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Set just prior to Gabrielle's departure from Poteidaia in the episode SINS OF THE PAST, this nostalgic little tale chronicles the young girl's thoughts after she makes the most important decision of her life and prepares to leave all she's ever known to follow a dangerous ex-warlord into an uncertain future. Lariel does a very nice job of capturing the enthusiasm and optimism of a young Gabrielle. - 3 pgs., 3/15/00

Sweet vignette that has the warrior observing her treasured companion and wondering at the good fortune that keeps Gabrielle in her life. Very nice. - 2 pgs., 3/28/00

This has GOT to be one of the STRANGEST stories I've ever read. Can't really tell you much without giving away the impact of this little gem. It features a fateful meeting between two strangers on a bridge - one at the end of her rope, the other with troubles of her own. Lets just say Lariel gives new meaning to the greater good here in a masterpiece of dark humor. DO NOT MISS! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 7 pgs., 3/15/00

**SHATTERED by Lariel
Not an easy read by ANY means but certainly a memorable one, this unusual Conqueror tale by Lariel is told from the perspective of a simple peasant woman, profoundly moved by the words she heard from a young dissenter condemned to the cross. Determined to deny the Conqueror this one victim, the woman gives shelter to the rebel named Gabrielle but the weeks to come will prove a struggle of their own as Gabrielle deals with both the physical devastation done to her body and the emotional devastation heaped on her spirit - all the while knowing that it's just a matter of time before the most powerful force in the known world finds her again - knowing the likely fate that will await her benefactor but unable now to eliminate the dream of freedom and humanity and self-worth that her own words have given rise to. A tribute to those with the courage to stand against injustice and cruelty no matter the personal cost, this is a deeply moving story about those battles that must be lost along the way in order to win the war. Solidly written and very thought-provoking, this one comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 12 pgs., 2/3/01

In the grand tradition of Mel Brooks' classic YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN comes this hysterical uber set in a mysterious, spooky castle were a somewhat deranged Lady Xena is anxiously anticipating a reunion with her beloved Gabrielle. One sliiight little problem though - Gabrielle has been dead for a while now and though Lady Xena has managed to reconstruct her with some spare body parts, one crucial part remains... Meanwhile, teenager Callista and her younger sister Gabriella are out with friends never suspecting the "parts" they're about to play in the reunion of two soulmates. Brilliant in its oddity, this story is going to have you grinning at how surprisingly well the Xena characters fit into Shelley's horror masterpiece. A hilarious, if somewhat macabre celebration of true love if I've ever seen one! DO NOT MISS! - 10 pgs., 11/10/01

**WISH YOU WERE HERE... by Lariel and Temora - [Alt]
National Lampoon's VACATION meets XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS in this PRICELESS collaboration which finds the warrior and bard going on an exciting Known World tour and writing back home to friends, family and foes about all their grand adventures! You have not LIVED 'til you've read about Gabrielle and her kilt in Britannia ;-) Worth reading for the letters home alone, this one is guaranteed to keep you grinning. PERFECT characterizations too! >:) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 11 pgs., 6/27/00

**WOOING THE WARRIOR by Lariel - [Alt]
One VERY clueless warrior and one VERY frustrated bard make for one HYSTERICAL tale that has Gabrielle desperately trying every trick in the book just to buy her warrior a clue >:) Guaranteed to elicit your sympathy for the bard, this one is precious folks. DO NOT MISS! - 6 pgs., 3/17/00

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