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**GUN SHY by Lorelei (Lori L. Lake) - [Alt]
Officer Dez Reilly is the best cop in town, beautiful, serious and deadly. Jaylynn Savage is a promising rookie, having decided to join the force after seeing a certain tall, dark officer in action. Amidst the excitement of life on the beat and the dynamics of a police station, these two very different women grow to trust one another as a working partnership turns into friendship, and friendship starts to blossom into more. Acting as stumbling blocks along the way will be vengeful colleagues and dangerous criminals but perhaps the biggest obstacle of all will be a heart, once broken, that now remains just a bit...gun shy. Lorelei has crafted very solid characterizations for the leads here as well as a strong supporting cast. The story is well-paced with both the relationship and the conflicts evolving slowly. A very entertaining read that will keep you hitting that page-down key :) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the sequel UNDER THE GUN] - 271 pgs., 6/20/99
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**UNDER THE GUN by Lori L. Lake - [Alt]
In a promising sequel to her popular uber GUN SHY, Lori continues the tale of veteran cop Dez Reilly and rookie Jaylynn Savage as they continue to patrol the streets and pursue the personal relationship they began weeks before. Closer now than ever before, the two are still a bit tentative in this new relationship with Dez still not comfortable with the vulnerability sharing her life with another demands and Jaylynn sensing that her partner needs to take things slow. Meanwhile, Dez finds herself once again troubled by nightmares just as the brutal reality of their jobs causes Jaylynn to experience bad dreams of her own. In the weeks ahead the two will face some tough challenges as they have to deal with the consequences of their relationship and with some deadly killings in their district. Although fundamentally different, both Dez and Jaylynn are determined to succeed at the two most important things in their lives - their jobs...and their personal partnership. Lori's writing very effectively paints a picture of two women who care for one another deeply but are still in that uncertain, initial stage of a relationship. The police background adds intensity and angst to an entertaining story well-worth the read. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 322 pgs., 7/29/01

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