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A truly compelling new offering that tells the tale of Xena's first meeting with the god of War. Learning of a feared and vicious new warlord many are referring to as the "goddess of war", Ares goes to see for himself who this young upstart could be. What he finds is the warrior of his dreams - a blue-eyed mortal goddess who captures his heart, his mind and his every passion. Determined to learn more about her, a disguised Ares conspires to get close, starting an obsession that would haunt him...and that warrior, for all time. This is a very well written speculation on what Xena and Ares' first encounter could have been like. It features a terrific characterization of the god of War and ties in nicely with the events in the TV series. A great read certain to be particularly popular with fans of Ares. - 65 pgs., 1/4/98, re-released 1/5/99
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FIRST WORD by Lara Zielinsky
Well written account of the events told in the episode THE FURIES which has an obsessed Atrius determined to give his young daughter Xena to the God of War, and a desperate Cyrene determined to stop him. - 6 pgs., 5/25/98, re-released 1/5/99

GABRIELLE'S CHOICE by Lara Zielinsky
Poignant story set just after the events in DESTINY which chronicles Gabrielle's efforts following Xena's death to try to come to terms with the crushing loss and bring the warrior's body safely home. Lara combines nicely some scenes from the actual TV series with her fiction producing an emotional piece that works well as a transition between DESTINY and THE QUEST. [See also UNDERWORLD ADVENTURES] - 13 pgs., 12/23/97, re-released 1/5/99

GOLDEN MOMENTS by Lara Zielinsky
Set during the period in between the episodes UNCHAINED HEARTS and SINS OF THE PAST, this little tale follows Xena as she takes the first steps toward truly abandoning her life as a warlord and meets a kindred soul ready to help her on that journey. This is a nice story about the beginning of one of the most special friendships in the warrior's life. - 9 pgs., 12/21/97, re-released 1/5/99

**HISTORY CAST IN AMBER by Lara Zielinsky
A long and simply *SPECTACULAR* story which begins as a seemingly simple tale with Xena and Gabrielle on a mission to stop an army of slavers led by an ex-lieutenant of the Warrior Princess. They will be joined by another figure from Xena's past but as the struggle against the slavers begins a dark god will make his presence known - a god who having owned Xena's heart once will do anything to try to recapture it - dismissing in his zest, the determination of a young bard to protect the friend she loves or the lengths to which she'll go for the warrior. Covering some of the most crucial moments in the lives of Xena and Gabrielle and shedding light on the secrets which will form the basis of their legend for ages to come, this story is exceptionally well-crafted, depicting a friendship worthy of the greatest of sacrifices and a nobility of spirit capable of humbling even the gods on Mt. Olympus. An exceptional tale which I VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! - 7 pgs., 8/14/97, returned to the Web 5/98 and later 1/5/99

HORSE THIEVES by Lara Zielinsky
A very nice new story that has Xena and Gabrielle going after horse thieves when a certain mare of their mutual acquaintance comes up missing. This tale is well-written and presents a very committed, loyal depiction of the friendship between warrior and bard. - 20 pgs., 8/14/97, re-released 1/5/99

A companion piece to Lara's GABRIELLE'S CHOICE, this story is set immediately after Xena's death in DESTINY and chronicles the warrior's struggle in the underworld to get back to the world of the living...and the bard who so desperately misses her. Lara presents a very well-thought out and clever explanation behind Xena's eventual return while painting a deeply poignant picture of Gabrielle's pain over her friend's death. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 14 pgs., 1/31/98, re-released 1/5/99

**XENA'S CHOICE by Lara Zielinsky
This EXCELLENT new story starts off immediately after the events in the episode SACRIFICE II, with a desolate Xena no longer caring whether she lives or dies, dispassionately doing Ares' bidding while forcing out of her thoughts any memory of the life she led during the past three years, of the hopes a young bard dared to inspire within her. Meanwhile, a confused Gabrielle finds herself traveling from one nightmare into another as the decision she made in Britannia once again leads to awful repercussions. Trapped in a very dark place, the bard must challenge the fiercest of opponents if she hopes to ever get out - an opponent that is once again ruthlessly living up to her the Warrior Princess. This is an intensely psychological tale revolving around very well drawn portrayals of our two heroines. It also features a strong supporting cast and a storyline that will keep you glued to that seat. A fascinating read! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 55 pgs., 7/6/98, re-released 1/5/99

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