willing to embrace - a battle Gabrielle is determined to win even if she has to pay the ultimate price... Despite changing such a pivotal moment in Xena's history, Kamouraskan has done a beautiful job here retaining the essence of the characters and the magic of that spiritual bond between them. She introduces a clever twist that fits surprisingly well with the dynamics of these characters. CHAMPION is a fanfic gem that should capture the interest and imagination of Xenites in much the same way the series did years ago. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the sequel CHAMPIONS] - 8 pgs., 11/9/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**CHAMPIONS by Kamouraskan
A VERY promising sequel to Kam's fantastic CHAMPION, this second tale opens where the first one left off with the new, and somewhat battered Queen of the Amazons getting a welcomed surprised when her reluctant choice for a Champion makes an appearance. Unfortunately, as Gabrielle's deadly challenger Velasca soon points out, Xena's past with the Amazons not only disqualifies her as Champion but marks her as a criminal the queen herself will have to sentence. Before that can happen, however, Gabrielle will have to find a way to survive the challenge ahead of her - and to do that she's gonna need the help of the very warrior whose fate she may later end up holding in her hands. Kam's characterizations are excellent here with a Xena that very much recalls the troubled warrior with a fierce instinct for self-preservation we first saw in episodes like THE GAUNTLET. Her Gabrielle is equally compelling showing the exuberance of early Gab appropriately tempered by the responsibility on her shoulders. A fine read - DO NOT MISS! - 37 pgs., 3/26/00

FAITH by Kamouraskan
Talk about hitting the mark dead center! This little piece does double duty, rather succinctly summarizing the Xena TV series and serving as a tribute to a couple of unforgettable characters who are fortunately quite capable of rising above the senseless quagmire they're so frequently immersed in these days. Perfect. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 3 pgs., 11/9/99

**FIRST DATE by Kamouraskan - [Alt]
Kamouraskan penned this one as a homework assignment from her beta reader and I must say - I hope she got an A+. Set in Amphipolis, this charming new tale has Xena taking her beloved bard on a "first date" with a little help from one playful thief, a beautiful night sky, and one very romantic setting. Wonderful! Beta readers - keep giving them more homework assignments. >:) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 5 pgs., 11/9/99

**GABRIELLE EFFECT (THE) by Kamouraskan - [Alt]
A fanfic effort that would make for one TERRIFIC episode, this story manages to capture the essence of the TV characters in a comedy of errors that is also beautifully reminiscent of the type of humor that made this show such a favorite with fans. Upset that Gabrielle has failed to meet her as they had planned and trying to rid herself of Ares' unwanted company, Xena tricks the God of War into going to find her partner never suspecting the series of mishaps she's set in motion as Gabrielle is soon trying to explain the manly presence of one tall, dark, handsome stranger while playing a demure innocent, a city is laid siege by a group of Amazons desperate to find their roaming queen, Gabrielle's parents rejoice at some unexpected news from their daughter and the God of War finds himself in one HUGE mess! First-class writing and fabulous storytelling make this one a MUST READ! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 25 pgs., 1/12/00

IN HER EYES by Kamouraskan - [Alt]
Determined to avenge the family he once lost, a young boy sets out to eliminate the blue-eyed murderess who was responsible but things get complicated when he finds that murderess in the company of another and starts to see the undeniable bond that exists between the two. Kamouraskan gives us a touching story about the innate ability of children to sometimes recognize and honor truth even when they don't fully understand it. The writing also recalls the thinking process of children making the tale even more effective. DO NOT MISS! - 7 pgs., 12/20/99

**JUDGEMENT by Kamouraskan
Every once in a while comes along a story that elevates fanfic beyond the level of entertainment into something that makes us stop to think about the society we live in and the horrifying paradoxes of the human condition. Kamouraskan has managed just such a story with this chilling look at the aftermath of a massacre which has a wounded father finding succor in the presence of two strangers caring for his wounds - two strangers who soon become his only witnesses as he gives testament to the violence which destroyed his family and is now draining his own life away. Featuring some of the most effective writing this bard has ever delivered, this tale casts a spell that will pull you in and then leave you feeling much of the same shock and horror the characters themselves end up immersed in. Definitely not one for the faint-hearted but certainly one for those who appreciate meaningful storytelling. DO NOT MISS! - 3 pgs., 2/27/00

PLAYED REAL GOOD FOR FREE by Kamouraskan - [Alt]
Nostalgic tale about recapturing those more carefree days of one's past and the balm it can be to the spirit of one overworked Amazon Queen to have a consort occasionally reacquainting her with those simpler times. Nicely written story with a lesson for us all in the importance of stepping back once in a while, putting those responsibilities on hold and doing what we enjoy. - 5 pgs., 1/12/00

**SENSITIVE CHATS by Kamouraskan - [Alt]
This hysterical first time offering finds Xena and Gabrielle in Amazonia where a disbelieving Ephiny is asked to interfere when Xena can't quite keep up with one VERY enthusiastic bard. Kamouraskan does a great job here mixing a rather emotional issue with comedy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the follow-up SENSITIVE CHATS II] - 7 pgs., 1/12/00
FANFIC ART: Calli Story Cover

