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**LION AND THE LAMB (THE) by Lois Cloarec Hart - [Alt]
Having climbed the fast track as a banking executive and bored with the lack of challenge the club scene now offers her, Jacqueline Lanier is intrigued when her best friend Victoria suggests there might be at least one woman out there she can't seduce. Very certain of herself, the arrogant beauty takes the bet dismissing the unfamiliar feelings stirred within her the minute she meets her prey. Engaged but with some doubts about her fiance and the life they seem headed toward, twenty-five year old Christi finds herself immediately responding to Jac's easy charm and friendliness after Victoria introduces the two. Within a week Jac and Christi have become fast friends as the small blonde eagerly agrees to help Jac redecorate her home. In the days to come, as a friendship and something more grows between the two both women will find themselves struggling with very unexpected feelings - one sensing that the life she was planning is not at all what she wants and another realizing that the casual bet she accepted without care weeks before could endanger the one thing she's come to care about more than anything. Lois has written here a thoroughly compelling story with characters that are uberly familiar and yet appropriately modern. The plot unfolds along expected lines but keeps us riveted nonetheless because of the care Lois takes in developing the relationship. We see not only the attraction develop but also the friendship and a level of care and respect that is at the heart of what keeps us glued to this story - because we know the perilous foundation that lies beneath. A MUST read for the helpless romantic in us all. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 54 pgs., 2/3/01

**MURDER MOST FOUL by C Paradee and Lois Cloarec Hart - [Alt]
Two of our very talented bards join forces in an entertaining mystery about an unsolved murder, greed, bigotry and some unexpected otherworldly guidance. When Jaye MacLaren travels to Tucker's Way for the funeral of her murdered aunt the last thing she expects is to end up speaking with her recently departed relative but aunt Delia is on a mission - a mission to see an innocent exonerated and a mission to help her niece find happiness. Assured by her aunt's ghost that Lindsay Daniels, Delia's live-in help, did not commit the murder, Jaye bails the young woman out and then proceeds, with Lindsay's help, to search for the real killer. In the weeks ahead the two women will forge a deepening friendship as they learn things about Delia's life that will in turn make them reevaluate their own, all-the-while getting closer to a killer...and closer to a truth about themselves. Telling two stories in one, C Paradee and Lois Hart do a fine job of interweaving both tales and making us care about the principals involved in each. Jaye's gradual enlightenment about her aunt and herself combined with Lindsay's inner strength makes for a compelling partnership between these two as they help one another unravel both a murder mystery and a mystery of the heart. Another MUST READ addition to the uber genre. DO NOT MISS! - 73 pgs., 2/4/02

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