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**ATTENTION SHOPPERS by Lawlsfan - [Alt]
Part three of the FOIBLES AND FOLLIES SERIES finds our insatiable twosome engaging in one of Gabrielle's favorite activities while a couple of assassins target the bard, never suspecting just how unwise that can be when a Warrior Princess is vent on making sure her partner is enjoying herself ;-) In the tradition of such great comedy classics like Nene Adams' MYTH SERIES, and Joanna's COMING OUT SERIES, Lawlsfan is packaging the best of Xena and Gab here - their humor, their passion, their charm and that off-the-meter chemistry into a series of episodes that will have you clamoring for more and grinning from ear to ear. Put this latest gem on your MUST READ list. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 8 pgs., 1/12/00

The fourth entry in the FOIBLES AND FOLLIES SERIES has the warrior and bard experiencing some difficulties with their love life when friends and strangers demand a bit of...attention ;-) Xena and Gab are at their most flirtatious here in a story that will tickle your funny bone and have you feeling a bit sympathetic for these love birds. - 11 pgs., 2/7/00

FETISH by Lawlsfan - [Alt]
These fanfic tales just keep getting stranger and STRANGER I tell yah! ;-) In this latest contribution from Lawlsfan a chagrined warrior and bard experiment with "group therapy" to try to get rid off some odd little fetishes they've developed. Somehow, though, they keep missing the larger picture ;-) What can I say...WEIRD...but endearing. :) - 7 pgs., 4/26/00, reposted 8/2002

**FOIBLES AND FOLLIES: THE MISADVENTURES OF THE WARRIOR AND BARD SERIES by Lawlsfan - read in the order listed below: [Alt]


GIFT (THE) by Lawlsfan - [Alt]
Lawlsfan alters the series timeline a bit in this heartwarming Solstice tale that has Xena's plans for a special celebration with her bard under serious jeopardy when the most unlikeliest of benefactors steps in to save the day. Well-written with appealing characterizations. DO NOT MISS! - 8 pgs., 12/15/99

**IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED by Lawlsfan - [Alt]
The Amazon Nation faces their biggest challenge to date when they find themselves having to deal with one very frustrated bard and one very "stressed" Warrior Princess after a string of bad luck seems to be keeping the two from...releasing all that stress ;-) This one is precious folks. No rifts, no magical pregnancies, no unexplained deaths - just Xena and Gab loving each other (or desperately trying to ;-) and giving our funny bones quite a work out in the process. A FABULOUS treat that comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [This is the first story in the FOIBLES AND FOLLIES: THE MISADVENTURES OF THE WARRIOR AND BARD SERIES] - 46 pgs., 1/12/00

**IT'S IN THE SUBTEXT, GABRIELLE by Lawlsfan - [Alt]
Subtext may be sputtering along (and I'm being kind here ;-) in the series, but it is definitely alive and well in this delightful new offering from one of our more WICKED bardly minds. Consisting of a series of letters between the bard and her warrior, we learn here just how - not too mention slightly vicious...absence can make a warrior heart and just how useful that Argo can be ;-) Hysterical doesn't begin to describe these guys! Run don't walk to Lawlsfan latest. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 4 pgs., 1/24/00

**SIMPLE PLEASURES by Lawlsfan - [Alt]
The FOIBLES AND FOLLIES SERIES continues as Ephiny inadvertently gets up close and personal with her queen and Xena brings home...a friend. Lawlsfan brings to life these characters with dialogue and gestures and a story that fits them to a tee. Another one for the MUST READ list - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 21 pgs., 1/12/00

Heart wrenching vignette about saying goodbye and finding comfort in the treasured memories from the past, the love of family, and the promise of an eventual reunion. Kleenex alert on this one. - 2 pgs., 1/12/00

**TOGETHERNESS by Lawlsfan
Reading like a shorter version of the episode A DAY IN THE LIFE, this delightful chronicle of the warrior and bard's daily activities concentrates on the interactions we don't usually get to see in the TV series...or most fanfic for that matter ;-) Recalling the words "for better or for worse", this story shows two friends who know one another VERY well...and love each other anyway :) Huge grin alert throughout this one. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 4 pgs., 4/13/00, reposted 8/2002

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