SENSITIVE CHATS II by Kamouraskan - [Alt]
A fun follow-up to Kam's SENSITIVE CHATS, this works also as a clever little writing lesson with each scene exploring a slightly different technique. Set on that ever-so-romantic holiday, Cupid's Day, the story has the warrior in the midst of a guilt trip after she rather effectively ruins the bard's surprise. Intent on making it up to her beloved partner, Xena decides to embrace one of the Amazon traditions for Cupid's Day...much to the Amazons' dismay ;-) Guaranteed grin alert on this one. - 8 pgs., 9/1/00

SOLSTICE BENEFIT (A) by Kamouraskan - [Alt]
Set in the fifth season, this charming new entry has Salmoneous getting in a bit of trouble when Xena and Gabrielle discover that the small benefit they had agreed to do isn't quite as "small" as they had been led to believe. The promoter soon gets a reprieve, however, when an unexpected revelation shifts the bard's anger toward her partner forcing one very apologetic warrior into damage control mode. Kamouraskan latest does a nice job of capturing the warmth and fun that made the Xena/Gab relationship such a favorite. A Solstice read guaranteed to leave you with a grin. DO NOT MISS! - 11 pgs., 12/15/99

SONNET by Kamouraskan
A modern-day uber guaranteed to plaster a big grin on your face, Kamouraskan's latest begins with an old lady in a wheelchair struggling her way into an antique shop where she's gone to present the shop's owner with an old family heirloom. Anxious for the opportunity to purchase the rare item, the elderly antiques dealer is completely unprepared for the reaction seeing the heirloom and its companion piece inspires in her as suddenly memories of many lifetimes flash through her mind and a familiar presence once again takes ownership of her heart. A charming story about a reunion that comes just a taaaad late, this one offers also a hilarious new perspective on the works of ANOTHER well-known bard. Kamouraskan gets those characterizations just right in a wonderfully entertaining little uber. DO NOT MISS! - 10 pgs., 12/27/99

**SPIDER by Kamouraskan - [Alt]
Ahhh the bard at her most WICKED!!! A MUST READ for my fellow Gab fans, this lovely little tale has the warrior and bard staying at an inn where Gabrielle is doing her bard thing while the warrior scouts the place looking for some much-needed companionship for the evening. Little does the unsuspecting Xena know that her partner knows exactly what she's up to and isn't about to stand by while her luscious warrior cajoles with others! HUGE grin alert on this one folks! DO NOT MISS! - 4 pgs., 2/27/00
AWARDS: "The Quickie" Swollen Bud Award (Aug. 15, 2000)

STASHED by Kamouraskan - [Alt]
This intriguing modern-day uber opens with cat burglar extraordinaire Ellis up on a high-rise using his skills to position a listening device on an apartment window while below a friend awaits...and a stranger watches. Sixteen year old Jules is a spunky little blonde determined to prove the corruption she's certain is going around her, and hoping with Ellis' help she can prevent one soul from once again getting destroyed by that corruption. Alex is a very tough, street savvy young woman determined to protect the territory she sees as her own and certain she will be rewarded by those she's pledged her loyalty to. Ellis will find himself dropping right in the middle of a fateful confrontation between these two young women as two ancient souls renew their struggle to be together - this time threatened by very modern and very deadly dangers. Kam has her ubers interacting with their ancient selves setting up a merging of souls that works for the story. The tale also has a frenetic quality that seems very appropriate considering the youth of those involved. Entertaining. - 13 pgs., 5/23/00

**THREADS by Kamouraskan - [Alt]
In the tradition of the episode BEEN THERE, DONE THAT Kamouraskan explores a world of possibilities for the warrior and bard as Xena finds herself willingly reliving the past over and over again in a desperate attempt to find happiness for her bard. A very emotional story with a PRICELESS ending that should particularly please one well-known fanfic faction :) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 12 pgs., 12/15/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

Poignant vignette written in the form of a letter from Lila to Gabrielle that reveals a lot both about the sister that found the courage to seek out her own destiny...and the one that stayed behind. Nicely written. - 2 pgs.

WINTER CHILLS by Kamouraskan - [Alt]
Fanfic once again goes where the TV show is not likely to in a winter story of survival packing quite a punch at the end. Very emotional piece about those scars that never heal. [See the follow-up piece WINTER THAW] - 3 pgs., 2/9/00

**WINTER'S THAW by Kamouraskan - [Alt]
In a heart-wrenching follow-up to her story WINTER CHILLS, Kamouraskan exposes Xena's thoughts as the feverish warrior tries to fight off the illness Gabrielle previously had only to find herself constantly tortured by the realization of what her partner went through with Hope and the pain Eve's presence must reawaken in Gabrielle. This is a very emotional piece that tackles one of the more important issues the TV series has so far chosen to ignore. Well done. DO NOT MISS! - 5 pgs., 2/27/00

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